Steem Fiction's first short story anthology is now available on! Voices in the Darkness: Tales from the Steem Blockchain (Steem Fiction Book 1)


Friends, Romans, Steemians... lend me your eyes.

Steem Fiction has now released our first short story anthology.

It is called Voices in the Darkness: Tales from the Steem Blockchain (Steem Fiction Book 1)


We set the release date for March 1st, and we successfully met that date.

We are featuring some of the best authors on the Steem Blockchain.

Every quarter we will release a new book on

Our next story is set for release on June 1st.

Each book that we write will increase the number in parentheses by one.

Our current members are as follows:


@ericvancewalton and @arbitrarykitten are on the team, but they were not involved with this first book.

I have to say that our team did a great job. These stories are simply fantastic.

This account will be used to promote and develop our authors and our books, and also to upvote those authors so that they may continue to put out quality work.

By supporting this book you are not only supporting those authors, but also the Steem Blockchain.

Here is a link to the Kindle version, which is priced at $4.99.

Stay tuned for the theme to our next book, and for information on how to get involved with our project if you're interested.

Please upvote and resteem this post so that word can get out about our new book.

Voices in the Darkness: Tales from the Steem Blockchain (Steem Fiction Book 1)

We will soon release the paperback version as well.

I know you're going to enjoy our book.

To all our authors I say....Great job!

If you're interested in delegating to this project please contact @jeezzle on Discord or drop a link below.

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Thanks so much for welcoming me into this project! I'll properly post about it when I'm not sitting in a traffic jam. 😁

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Absolutely. I really enjoy your story. I'm glad it's part of our compilation.

Very cool.

Can I also recommend that you guys look into; It’s part of amazon where you can set up and create an audiobook version of your book.


I'll check it out.

Excellent stuff, I hardly resteem anything but I will this!

And I bought the mofo!!


Fantastic. We appreciate your support!


Tis a pleasure! I look forward to reading!


We appreciate the support! Any feedback about the book? @jeezzle did a great job of herding this bunch of rookie authors introducing stories on time, then getting them edited and published. We can't thank him enough for this opportunity!


Hehe, I have literally just opened my Kindle so have no idea on the content yet, although I am sure will be great. It looks fab. Well get tucked in to it tonight! He's a good man that jeezzle character!



Nae bother!! As they say here!

Well done everyone!

WOW. Simply congrats to all!

P.S. I see quite a few PHC peeps here (, @giantbear, @manoldonchev, @blueeyes8960). Haha.

How can I join if I'm interested to contribute for future initiatives as a writer? ((:



To join in the fun you can contact @jeezzle via discord or the @steemfiction account (try leaving a message on this post: The more stories we have to choose from for the next book the better! :)

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Congratulations everyone. This is a great start. I think that this platform is thriving in talent and I can see many anthologies in all genres.

@jeezzle - I would like the chance to join the group in writing the next volume. Please let me know how and if this would work. Thank you

  • congrats on the book everyone. I'll be sure to pick up my copy of the book and read everyones stories.

Contact me on Discord. @jeezzle


I will try, I am having issues with discord right now with finding people. But I will keep trying.... Not giving up yet😊

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Resteemed to my 7600 followers!


That is much appreciated!

This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.


thank you, much appreciated!

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This is already a celebration moment :) Thank you @jeezzle and @steemfiction! Also huge thanks to the other authors and editor!

I will share the news soon. I have a train to catch now ;) See you around! Starting on the second book, at least in my head ;)


Yes this is a great moment. Everyone did a fantastic job.



Removed ;)

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I want to delegate 10 sp to @steemfiction

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Hi @improv! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 10.0 SP delegation to @steemfiction.

Wow!! This is really something!
I have read all most all of the authors and it is best seller material for sure
Congratulations!! Makes me so proud to be in the SteemVerse 💗


I agree! I'm very proud of our authors.

Wow! wish you luck guys :)

How very cool. I love to see STEEM projects intersecting with the rest of the world. :-) I wish you the best of success!


Many thanks!

Yay! This is so cool. Congrats to all of you for collaborating and getting it published on Amazon. I'm definitely going to buy it. I gotta wait until I've got a little extra cash and some time to read (probably the first of the month).


Upvoted and resteemed! How cool is this! I think I might just grab myself a copy from Amazon :P


Wooow! Amazing project! Do you know if I can read the kindle version without a kindle? Now that I think about it, there should be a bookstore dapp for Steem where authors created books and were paid in STEEM...


There's a paperback version coming shortly. And you can download the Kindle app on your computer, smartphone or tablet and read it on those devices, too.


The Kindle app works great on the computer. I use it all the time. However, as Jane says, the paperback version is also on the way.


I'll wait for the paperback version then :)

@steemfiction, I really love what you do. This has been my dream for @Writeandearn which will be coming live soonest. I hope we can synergize and create more impact to the world beyond the blockchain.

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It's a step in the right direction

Well done, all. Proud of all you #PowerHouseCreatives on the team, @manoldonchev, @giantbear, @blueeyes8960 - that I know - so sorry if you're a member and I missed you!

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Congratulations on the book release! Love seeing things coming from Steem!


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Thank you

congrats people. great work

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