The theme for Steem Fiction's next bestselling book is Murder!


Murder, we wrote!

That's right, murder. Who doesn't love a good homicide after a long day at the office?


If you don't know already, Steem Fiction is the collaborative writing group that publishes books on

The theme for our last book was Supernatural. We wound up with an exciting assortment of stories ranging from werewolves, to ghastly ghosts, to alien enemies.

I'm extremely proud of our first book and our amazing authors.

The e-book of Voices in the Darkness: Tales from the Steem Blockchain (Steem Fiction Book 1) is available here.

The paperback version will be available shortly.

We're sticking with a dark genre for now in writing our murder book.

Some of my favorite books that involve murder are by Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

However, there are a great many authors that have written fantastic murder stories in a wide variety of genres that have nothing to do with detectives or solving the case.

Our authors have free reign to write any story, in any genre, as long as the key focus is on murder.

Our current authors are:


If you would like to apply to write for Steem Fiction, please send a 1000 word sample of your work, preferably in a related genre to the current book we are working on, to @jeezzle.

You may be approved to write for the current book, or you may be approved to write for the next one.

Please keep in mind that we have a very extensive editing process. Most people probably don't realize just how much editing has to be done on the final copy of any published work.

Please note that there are only so many authors that we can accept for any given book.

I know our next book is going to be just as fantastic as our first.

The theme is murder.

We're Steem Fiction, and we appreciate your support!

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I think I might be working on some images, too. Found something yesterday ;)


I'm glad to have joined the team. I'm excited to see what we can craft together.



Glad to have you buddy.



Thank you, Jane. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm already plotting someone's demise. :-)


I just happen to be working on one now ( a murder mystery) Here's a couple of chapters- I have no idea how many words but it should give you an idea


I like it. Are you interested in being involved with this book?


Sure... what do I need to do?


The link to our Discord is here. I'm going to send some of my authors your work so that we can get universal approval.


Got it!


OK you're in. We all really like your story. Just make a comment in the general thread and I'll add you to the writers group.


Thank you... I see my old friend Yvette is in there!


I like it. Are you
Interested in being
Involved with this book?

                 - jeezzle

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Hi @steemfiction

I just wanted to reach out and ask if I could contribute a story for inclusion in the next edition? Let me know if you want me to drop any more of my fiction in links for you to take a look at. Here are a couple of short stories I've written on steem:

Strange historical fiction/fantasy type story:

Magic realism:

Part 4 of a 5 part crime story still to be finished:

Cheers 🙂