BIG NEWS!!! Steembay UI (Beta) goes online + open-source

2년 전

Almost a year now people are buying and selling their items and services via steembay. A ton of people has used the service and thousands of STEEM and SBD have changed their owner. Still the service isn’t used as much as we like and we are aware that using a blogging platform for auctions is not self-explaining. One of the most demanded tools concerning steembay was a user friendly homepage where nothing distracts from buying and selling.

Screenshot (28).png

@schererf worked really hard to build a frame that could lead to that. You can find the actual version here:

It's sure not perfect yet, but

  1. you can see a list of the actual auctions
  2. you can see the time left on each auction
  3. you can login via steemconnect
  4. while logged in, you can create auctions, they are started automatically
  5. while logged in you can bid in preset currency

We now need your help, to help yourself.

The code for the frontend is open source and available here:

So if you want to contribute to a great project inside the steemiverse and if you are competent in frontend design, HTML/CSS and/or an angular developer then feel free to contribute what you can.

Screenshot (25).png

Screenshot (27).png

Screenshot (26).png

Actually he most important needs are:

  1. Making it “pretty”
  2. Implementing a sorting / search system
  3. Implementing stop auction / end auction for sellers
  4. Implementing a way to select and track own created auctions as well as select and track other auctions

When these points are done and dusted there is a future:

  1. Implementing direct buy (essentially triggering a stop auction after the first bid)
  2. Implementing a wallet for direct pay after winning an auction (perhaps an existing one, to be independent from other platforms)
  3. Perhaps messaging when overbid (could be a micro-paid service)
  4. Implementing an escrow service (actually there is only a manual way via discord (could be a paid service)
  5. Implementing special skins for auction creation (could be a micro-paid service)

All this is not a task for 2 people anymore, as it was until now. Together we can make this service great.

We build a basis that is reliable and working since more than a year now. YOU can build on this basis and become part of crypto-history!


The steembay team

@schererf and


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My biggest concern about crypto is that it is mostly used as a speculative investment, not a currency. That means it has no real worth if everybody just stops investing for some reason.

I follow Steem because at the very least, there is some value in the articles that are written to earn it. But that still misses the utility and value of trading goods and services using the coin as a marker or token.

Yet somehow I missed this for over a year.

An auctioning site based on Steem Blockchain to exchange goods and services via cryptocurrency (STEEM). This is what's needed. I bought a computer with STEEM once, and I received payment for tutoring in bitcoin. But it needs daily and ongoing use to be a currency.

This has great potential. I'm seeing lots of Steem Monsters cards for sale. I'd say the images should be a bit smaller as you have to scroll a lot, but it's a good start.

Yeeeah!!! This is what I have been waiting for since my first day here :D I knew that steembay exists but a real UI is worth much more for end users and I give it a try in some days with my old drone and my old gimbal :) we will see how it works :)
Please keep going and keep us updated!


Awesome 😎

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Excellent news guys! Steembay is the future - fingers crossed you will be oe of these Steem "DApps" that everyone will talk about or better use in the next 10 years.

I hope there will be a day when Steemit will not be the only big thing on the Steem blockchain, and there will be several excellent dapps worth using for everyone.

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I think you already know a lot of other cool dapps, right? DTube, steepshot, busy, steemmonsters and so on :)


Yes, but even Seembay creators are referring to Steem as a blogging platform. Fingers crossed, it could be much-much more than that.

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Yes, but even Seembay creators are referring to Steem as a blogging platform. Fingers crossed, it could be much-much more than that.

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It is and will be much much more than that for sure!

Steeeem on!

I was completely oblivious to this so thanks for sharing. Resteemed the post also.

Wow, that is really awesome news! I had almost given up on you guys, but as a (successful) user of @steembay on a number of occasions, I even created a separate Steemit account for my art not so long ago... specifically with an eye towards using SteemBay to expand my marketing reach, and as an "easy-in" to get people to start paying me with Steem, rather than fiat.

So this is very welcome news, indeed! I'm off to check it out!


It is not pretty, yet, but hopefully we get some help on the github and it is possible to make auctions in a more convenient way (they are started automatically on the UI)

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Great to hear of your progress!!

Innovative and a great use case- It cant really go wrong :)


I like this project! Hope it has a future and that Steemit will has more people.