Happy Birthday Steem!

2년 전

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Three years ago today the very first Steem block was produced and since that time the blockchain has continued to produce blocks every 3 seconds nearly without interruption despite constant growth in users and applications.


Its first year in operation, Steem saw rapid growth due to the adoption of steemit.com, still the largest blockchain-powered social application in the world. That rapid growth led to Steem becoming the fastest and most transacted blockchain in the world by the end of 2017. But these are just vanity metrics. The most valuable metric was that we were building an amazing, hyper-engaged community. Best-in-class specifications are certainly important when you’re talking about a platform for building applications, but equally as important is an active community of users and developers. In retrospect, year two was really about reaching an inflection point of users and developers that would set the stage for the massive growth in Steem applications which distinguish Steem’s 3rd year in operation.

Dominating the Rankings

Steem apps are now dominating the rankings on stateoftheapps.com. Gaming applications like steemmonsters.com are showing the world that Steem is about more than just great social applications like Partiko, Busy and Esteem. These games are leveraging Steem’s unparalleled support for Soft Consensus to offer features that people previously believed required Smart Contracts that are difficult to code and expensive to execute. They demonstrate in objective terms that Steem is actually better for application developers of all types than the most hyped general-purpose protocols.


This year we’ve made unparalleled strides with respect to addressing the real scaling challenges that blockchains with actual usage (of which Steem is far ahead) are facing.

Resource Credit System

The Resource Credit system was added to Steem in Hardfork 20 and that system has been functioning so well … nobody even talks about it. This system furthered Steem’s lead as the most advanced, sustainable, and scalable freemium blockchain in the world by implementing a market-based system on-chain which ensures that the amount of resources consumed by users is sustainable and scalable.

Free Account Creation

At the same time, this advanced system also enabled a revolutionary blockchain feature that no other chain has managed to accomplish even still: the ability for any stake-holder to create free accounts that are still capable of transacting. Any one with enough Steem Power now has the ability to create free accounts and give those accounts to those who want to join our community, helping to cement Steem’s position as the #1 onramp to cryptocurrency. At the same time, the Resource Credit system functions seamlessly in the background to ensure that these new accounts cannot bloat the blockchain.


Soon, Steem developers will be releasing yet another major scaling solution called MIRA that will enable the blockchain to be run on commodity-hardware and not in RAM. As the only blockchain servicing web applications that provide real-time feedback with thousands of daily active users, the Steem developers have had to solve the real scaling challenges that application developers actually face. Most high performance blockchains run entirely in RAM which works great … until people actually use them. Once they do, running a node that stores an entire blockchain in RAM becomes prohibitively expensive.

Node Cost Reductions

Steem is nowhere close to hitting its limits in terms of transaction throughput, instead the cost of running nodes was the true scaling bottleneck. If no one can afford to use your blockchain, it doesn’t really matter how many transactions it can perform a second. By moving the blockchain to commodity-hardware we can ensure that the costs of maintaining nodes increases at a far more sustainable pace so that we can scale to the next level. There is no silver bullet to scaling. It’s about many lead bullets, fired in the proper sequence.

MIRA essentially resolves the scaling challenge of sustainable node-cost. With that out of the way, when transaction throughput becomes a true bottleneck, focus can shift entirely to integrating the necessary solutions. Such solutions could even be come from general-purpose protocol developers who will be forced to tackle those challenges long before Steem will thanks to its application-specificity.

Smart Media Tokens

Unfortunately, one important deadline was missed, and that was the release of the Smart Media Tokens protocol. Much of the work on this protocol is complete and once MIRA is released, the Steemit Blockchain Team will refocus on that project. We know that there are a great many people who can’t wait to launch their very own cryptocurrency that leverages Steem’s lightning fast block times, fee-less transfers, and revolutionary Proof-of-Brain algorithm. That's precisely why it was so important to shift focus to MIRA and ensure that Steem would be able to support all of the transactions that will come from the release of SMTs.

Every year of Steem’s life has been full of new developments and progress to an entirely new plateau of usage. While things never go completely according to plan, Steem’s ability to outpace the competition where it matters has been astounding. While we, the Steem community, have certainly seen our share of trials and tribulations, Steem has always continued to chug along every 3 seconds, allowing us to emerge stronger from all the challenges.

Year 4

The blockchain world is far too challenging and volatile to make accurate predictions. Year after year, Steem continues to surprise even us, the team that launched it. What we do know is that no other blockchain has undergone such heavy usage, for such a long period of time, and managed to keep up with the demand without skipping a beat. Not only that, but improve. Steem has 20 Hardforks under its belt, and another on the horizon that will introduce a worker proposal system into Steem (the SteemDAO) and the first Hardfork built by a community developer: @blocktrades.

We can’t say what year four will have in store for Steem, but we can say that thanks to MIRA, our amazing community of developers, and our vibrant community of users, the Blockchain of Opportunity is positioned to thrive.

The Steemit Team

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Let's see...

Since Steem launched 3 years ago, it has gone from a Top-5 coin on coinmarketcap and fallen all the way down to around 40th-50th place, depending on the day.

Steem was #1 on Block'tivity in terms of operations, now it is 5th or 6th (depending on the day) with 1.2 million operations avg, while EOS is #1 with over 19 million operations.


And then, if we look at some recent independent rankings of the Steem blockchain...

