Why The Youth Must Get Involved Into BLOCKCHAIN ? Why Did I Came On STEEM ?

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Currently, my age is 16 and I'm in the eleventh standard at the moment. From the very childhood, I was very much attracted to the web and tech gadgets. I was around the age of 5 when I first learned to handle a laptop ( my parents say ). Initially, it was the PC games that attracted me and later got me addicted to them but the point is slowly I started to explore the world with a whole different perspective when I got into the World Wide Web. Soon after I got my attention kinda split into gaming and social media where people were building massive audiences and were earning at the same time.

Since then, I've been trying to create content and get noticed but I gave up after a couple of unsuccessful attempts but back in 2018 when I was 15 I got to know about STEEM blockchain. And I joined it on Aug the same year.

Do You Wanna Know Why I Hopped Onto STEEM?

Well, the reason was quite simple. It is quite visible that every day the competition is rising at a great pace, each year a ton of students pass out and hunt for employment. In this modern world of competition, it's quite hard for mediocre to stand out really. I admit being a very average student and I did realize the whole aspect luckily at an early point of my life and since then I decided to keep trying out methods that can bring in a parallel source of income alongside my study life. If somehow I could manage to make myself a job, then I'll have something to rely upon and if I start it at an early stage, there's a possibility that I could eventually turn my parallel income to my primary income if I could build my reputation or some or the other way.

One more very strong point was that I saw the advancement in technology and with that advancement, a lot of people were handed unemployment as the work they did were being done by the tech fed machinery. And the demand for employees was falling annually at a healthy rate.

Now comes in why I preferred STEEM over others...

The primary reason was that it can serve as a source of income as well as it being a SOCIAL MEDIA too fueled the fire of my interest upon it. STEEM does have a ton of reasons why it brought @steemersayu907 to itself.

STEEM is the first decentralized social media in the world in addition to that it is built on a blockchain ( a thing reportedly told to be having huge potential to grow in future ) < [ another reason ]

I'd say several communities working actively upon here as well as a huge number of DApps were already functional on STEEM blockchain with which a good number of investors were already visible on STEEM.

It's a social media with platforms for video content such as @dtube, @threespeak plus Instagram like application @steepshot, I could also write blogs in here with a ton of interface apps like @steempeak, @busy.org, @partiko, @esteemapp and more...


All of which seemed to like a green signal to me to jump into the crypto world with STEEM. And since I've joined STEEM it has been an amazing journey for me I've learned a lot along the way, I made many friends and met people who care, got to know a lot of crypto tech and blockchain stuff too.

I would happily recommend the youth to get onto the train of crypto tech and especially on STEEM blockchain if you're gonna get rewarded for your content and you can build an audience for yourself as well. There's a lot to learn and with blockchain, you can get hold of a major sum and STEEM is what providing you the chance!


Sign Up here - https://signup.steemit.com/

and be a part of the amazing revolution!

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