STEEM INDIA, A Project to onboard,help and connect.


Hello everyone,

@steemindian is an account using for manul curation for who use the tag 'india'.

This for rewarding people from India who are adding value to steem and participation for the promotion of steem.

We have been trying to onboard as many as people possible and helping to learn about this place.

The main problem we observed is in the first few days the newbies who are unaware of tags usage and tribes are leaving the place without realising the potential of steem. It's make them frustrate even before discover the whole things behind the steem.

So we came forward to dig in to the content of newbies and reward them as per the quality. We help them to discover the potential and strength of steem. We assist them to use and part of different projects here to contribute and onboard more people.

Currently we leased 2.7k steempower from dlease and it's going to expire. We need to have good SP to do curation for the newbies and also conduct contests or onboarding programs.

We hope you all believe in us and help by donating Steem power. We will use it in good practice and help as much as we can.

we support witness of @arcange. For his daily statics of steem and steempower.

you can support his witness by your vote

you can join us at below discord server or telegarm.

Steem India 🇮🇳



Awesome delegators

@onestopfacts @devkant79 @hungryharish
@alokkumar121 @hungryanu

Thank you for delegating steem power and helping this project move forward

Thank you.

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Are you sure you got what it takes to start curation for #india? You're far away from being a whale 🐳
I don't mean you should leave the project, but you need also to think about getting more attention to #india

My suggestion is to join a curation group like @sp-group (by delegating) which may result in daily vote of value up to 0.40.

You also may try using other interface which allows you to use more tribe's tags.
Also a minimum weekly reports on how you vote/curate or power up are essential - people need to know you don't do it for your personal gain only but to help the community and yourself by the way.
These reports can also help you get funds and tokens to power up.


Thank you for guiding. Yeah, these all things on our road map. we stick to transparency about votes and update everything to delegators and community members.

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Hello @steemindian,

Thank you for the shoutout about my witness!
But there is a small typo in my name (@arcnage should be rewritten @arcange 😉)


@arcange sorry, it's now corrected 🤝

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