We can see that the CCID rates it #10 currently (it was #2 a year ago).


The recent letter ratings that appear on coinmarketcap give steem a "C" rating, which is only one grade above an "F" (there are no "D" ratings) and currently puts roughly 73 other projects ahead of steem with higher ratings.


Taking all of this in (and much more), and the last few years don't really seem like we are improving all that much...


With the current mindset, it will only going down to oblivion.

Not a single "big player" can't figure out simple math:
There is X coins pumped into the system every day, worth about 10-15k $ at the current rate.

Those 10-15k could be easily given to some influencers (take some from Patreon) or already successful websites (GuruShots, eRepublik, whatever...), or real marketing experts or any reasonable expert.

How many of those could be hired per day? The math is simple, about 50.

Instead of taking some experts, we are recapitulating fallen East-European economies from the 1980's.

If you want to turn your 1.000.000 Steem into 3 Million $ instead of 0.3 Million, go there and:

  • bribe some exchange to put STEEM on ATMs
  • make a contract with RT, they are already here, and publish it. Lough!!!!
  • find a popular website and give them a contract to upvote them with 1.000.000 power/day (500$)
  • find several influential people on Patreon and - be their Patreon (if they mention Steem)

Be professional, stop living in that echo chamber and wake up

According to Alexa:


Well said!


Have you tried getting any of these ideas in front of the steem team?


Ho...How..? I wrote some posts for Utopian concerning this and tried to influence steemSTEM community about 14 months ago but with no success.

In this post, I gave some examples of successful websites that were able to generate income, make a lot of faithful followers / supporteres - without a single crypto dollar pumped into the system.

How? Simple, they had the product! And all of them were written by professionals link

What is the product of Steemit communities - I have no clue

Concerning steemSTEM, what was the point of supporting Wiki rephrasing with 50$ for a year?

It was a money pit and the content nobody cared about.
Simple math, 400 days x 50 $ = 20.000 $ (but it was worse)

For 20.000 $, you could finance 10 real scientific projects (bilateral collaboration, mutual visits)!

Or you could give a salary to a postdoc + PhD student in Eastern Europe/
(Steemit mentioned in article, new species with Steem in name, how cool it would be?)

All of that for 1 single worthless wiki post per day?!

Instead, what was achieved?


In order to get 20 visits per day, it's necessary to give 20 upvotes?!

I mean, it would be way more efficient to walk to the street and pull 20 people to open the page for 5$. It would be much more efficient.

And... Is there any responsibility - no.
We are the best, and the smartest.


Well keep getting these ideas out there, specifically to steemit.inc and the new managing director. One would think she would be interested in hearing ideas like this...


People in charge of Steemit must think big. Selling banners is a poor man strategy.

The math is simple:

  • how much Steem do they have?
  • how much it is in Dollars?
  • Can you make 10x more Steem - no...
  • But you can make it 3.0 $ worth again

Who cares about some banners if really strong players accept the currency?

In order to achieve that, forget about equity. 1 $ given to 10.000 people means nothing. Not even Cheesus managed to feed all the people with some bread and fish.

People are listening the ~~the best~~~ the most popular music, people are reading the best reviews, people are eating the best food they can afford, driving the best cars. Because their life is finite. People want the best for their time.

Problem with Steemit is that it has no product.
For example, https://www.dpreview.com/ was purchased by Amazon, it has a similar amount of visits as Steem does and it has more vivid discussion than any Steemit post?

Why? Because those reviews are excellent. And once you read them you can click on Amazon Affiliate link. Simple as that!

Steemit is maybe? pointless to them, but it could be a game changer to this one, or this one.

And please, please, make it possible for non-steem people to interact with the system. Via "guest account", simple as that, 3 min work. What's the point of having content that can't experience any interaction from people - 20.000 who already have the account.

And make some old good milestones and deadlines.
Community / person X is obliged to deliver Y until Z. For that, we will provide Q upvotes.


Agreed. Try getting this in front of them again. It can't hurt.


oh my, such trickery,
you can't do that
BECAUSE ITS WRONG (thats what im guessing why they don't ....)

gods damn where do i find a steemit logo bare and blank here ...


EOS is a network that is full of almost entirely gambling services. It has potential, yeah, but those transactions are nothing to brag about when you look a bit deeper into them.

These coin ranking sites aren't really that useful when it comes to telling whether the project is actually good or not. Most just take into consideration volume and the number of exchanges they're listed on, then price.

All that said, the last three years alone in crypto have been drastically different. A lot has changed, and a lot of coins have been heavily punished by the rise and fall of the market. Every coin still has a few years left until we really see which ones last and make an impact; let's not forget that people bought up utter shitcoins from ICOs, shit like Verge, and the rest, and are still doing so. A lot of that volume is dumb money.


There are loads more coins around now too so it's unreasonable to expect it to stay in the top 3


Is it unreasonable to expect it to be in the Top 20? At this pace steem will be outside the Top 100 by this time next year. Currently 54th.


best artists arent always blessed with best paint. As a utility token it stands to reason that it wouldnt rise to the prices of BTC , not the former, not the current, despite that im sure it could be higher. I think a steem price of $5 to $10 is not too much to expect if one of the mega-marketeers and self-promoters would take it upon them to play wolf-of-whalestreet with it.

