Can the depth SDB course be a chance for cheap Steempower?

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Get cheap Steem and Steempower now?

The possibility Looks very good!

Today I compared the charts of SBD and Steem. The period is 3 months.

The interesting thing is how much SBD has lost value. One reason is certainly the crypto crash (correction). But maybe there are other reasons? Yes, it is quite possible that many people have paid off or changed their SDBs into BTCs. This would mean that a large part of the market capital was burned. What does this mean for me? It is a possibility to get cheap Steem or Steempower. As soon as the market stabilizes again and SDB sales fall (speculation phase). So long will the SDS gain in value. Thus, one could achieve a double lever effect.

So how do I get cheap Steem Tokens or Steempower?
It's best to buy SDB's and keep it up until a newhigh is comming.
Then you convert your SDB's into STEEM or Steempower.

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Jetzt günstig Steem und Steempower bekommen?

Es sieht ganz danach aus!

Heute habe ich die Charts von SBD und Steem verglichen. Der Zeitraum beträgt 3 Monate.

Das interessante ist wie sehr SBD an Wert verloren hat. Ein Grund ist sicherlich der Crypto Crash (Korrektur). Gibt es aber eventuell noch weitere gründe? Ja es ist gut möglich dass sich viele Leute ausbezahlt haben oder Ihre SDB's in BTC's umgeandelt haben. Dies würde bedeuten, dass ein grosser Teil des Marktkapitals verbrannt wurde. Was bedeutet dies für mich? Es ist eine möglichkeit günstig an Steem bzw. Steempower zu kommen. Sobald sich der Markt wieder Stabilisiert und die SDB verkäufe sinken (Spekulationsphase). So lange wird der SDB an Wert gewinnen. Somit könnte man eine Doppelte hebelwirkung erziehlen.

Also wie komme ich nun an günstige Steem Tokens bzw. Steempower?
Am besten kaufst du dir SDB's und hälts Sie sollange bis sich ein neues hoch bildet.
Danach wandelst du deine SDB's in STEEM bzw Steempower um.

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Wow ! This sound prophet my dear.I have thinking the same way .that's show that is a reality that going to happen. Thanks for given my thoughts a sense of reality. I will buy Steem and SBD token as much as possible this time around.


Thank you

I think SBD and Steem will go back up. This year will be huge for us so yes right now is the deal time to buy due to the recent correction.


Hey @humanearl nice to see you :) I've seen you on Dtube and also commented on your post! Yes I agree with you. This is a very good time for us all. Black Friday has started and we continue with Cybermontag;)
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. By the way, SBD is also very cheap and at the moment also rather lacking since all have paid off. Could be a chance to get faster and cheaper at Steempower. What do you think?

thank you for meeting my request , this is gonna be helpful for me !!


Thank you very much :)


Yeah he like he promised.. Thanks @steemit.vlog


You are right, this is the best time to buy SDB. I wish i could also able to buy SDB but i have not even a single penny to buy. @steemit.vlog thanks for the information.

update: bro i give you upvote with 100% voting power but you earn remain same. Please tell me why this happens to me.


This is because your steem power is not enought. Keep going and it will change one time. I will support you with more upvotes in future. Also for me is harder to give a nice amount of sdb. Steem Power deflation is very high at the moment. But try to resteem this post. So you will get a part of the reward.


@steemit.vlog thanks for your upvote. You are the only person who is helping me here to grow. I resteem your blog on daily bases. I don't want SDB but at lease you can Upvote my blog post on daily bases and resteem it if you like or content is helpful. This thing you can do for me. Thanks for your help.



Thank you bro. Check your post :)



Thank you very much for your support!

Great information frnd.....


Your welcome. Thanks for your support!