Steem Wins Netcoins Listing Contest!

2년 전


Congratulations Steemians on winning the Netcoins listing contest! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Steem’s most valuable resource is its community. It’s always exciting to see us come together to accomplish a common goal and demonstrate just how powerful a force community can be.

About Netcoins

Netcoins is a publicly traded company in Canada that allows customers to purchase up to $500 of BTC, ETH—and soon STEEM—in person at over 21,000 retail locations throughout Canada, Europe, and Australia with cash, credit and/or debit accepted. Netcoins aims to solve the problem of “cryptos last mile”.

By mid-November 2018, Netcoins will be making the purchase of coins available in over 170,000 locations in 53 countries in their local currency.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 5.52.23 PM.png
Available Locations

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 5.53.24 PM.png

Netcoins was founded in 2015 with Virtual Bitcoin ATM software in Vancouver, Canada. They have helped thousands of customers buy and sell Bitcoin. Today, their expanded suite of professional services has evolved to offer a global OTC desk which supports direct sales to larger buyers; including in 42 U.S. States.

Please keep an eye out for similar contests and let us know if you see any that look good!

The Steemit Team

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Oooo well-done all Steem Family :)

Yayyyy!! This is so exciting, I kept voting again and again. I'm glad it paid off! We have the best commmunity.


This is exciting. I share Steem whenever I can, and especially the Dtube connection!! I wish I had more time to contribute content but at least I have a place to call home now!!! Bye bye fb an youtube!!!

Yup. "Blame Canada."
P.S. On behalf of Canada: You're welcome.

Super news!

Congratulations to all Steemains, especially those who love and vote STEEM. Big thank you to @oracle-d and let's witness that the STEEM price will rocket!

Literally me !


Congrats and good job, everyone! It's amazing what we can do if we work together towards a common goal.

This victory is a true testament to the power of community. Steemit came together to achieve this. This community can work together in many more ways to do good.

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Netcoins is publicly traded but has a tiny market cap of only $15 million.

They have huge ambition but can they pull it off?


Even if the contest doesn't result in the perks mentioned because the company can't pull it off, it was a nice show of solidarity in the community.

If it does work out, so much the better! I think next time there's a contest like this Steemians will rally even harder.

It was great that we all got together and voted for our favorite coin, STEEM!!! 👍❤

Congratulations to the entire community on this win!!! 😃👏

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This is good news. I like what Netcoins are doing and I'm sure we can win similar contests. I hope the top bar can be used, to make sure everyone knows about it, if we do other contests.


Agreed - I think that if @steemitblog/Steemit Inc. were to use the top banner of the website (similar to what was done when the team was informing the community of the HF20 outages) to inform all users of important contests like this, we would have a much better chance of getting the best voting turn out from the community! At the very least, having @steemitblog make a post at the start of one of these contests would be a great way to raise awareness!

I personally only found out about this netcoins contest with two days remaining, meaning that I couldn't vote as much as I would have liked, but I'm just glad that we all came together for the win! Again, this is a great idea - hopefully others will agree!


Agreed. Very nice suggestion

Glad to see a community that is always united, and every unity will always be good

congrats on the listing !! all community efforts managed to pull in at the final moments to gain STEEM's top position.

I wonder if it will be immediately listed or take some time yet?

Two Thumbs Up
Steemians Rock :)

Good news! The klick was well worth it!

This shows the power of the community.
A big thumbs up to @oracle-d as well

We are the best blockchain community and the most unity social network. This means a lot, maybe more than we can imagine at this moment due to the emotion. It is not only having won but how we did it. We can achieve everything we want, we have proof of that

The community showed what it is capable of when it gets behind something! When the next opportunity comes, we will be ready to take it!

Well I am just tickled pink, this is fantastic news for the whole community! We should all give ourselves a pat on the back for making this happen, it just goes to show what team spirit can do.

Great news! Most likely the coin, which was on #1 right after the end of the contest, was cheating in some way or another! I am happy that STEEM has now the opportunity to reach the customer directly!

I was really surprised when I saw that INS had come out of nowhere and taken the lead just before the contest closed. I guess it must have been determined that most of their votes were illegal. Hooray for Steem!

Proud to be part of this community!

Yay!!!! Congratulations to everyone.

I am happy that we have made it as a community!

This is aweosme the whole community came together for this.
We did it

Very cool! Good job community!!