Technically and qua versatility and potential i'd say it's unsurpassed up until today. Financially i agree other ways could have been explored sooner but its not too late, if ad-money comes in there's a base income that's not based on speculation. You can't expect a free platform to just have 1 billion plankton who feed the whales with their own money so to speak.
What's more (in my opinion) to the real big money, speaking like Winklevoss money , the price simply aint HIGH ENOUGH to be attractive. The most attractive coins, and im sure some psychology professor with an actual degree could explain that better than me, are the most expensive. Probably something simple like they have more zeroes at the end (that seems to be very alluring to big money somehow, maybe b/c they CAN buy and speculate on numbers in the thousands and differences in the hundreds while steem fluctuates - for the current - somewhere 10 to 30 cents) you have hundred thousand BTC and they go from 3000 to 6000 that's money , you have hundred thousand STEEM and it goes from 30 cents to 55 cents, to those people that's probably enough for a tip to their favourite waiter in their favourite restaurant where the likes of me wouldnt be allowed in because i look like the delivery boy, lol.
It's not like i look down on old money. Speculation is a risky business and the volatility on these things makes it even more so, on top of that the market is basically SO small a handful of people can steer the price overnight , extra danger :)
So i think if steem and its community succeeds in keeping the price higher we will see a lot more adoption as there will be a lot more interest. Most people (such as maybe yourself) still look at crypto - currency , but STEEM (and maybe other utility tokens have gone way beyond that , the application are limitless so far and i think we've only scratched the surface here.
You also have the part where there's not a set number. BTC had its 21 million ordained by Satoshi and his little pantheon (but at the first hard split that turned out to be wishful thinking ofcourse) - ever since there's been like , i dont know the stats, zounds of ICO each year, which means , in essence :
say there's like 3 or 4 trillion dollar in the world (let me google)
[Sorry i was overly optimistic there][https://www.federalreserve.gov/faqs/currency_12773.htm] , 1.7 trillion , most of that would be in a state of being hoarded by some top conglomerates (like not the companies but the kabals who own a whole nexus of those groups who own a whole nexus of those companies), trying to make money with money, which is where one of the real problems of current day economy lies , not in your or my savings account at "the bank" , some of that goes here, some of that goes there, a chunk is invested in cryptocurrency according to this (2017 sorry im going "on the fly here" ) thats about half a billion , fluctuating. Which means if that were only BTC, and maybe LTC , those things would be worth A LOT /pp ... but if you divide that over like i have no idea how many there are, there's probably still popping up every day and a lot of those are hit and run ICO's (giving us all a bad name here on planet Crypton) it's just not possible for anything else to happen but the relative price per coin going down.

The question would be : "how do we get Maecenas to notice it as something that can make him money while sleeping ?" , nothing to do with utility or technical advancement. If you make your speech to the board all they wanna see is an upward green arrow, and one under a certain angle or higher for that matter.

Which brings it back to the main companies who are on STEEM, the main moneymakers who make the most of STEEM and all the self-proclaimed marketing and networking geniuses, not the base "population" , but you NEED the base population. If you look at twitter and how that went , when they went public they had officially never turned a dime in the positive at the end of the year (i assume everyone got paid but the layoffs nonetheless so wether that was tax-magic or not is debatable but irrelevant to our litte problem here) BUT when they went public they sold like your proverbial hotcake, in a fraction, to like oil sheiks and the likes ... and they did that :
not on the options or the possibilities, all main headlines said : we have x million accounts : we have x million tweets per day (or hour) in massive fat caps, and that's basically all they kept repeating, not their great content, not their divine api that lets you do about everything, even if you do it from a small cheap pc at home, nope, exposure, potential exposure AND
big numbers with lots of zeroes at the end :))

Which is one of my personal issues with the way things are done here : the enforcement of "the rules" in order to protect the holy content. It might be annoying but you can put people on ignore and that's that, on the other hand people who go , get pushed out stop posting which makes the bulk smaller. Less posts, less big numbers with lots of zeroes.

But that's something for another time or im gonna end up with a whitepaper here. I think its a good thing steemit finally turned to a source of external revenue and they should stay that course until they can establish a baseline. Brainstorm til their heads fall of on "how can we get a STEADY revenue that's not based on speculating on the price of our own product" (its not my company ofcourse, lol) because you can not rely on the price of something that might halve or worse overnight (as last years layoffs showed, sadly - a miscalculation, the initial rush was such that everyone lost a bit of track with reality, it was like basically free money raining from the sky but if the company itself can get in a position where its safe from that then at least the future of the chain, token and platform can be warranted)

dont ask me how, i'm not the business genius :p



and ofcourse crowdsourcins, everyone does it, facebook and google do it, and they certainly dont ask admission fees or anything (something i have seen proposed which i think is a bad idea too, it has to be up for free, hyper-giga-tera-peta-inflation or not)

Or they couild simply do a monthly prizerun for the best ideas, which will leave a lot to read i'm sure but there's some very very very skilled and intelligent people here, and since they're here they're connected and face it

what better form of trust than mutual self-intrest


i see by most reactions here people still look at it as a speculation coin btw ... it's a utility token and that's what it is, its value is not simply derived from demand (and the supply has no cap btw ...)
But mindset, yes , i personally also think its good to have morals, even google did before they literally removed the "do no evil" from their directive (they lost that a ways before i think) but its a lot EASIER to have morals when you dont have to spend half a week thinking about your next lunchmoney. That's all priorities people set for themselves ofcourse. It's no reasonable to expect simply everyone to be busy with this and i think its unrealistic to expect steem to hit the thousands like bitcoin does, but i firmly believe it could stand at where it was.
You'll just need to bring an an economy nobelprize laureate here with a lot of free time to answer that ;-)

right- o



What a great comment. Thank you for that.

