How to gain free Steem with Community Witness

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Greetings to all Steemians out there!

Today I wanna cover a little bit more the Community Witness project and how it works. It's actually really easy to participate, so let's get startet!

How the Community Witness works


  1. Give 1 of your 30 witness votes to steemhq.witness
    You can do it using the "Vote for witness" Link scroll down to the text input field, enter steemhq.witness and hit the "Vote" Button. As alternative you can use this link and vote via Steemconnect.

  2. Let the witness produce blocks and earn Steem
    With enough votes from the community the witness server will start producing blocks on the Steem blockchain and earn Steem as a reward.

  3. Get your fee share of Steem every month
    After each month all earnings are payed back to the community proportional to your voting power which is equal to your Steempower. SteemHQ takes a small fee in order to cover the expenses for the project.

All stats about this project are always visible on our website:

As you can see, it's a WIN - WIN situation!

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't already put your vote into the Community witness and join us. The more people are getting involved, the better are the chances of producing blocks and gain free Steem.

If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback - I would love to read it in the comments below.

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Thanks @steemhq via @roomservice
✔ Followed both
✔ Upvoted this post
✔ Made my witness vote for you
✔ re-steemed this post...

😎 It is so cool that you figured out a way for anyone to share in being a witness account!

  • Good luck with this grand idea!
    • Any idea what kind of time frame
      before the project goes to the next level?
      • BTW Being pretty new here... what is the next step?

Hi great initiative guys !
I've a question here you say you gonna reward in Steem but witness produce SteemPower and we all know how it's long to withdraw it, how you gonna deal with it ? :)

I want to grow up soon. I voted for steemhq.witness and followed you.

I voted for steemhq.witness

I voted for steemhq.witness!
and resteem!

Don't really still understand how this witness stuff work but I think your explanation gives me a quite fair clarifications. I hope I do get more insights soon.

I've just voted steemhq.witness cheers!

nice idea, & pleasc follow my steemit.✌

this may be fun, I will join and try your hastag hope you can petrified 😊

That's actually awesome!


I have voted and followed.

I have voted and resteem👌

I voted for steemhq.witness

voted steemhq.witness as witness :)

Amazing, thanks for this information. Nice post

Great contest and thanks for share it.
Hopefully @steemhq can always help everyone. By @atjehsteemit

Great content, thanks for the insights! :)

Very helpfull post for steemian

exceptional & Mind Blowing stuff!

Hi mate, @steemhq!
Nice initiative, i voted for you!
Keep up the good work!

just voted, now waiting to see my first steem coming in...

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we should improve our steem

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Do I have to do anything else or only vote for witness?