Didn't like my super bowl video?

See, we won because of your 11 mins before the time is up post ! @kevinwong Good job bud! :D

Just got home and heard the wonderful news. I love it !

Yes, great news!


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yes, i sense something fishy about the 2nd placer suddenly on top 1, congrats to all steemians..

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So proud of the community, this is a big step for Steem. And to think, it's only a fraction of what's to come!

Congratulations STEEM! It always feels great to be part of something bigger than yourself. :)

Steem’s most valuable resource is its community.
Totally agree!

Amazing news guys! Congrats to the Steem Community!

Awesome! I knew we could come out on top. Their vote scam and bot tactics don’t compete with the community we have going here.

Happy to read this. I expect so that steem will have to win. We needed it as Steemians.

Nice to see the community get behind something like this. There has been so much negativity in the last couple of months.

It is so freaking amazing to see the community getting together on stuff like this and see that if we get together we can make this stuff happen.

I think we should try and get Coinbase attention and make a huge movement to bring Steem to the top their.

Since now you have a list of cryptos that people can favourite and they are ranked.. Maybe if they see that there are a lot of people interested in using their wallet to sell/buy steem they will add a steem wallet.

There was a couple of people talking about it a couple of weeks ago and we were able to win 3 or 4 places in the list... But if You guys jump in and call everyone's attention we can get way more people to join on this "voting" and get it to the top 3 of coins with more interest on Coinbase. 😀

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didn't think that i will have a steem ATM less than 100km away from me :) well it is not in serbia but Timișoara is not that far

  ·  2년 전

Congratulation Steem and its community! It will be a good time ahead when one will be able to buy Steem in cash, by debit or credit card.

Thrilling !! 9zlwifec8o.png

Yes, I'm happy for everyone!
Thank God they had the good sense to call out what was evidenced to be invalid voting shenanigans by dishonest interests.

A super win! Congratulations to all Steemians who made this happen!

Thanks to all who made the victory ours and the greatest of thanks goes to Jehovah.

Wow excellent news, a united community is a community with strength.

Congratulations, @Ned!

huuuurrrraaay! Yes sir.. We have won it. Every one of us was very tensed at the last moment as INS was getting on our nerves. Bt, it seems netcoin team has done a fabulous job as they have reviewed evey vote and thus we won the first place organicaaly. The fact is , being at the first place till last moment with 1k + votes more than votes than steem, INS COULD NOT HELP THEM SUCURE IT even the 2nd place so far. It is proved now that Paid vote firms are not a solution to win it...
Hope it will boost the economy of steem. 😅😂😃
Peace out ✌

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I'm happy to see that we won. Heard about it after a day, voted only three times. Congratulations everyone :)

After winning the contest due to community efforts, I think any future similar contest will be much easier for us. Go steem go!

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This is called "dividend of labour". Great team work. Together as a community we will fly to the moon.

We came, we saw, we conquered.

Thank you steemians!

Well done us. I knew this community could achieve great things. I doubt any other coin has anything like it. Let's keep telling the world about Steem

Great to see the whole community coming together to pull this one over the line :D Good job everyone who worked tirelessly to share the competition and encourage people to vote! We did this together :)

That's one great proof-of-community for the outside world!

And yup, I have no less than 18 of these partner stores or whatever they are in my town in Romania. That looks really good for STEEM!

Great to see the entire community coming together. I got a notification about this from the @SteemFest App immediately when steem went to Rank #2 for a while, that was the level of commitment that the community showed. Its a small feat to achieve but it conveys a lot about the strength of our community going forward.

why don't steem gets listed in the community coin voting in many exchanges such as kucoin ?

So what's the impact on the community after this?

Looks like I'm gonna be able to buy STEEM when I get back to Austin!!

Congratulations. This is the beginning of more accolades.

This is a very good news. I am very happy.


  ·  2년 전


Congratulations on the win. I guess just a short celebration considering all the work that needs to be done.

Winning competitions is not something that can be done just on the spot. Promoting Steem and the community is something that should be ongoing. If this is done consistency people will pull together when they need to.

If there is a coinbase competition of a similar nature. Let's get 500,000 or more votes and really show the world.

Awesome news! 👏💪 Look forward to mid-November~

Congrats everyone! This community rocks!

wow very cool

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  ·  2년 전

Awesome news! I'm glad my handful of votes contributed. :)