I agree with just about all of that.

My question is are they willing to do what it takes to make this successful? History hasn't shown much desire (or ability?) on their part for wanting to make steem successful.

Getting the costs down to run full nodes is a very important step however, we sill need developers to actually build something on here that will bring people in.

And yes, I couldn't agree with you more about advertising revenue. They should have started that up about 2 years ago, better late than never though. If they were to do some really good targeted advertising, I would think they wouldn't have to sell much steem at all. However, as I type the steem selling from steemit,inc continues...

My question is are they willing to do what it takes to make this successful? History hasn't shown much desire (or ability?) on their part for wanting to make steem successful.

I think more than some around here would agree but all things have a cause (not necessarily a reason). I'm not sure if i'm allowed to speak the D-word ...
I never heard about the platform until it was nearly 2 years old which , for me, is really weird because i'm so old on planet Crypton i was burning GPUs when you could actually get bitcents for that ... i actually didnt believe in BTC when it was way under the $100 mark (my bad, but no regrets) so its really weird it took that long to get under my nose.

So from what i have learned i say the rift with Larrimer is partly to blame (but let's not speak the name out loud) as from all i see the teamSTEEM is supreme

when it comes to developing :)

but ... a company needs more than tek-heads

BUT, this place is CRAWLING with suited-up shiney profile pictures of the next paradigm of business guru who ALL will tell you what you should buy, and how you should do it, i think THEY could do a lot more filling the gap steemit inc. has in its ranks instead of draining the pool and blaming it on a few bots lol

If you look around, twitter i probably mentioned, google and facebook have been giving it all away for free but their BIG5 position basically comes all from ad-money at the core.
Which again, should warn us to not leave development to the IT-department and to not leave sales to the tek-heads grin.png

i suck at the mating dance myself (when it comes to that whole thing where you keep smiling while people try to drive sharp things up your rear to bring your end of the bargain down or compete b/c theirs is better and what not) but i know that from myself. If i had a business at corporate level (which i think steemit could claim from 1 million accounts) i would need someone who can do that mating dance for me, while i focus on chasing skirt (not quite but im better at that than selling the goods) and doing "my thing" - at the risk of sounding biblical, we all have our thing
it's very important to recognize that the strengths and the weaknesses, not you have to put them on your front-page when you go outside , i should say front-face, but to admit to yourself what they are is a lot more important.

Ads depend on bulk a lot ... so what they need for that is MORE accounts and MORE posts per day, as i mentioned here and there, twitter did not sell out like hotcakes because they had the next rawling or nobelprize winner on every single tweet, they sold out on sheer numbers and bulk.

My impression is most people here "in command" came into the game rich and have no real clue what money is lol ... well under a certain level i mean, and some keep weird strict notions on content and rules, and enforce them to great damage of some others. It's like a whole police squad that never knew any other way than enforcement dropped in sometimes (in some places) = not good for bulk.

"we have 1 billion posts a day and we have 300 million accounts" will as far as i know sell a lot more to advertisers than "we have the greatest quality percentage per post, even if its only a few thousand"

that's business, and this IS businesss, its not an ngo, not a low non profit, its BUSINESS , and crypto is HARD business these days, so all the morals are great but they wont build a solid foundation, and "hoping" on your own product to stay over a certain price when its something thats speculated on is close to gambling.

All the talk is true, the salespitch its all true, it IS advanced and it IS lightning fast and it IS fee-less but , big money doesnt wanna see advanced, it wants to see zeroes despite that ...

flixxo has greenpeace and cola as advertisers, they'res till running the same ads they did from the start still handing out flixx to watch them, its a completelly different system and i'm not saying steemit should (because who am i ...) pay their users to watch their ads , however, if they can establish a source of revenue that's not from speculation , planning will be a lot easier because its not dreaming and hoping.
After that, the sky's the limit , who knows ... "a.i."s ... "flying cars" ... whatever the others came up with over the years and just pushed on the scrap heap after pouring billions in it show how much money there is in advertising. I betcha fiver only the millionnaires here would complain about having ads on screen if it helped the steem price (best way for that would be to have advertisers pay in steem ofcourse as they would have to buy it, its the way classic forex works : if apple wants to make a billion deal in japan they need to buy Yen, period , yen price goes up (marginally over 1 billion) period ... that's simply how its done lol)

words i dread , "how its done" ... but in this case i think
ofcourse everything bitcoin related and if you're not shy you can accept every single who has an ICO, because thats just business but from the other trend id say the likes of greenpeace, wwf, or Amnesty (if i see the amount of talk about venezuela for instance) who all have MASSIVE advertising budgets might not be bad places to contact and poll to see what can be arranged, with palms upward and open books ... probably the best way for those...

But its not my company

it IS my steem though, and it IS a shame they don't have Grant Cardone on the sales dept.



come on #steemit ,

my globalized english ... by "palms upward" i mean "we come in peace" and have no hidden daggers lol, not begging ... wouldnt be the first time i'm misunderstood


Apologies if i don't always reply on the dot. I'm not really the kind of person who sits waiting by the phone for a notification :D
I'll spare you the long version there as it's got nothing to do with your question. Safe to say i'm not the most organized socializer and a lot of people have made a lot of effort (or maybe just a few , i dont know that) to push me outward which has resulted in me drawing further back into my shell. Very poetic as my starsign is cancer and my shell is hard, i flow like water and have nasty pincers that snap back sometimes. (but i don't really believe in astrology although on physical level you could say gravity is real so the position of the planets and the stars to some extent has a certain modifier to the day and age on which you are conceived and born .. .which is again another topic)

As to the question. I'm not sure what you mean exactly but :

If you mean adoption , i think we're seeing great things right now at this very moment. The platform / system is by far one of the most (of not THE) advanced and there's probably a thousand ways to come at it that haven't been explored or discovered yet.
You got your pillars here, the yabapmatt / aggroed tandem for instance, who seem to have the formula of success engraved on their skin somewhere as everything they do seems to hit. Disguised as a team because they enlist many more people for each and every project and probably have tentacles in the sea here through sponsorship a lot of folk have never even heard of that makes them more like the Kraken than a whale. And i say pillars because the whole place here is practically held up by a very small group who never stops to diss it out and comes up with new stuff almost every few months like that.
Not to say i totally agree , for instance the open delegation to steemcleaners is, imo, not a good idea, politically speaking, at that level.
I could try the relevance of that so it doesnt come off like its my personal vendetta there ...
I do think that particular faction is one of the major actual problems. There's a lot of steempower (millions) concentrated over a very few accounts and a lot of them have become self-righteous and powerhungry, expecting you more or less to bend the knee and come in apologetic once you're a target. Which is normal, standard human behaviour over time as they have both the power by "divine right" lol AND "the rules" on their side. Whoever came up with those should give it a thought and put them up for revision and think about the fact that 1 million SP can support 1000 starters with 1000 delegation each to give them a little push to aid in whatever they're trying to achieve.
But that's like nurture/nature or left/right ... it doesn't really fit a reality that's analogue if you push everything to either this or that side.
A better example there maybe : "back in the day" when grumpycat and flagwars were the topic of the day, showing that the cohesion of the group here is a lot less then the outer face would like to show. I once read a post by some whale who threatened to liquify his STEEM in order to make sure TWO people who were upvoting eachother (as if that is not the whole thing here : gathering people who upvote eachother ?) couldnt make it worth their while.
Now wether that was an empty threat or not i don't know but its not too long after that the price started dunking to where it is now. Just to illustrate the damage done by the holy crusade for the grail of content sometimes.
But i do think everyone gets to do with their steem what they want so wether anyone delegates to whoever is none of my business really. It's just the way i see things.
So when it comes to adoption and options i think its going great, and i think even if they succeed in pushing the price down to one dollar cent, i myself and a lot of others will still be around here, no matter what (but let's hope it doesnt get THAT far ...)

If you mean where does the price go from here?
Well ... whew (lol) - I think the answer to that is beyond omega (the point at which there is too much data to process in order to get accurate predictions or results), you see, you get your guru's on bloomberg or cnn talking forex and telling you where the dollar goes tomorrow. They do that because it's their job and it's what brings the butter to the bread at home at the end of the day but basically they're guessing. You get all those charts and bars and stuff like Elliott-wave theory that must be a 100 years old by now (or more? id have to google that), ichimoku for the yen, bollinger bands all around , which tell you nothing more than the point where it would snap back as a natural reaction, but give zero guarantee as anything might happen overnight to negate the natural flow. If anything, from when i was trying to understand i think fibonacci levels would be the most reliable there. Maybe because of the self-fulfilling prophecy to it : people will put their stops at those levels because it's expected leading to it actually happening because there's plenty around those points at all times. You could also say fibonacci has a strange and eerie presence in the universe and reality and maybe it's part of the universal wave, but i don't think metaphysics is the order of the day either.
So basically, that's almost impossible to predict with a certain accuracy. When it comes to trading i think HFT or "noise"--trading probably has the highest chance at consistent profit but you need some serious machinery and cablewerkz for that, its probably not for mere mortals.

Now STEEM is a small market, crypto in itself is basically small compared to the classic forex fiat AND (lol @ me again ...) despite the fact that its like 21st century exclusive you will STILL see people apply the same statistical methods and models to it ...
In essence this means you are predicting tomoroow by using a dataset that takes ALL numbers starting from "recorded history" (so to speak) over time, puts them in one bucket, ignoring the fact that 1950 was a post war era, 1980 was 1980 , the lehman's was the lehmans, korea might come up with a new nuke tomorrow, binance might get hacked, tether might screw up , none of that is included (a tsunami might hit japan, or an earthquake the states, trump might start a civil war, ... you know : endless unpredictables) just takes all those numbers over one line and goes for the median or average probability AND now applies THAT to something that isnt even 20 years old and doesn't even adhere to the same rules all across the board :

YOU take your dollar yen (i think that said that last time : ) , apple needs a billion dollar deal in japan : they NEED to buy yen, a guy is thirsty and buys a coke in chicago : he needs dollar, Sony needs a billion dollar deal in england : they need GBP. All those things dictate the price. Now with BTC for instance , you don't have that, that is 100% pure speculation, which makes it hype / fear fud driven (which is why some of the old-timers keep calling it dangerous poison but in essence if you look at gold, keeping a palette of gold bricks in the attic ? there's very little actual use or effect to that either, its just a lot of money locked up ... (the comparison again, gold , fools gold , whatever)
BTC is way above my paygrade though although i do remember it being under a 100 and when it shot up everyone thought it hit the ceiling (apparently the ceiling was 2 zeros higher lol)

The price is in the hands of the whales , if you (and i dont mean "you" but in general right) expect everyone to just enlist and onboard new plankton (i think thats a really lousy choice of words but well ....) and hope THEY will drive your price up you will end up with something that looks suspiciously like a ponzi scheme (another accusation we shouls want to avoid at all costs btw) because face it : one billion plankton derives its value from what ?
Facebook ? do they pay mister Mark by buying facebook ? nope , so what's the value ? the value lies in numbers, the plankton derives value from the advertisers there, NOT by pouring money into it. The advertisers WANT to pay because there's simply so many there the chances at reaching are high.
And there's steemit itself (i dont do popular opinion very well) : if you look at steemd here you can see . They basically rely on steem to pay the bills
and the bills need to be paid ofcourse, that's unavoidable but as trading goes : you sell a quarter mille the price goes down, period.
They also never vote ... which is both good and bad i guess as their vote would drain the pool quite a lot, but on the other hand its also supportive BUT on the other hand it would be choosing sides, which is something a company probably has to be careful with, which contradicts itself (once more) in steemcleaners and cheetah and the likes. It looks like they're not powering down at the moment so the cycle has ended. I hope there's a plan to it, but even if, as long as they're reliant on steem alone to pay the electricity bill they will push the price down every time themselves .It's just simply unavoidable like that, leaving out all the morals and the should and shouldn't. And that's the likes with most of the whales and top witnesses : you run highpowered projects : they cost money : somethings gotta pay for it.
Look at steem monsters however, i don't play myself (which doesnt mean i wont sometime later) but afaik they sold the cards for fiat, actual USD , which is bottom input to the system (and their own pocket, which is after all the intention of doing business in the first place unless you're an NGO, but even NGO's need to get their people paid and fed or no one will show up for work)

So ... i'm afraid i will have to leave it with my favourite answer in the universe : " i don't know "

But i see great potential and i believe it can be. There's this weird quirk where the price seems to sit at 30 cents since the great crash of 2018 (or was that 17 already) for some reason .... which almost makes it look like someone is holding it there ... which might or might not be the case.

In any way, anyone who came into it during "the good days" i think has only one option right now thats HODL till you bleed, and if you're whalesized try thinking of ways to infuse it with fiat. And its way too soon to talk about the good days the company is what ? four years old ?

thats a toddler :p

phew ...

i should do some work around the house ... thanks for chatting, take care and see you around

oh, the notification, sorry, if you keep track of those @jrcornel

o yea, what i forgot somewhere up there : my last newsletter here i got showed about all the majors in the green, usually you get some kind of butterfly effect on planet Crypton (a bit like how the dollar seems to rule the financial globe : if BTC goes up then somewhat later most of the alts do to, but that didnt happen with steem this week, did it)
And : i think in order to succeed one of the base necessities will be to set ego aside and work on the common foundation to start on before internal tribewars take over ... otherwise its like fighting in marshland against invaders from over yonder hill while watching your back because your neighbour might stab you lol ... probably sounds biblical .. is not, its closer to sun tzu, which is a bible of its own when it comes to meta-strategies ... :D )
okay .. i think that concludes the reply :p


Thank you for the well thought out and lengthy response. Is it fair to say that your summarized opinion on steem is that it has a good chance to go up in value?


Good chance, yes. I just replied somewhere earlier today i was thinking ad-revenue but i think exclusives to the platform would help a lot. Paid services or apps that require people to "have" liquid steem (preferably ... you can peg it to a dollar price but ask to pay in steem).
As steemit itself is probably one of the biggest sellers it would be imperative they get a second source of revenue other than selling off steem.
I'm a bit loathe to make predictions. All coins were in the green, BTC on the rise but i don't see a ripple coming down the hill. Maybe there's a temporary aversion (risk-wise?) to altcoins and everyone's going for the "gold". On the other hand steem is not just an altcoin, its a utility token/coin. The possibilities seem to have been barely explored. It's gonna be up to the entrepreneurs to do and its gonna be up to the trending section marketeers to tell entrepreneurs why they want to do it.
And i think it's up to steemit to make sure they stay ahead by a lightmile on the tek-side ... That's three factions already ... :p

I would maybe dare give a cautious response like "it has a lot more chance to grow than most of the altcoins do"

but there's no guarantee to anything, not even mighty BTC itself. If apps keep coming and people keep adopting it and find new ways it almost certainly should although since it is a utility token i would not expect it to rise to $20k like btc did but that's also pretty much impossible to say for sure.

Now you are probably not the wiser than you were at the beginning of the reply but i'm not by far an expert.
Exclusive products ... payment systems (its fast after all and the transactions are free) and targeted non-hostile advertising is the best i could think of.
But implementation of that is above my paygrade lol , i mean level ...
or maybe onboarding a few serious brandnames who can slug it out against eachother with steempower and promo-stunts but i'm not sure it will be easy to convince big names to come to a relatively small platform ..
anyway ...

gtg ... food on the stove , i certainly believe in it but its people that are going to have to make it happen, take care !!!!!!!

oh ... just remembered, i always thought they should give Gabe "lord Gaben" Newell of Steam a call to see what's possible qua integration ... micropayments, lightning fast, secure, transaction-free but i dont have his number

definitely goodbye or my veggies are gonna turn brown now , cya around !!!!


Well that hit the spot ... i think its really there "people have to do it". The higher teams should sit down and start asking questions in brainstormsessions like : "why would the winklevoss twins wanna buy a wad of steem?" or "how can we convince buffett that steem is NOT poison but a lot more possibilities than simply speculation?" or "How can we convince greenpeace to put a banner because they did on flixxo so what did they have to get both them and coca-cola in it before they even had a client?"
Best of all "How can we tell government x or y they need it?" or "borderless, who cares for that keyword?" and stuff like that

Stuff like that i guess, i never been in a boardroom or a company strategy meeting lol, im just topping it off my hat ... time for my nap ... hope you got anything out of it here. It's supply and demand, someone has to create demand which at the very first is making sure everyone knows it's available. Best situation you can get is i guess something like apple, start with innovation over salespitch in a garage and end up with a product people stand in line for for 48 hours on a next-release because "everybody wants it" ...
I wish i knew some people in high places but that's not me, but i'm sure a few here around must know a guy who knows a guy ... cos there you got your avalanche pebble : "the winklevoss twins bought bitcoin so it MUST have potential :)" ...
stuff like that, sorry im rambling now, a bit tired ... good night to you, sir until next time


or maybe (all good things in three) ... you get your
a) lightning fast
b) flawless somewhere below quantum entanglement lol

but you need steempower for bandwidth -> in order to transmit data
Give Grant Cardone a call, tell him he can have a share if he sells it, then he can tell his 100 or more employees the last ten to come up with an idea are fired for that extra motivation ... there should be ample things to list before you start scrapping i hope ...
im out of my comfort zone here lol i think i better really go horizontal now, sorry for the triple spam i'm not in the habit of chewing over the things i say first ... i think maybe the essence would be selling the steemchain first over steem , maybe ... never mind sorry im out tschuess...

Great post, @andrachy! This year will be very exciting and super productive.

Happy Birthday Steem and Steemit inc. We started the distribution of commemorative badges to our oldies Steemians.

We wish a long live to our favorite blockchain and, for sure, all the projects and developments you mention will contribute. Thanks for what you are doing at Steemit inc.

Happy Birthday! 🎉🎈🎂🎉🎈


Steemit its your birthday, Godbless you this day, you gave me the gift of a brand new blockchain
Happy Birthday Steemit, Steemit its your Birthday
Happy Birthday Steemit, Steemit its your Birthday
I wish you luck with ads
i wish you luck getting SMTs on their feet
I wish you luck with Mass Adoption
and your first investment from wallstreet
Happy Birthday Steemit, Steemit its your Birthday
Happy Birthday Steemit, Steemit its your Birthday

Steem has such a cool story, it's a blockchain underdog that keeps on pushing along minding it's own business, soon enough though, people will have to turn their heads towards Steem and plug in or they could be left behind.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for the world opening up this amazing site, it has literally changed my life and the lives of others on the platform. I love all of you!



Happy Birthday Steem! <333 Changed all our lives with so many unforgettable moments

Hopefully we have many more years, full of success and moon style growth

First Happy B'dy STEEM! Then I am quoting this phase and I understood why MIRA first!
That's precisely why it was so important to shift focus to MIRA and ensure that Steem would be able to support all of the transactions that will come from the release of SMTs.
Let's focus on year 4, hope we could see huge improvements and more DAPPs + SMT here!


Wow, so much has been achieved and created. One gets the feeling that steem is loved by those who steer the ship. Thanks so much to all of you who work so hard and share creativity and skill for the good of all of us. Happy Birthday:):):)

Happy birthday Steem ;)

Sorry but you forget to mention @steemhunt ;) which is one of the fastest grown dapp built on steeemit ;)

The Resource Credit system was added to Steem in Hardfork 20 and that system has been functioning so well … nobody even talks about it.

Right, and Brooklyn has a bridge for sale so I hear.

Happy to be able to say that I've been with Steem for most of its journey so far! But even more exciting times ahead!

Right on! I can't wait until the price of Steem goes back up to where it was on day 1, that would be an exciting moment!!

"The Resource Credit system was added to Steem in Hardfork 20 and that system has been functioning so well … nobody even talks about it."
Nobody is talking about it because it happened a long time ago now, and nothing came of the discussions and complaints anyway. It doesn't work at all. I'm always at 99.99% or 100.00% RC, even right after a post. Clearly I don't need the RC I've got. And meanwhile, accounts with less money can't post, comment, or vote at all! They're STILL locked out by HF20, and haven't been able to post since. Yeah, nobody is talking about it anymore.... great metric of your success.......

HBD Steem! Cheers to year 4!

STEEM is light, STEEM is love, STEEM is opportunity, STEEM is progress, STEEM is a R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!

You're doing it so great! Keep up the work!

Happy birthday to steem!

Steem is destined to shine, and we can do this, together!



Happy Steem Birthday

The Coming Years are going to be amazing as well ..

2019 is the year of our Blockchain

Congrats to #steem on your 3 years successful blockchain operation.
On #steem, we win!

Happy birthday the people blockchain

4 years danggg I have only been here for 2 of those :(

Happy Birthday Steem!

I am happy to be on this platform, I just turned one year, and is one of the most beautiful things that have happened to me, is the nicest of my 2018, I thank you for creating Steemit, was my gateway to the world of blockchains and Crypto coins.
Estoy feliz de estar en esta plataforma, acabo de cumplir un año, y es una de las cosas más bellas que me han pasado, es la más bonita de mis 2018, gracias por crear Steemit, fue mi puerta de entrada al mundo de las cadenas de bloques y monedas Crypto.

Happy birthday steem. Go go go....

Congrats to all and the community as we continued to prove our worth despite the challenges. We should be proud we are still building!

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Happy birthday Steem, and may you live a long and healthy life.

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Happy Birthday steemit

Happy Birthday #STEEM 🎶🍻🌱 Grateful for the opportunity to be part of the magic 🧡❤💜
🦋 Hugs All Around 🌊

Good news!
It is a pleasure to be part of this community.
Thank you and successes to all!

Happy Birthday STEEM!😍
With everything mention in this post the future looks great and i am sure more and more great news will follow....
STEEM will keep rising and shine!

Happy Birthday Steem, happy anniversary Steemians!!! 🍾🥂🎂🎉👍

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Happy birthday to my platform Steemit, happy to be part of it and continue to do so. May the successes continue

Everyone reading this can be proud to be part of Steem <3

Congratz to all of us!

Cheers! Let’s make this one heck of a year that no one will ever forget and everyone wish they where active for! It's a great time for all those putting in hard work and long hours putting down a foundation to build a future from.

Happy Birthday Steem!

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Happy birthday steem😊🎂

Happy birthday to steemit

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Yes ! Excited for this fourth year !

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Happy anniversary!

Still we have many years to walk together. Glad to be part of such a wonderful community.
Happy Anniversary ,...Happy Birthday...🥂 Just keep rising and keep sharing love all over...🤗

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Achieving so much within just 3years. Happy anniversary, Steem

Happy birthday, Steem! May all your blockchain wishes come true!


Wow!!! Steem is four years already? Happy birthday steem and every steemians. Wish steem many more years to come.

Happy Birthday friends!

Great times behind us, and even greater ahead! Thanks for allowing us all to be a part of the community.

We're going to do our part to make year four as memorable as possible!

and revolutionary Proof-of-Brain algorithm

Oh stop, you damn well know we have been on proof of wallet since stinc hijacked the chain to give us heajin and corrupt some other large stakeholders by controlling which side of the bread got the butter.

All hail, stinc!

Long live proof of brain!

Good! HBD Steemit! forever!

Congratulations. ..a better year for steem in year 4 #steem #steemtweets

I didn't know this is the day. Great to know all the details.
Proud to be a part of this community.

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I introduced this article to Japan. Happy Birthday Steem!


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Happy Birthday to steem and congratulations to Steemit Team for this amazing project. Cheers!


Yeah! I am happy to be here! Happy birthday yo steemit!! Hurray!!!

Happy birthday Steem! :)

Happy anniversary everyone! :)

Happy Steem Birthday
Thank you!

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Happy birthday Steem. We have a stong community and hope coming days our steem community will be growing more and more. Thanks for the excellent post.

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What are the active users counts these days? I'm a bit out of the loop

Happy Birthday Steem! 🙌
2,5 years now since I joined the Steem community - so much has happened, and there's much more to come! Looking forward to it!


Congratulations & HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steem!
On to the 4th year - can't wait for what's to come!

Happy birthday, Steem!

Looking forward to the next 44 years very much :)

And looking forward to MIRA launch even more eagerly.

Ps. please lose the beta sign on steemit.com. It has no use whatsoever :)

Happy birthday STEEM! I've said it before and I'll say it again - thank you for lowering the barrier of entry for me... and so much more.

who do I contact if I have a problem with upvoting on steemit?...my upvotes are voting backwards!

Happy Birthday Steem :)

I like all the historical review of steemit that you placed in this publication. Thanks for sharing.

Happy birthday Steemit.

Beside scalability issues and the quite bad performance for dapps one of the most important things is that the dapps are in a good state UX-wise.

At the moment this is a big problem. Most of the time when I log into my steem wallet i have to do this process for at least 2 or 3 times.. This discourages using applications built on top of steem i guess...

Happy Birthday to Steem

Congratulations @steemitblog!
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Happy Steem Anniversary, Steem On 🔥

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday my friend STEEM. The best blockchain ever.

Happy Birthday. Looking forward to the next three years and beyond!

Happy Birthday! ❤️❤️❤️

That is nice but once mira is done first get rc only delegation then the silly smt things. Either way. Your the boss. :) Glad to be here wether it is cozy or on fire.

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Happy SteemDay ! :) 💙 ♩♬
#steem ♨ On to the 💙 Universe ! ♬♬

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Happy birthday you are awesome!

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I wish you a happy birthday for Steemit, hopefully it will be more prosperous

Happy Birthday Steem 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Happy birthday to steem

Congratulations!!!! Y vamos por mas .

Happy birthday.

Steem is the best cryptocurrency in the world. Happy Birthday Steemit