STEEM & JUST Partnership and Resteem, Retweet Challenge!

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On August 12th, Steemit announced its strategic partnership with @just-defi. We can feel the excitement of the community with this partnership and look forward to more details to be announced soon. Steemit has been exploring the DeFi sphere and is making progress, as well as new product updates we will be sharing very soon.
Today, to celebrate the partnership between Steemit and JUST, we are launching the Steemit & JUST Retweet, Resteem event. 500 STEEM prize pool for this event, join now and earn steem!

Challenge Rule

Step 1: Follow Steemit Twitter and Steemitblog. Retweet this twitter with your greetings and invite your friends to retweet or like the tweet. Resteem this blog and get more upvotes. The amount of your retweet and comments of your resteemed posts will decide the steem rewards.
Steemit Twitter:
屏幕快照 2020-08-14 上午9.38.40.png

Step2: Post the link of your twitter and steemit posts in the comment.

Step3: Update your comment if you got more retweet or upvotes.

Challenge Prize

500 STEEM in total.
The one who retweets/resteems the most will get 100 STEEM as reward.
The next below are 2nd and 3rd, and will distribute the left STEEM.
Challenge Time:
Aug 14 UTC- Aug 18 UTC


  1. Within 5 working days after the end of the event, rewards will be delivered and notified by announcement.
  2. If any form of cheating is found, the participants will be disqualified, and the interpretation right belongs to the Steemit,Inc.
    Steemit, Inc.
    2020 August 14
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi @steemitblog
Any news on Steem being listed on Just or Justswap?

i really don't have much of an idea about what Defi is, just read a little about it, but I think joining them in a partnership will have to be great for Steem and its users.

Congrats for the partnership @steemit and @just_defi non stop innovation for crypto mass adoption.


I'm happy.. this is a great news


The amount of your retweet and upvote of your resteemed posts will get more steem rewards.

How will you count retweets if RTed without any comment? How will you count upvotes to a resteemed post?

500 STEEM in total.
The one who retweets/resteems the most will get 100 STEEM as reward.
The next below are 2nd and 3rd, and will distribute the left STEEM.
Challenge Time:
Aug 14 UTC- Aug 18 UTC

This implies that 1st ranked will get 100 STEEM while 2nd & 3rd ranked gets 200 STEEM each. Weird!!!

I am really excited for this from day one.

Tweet link :-


Retweet count:- 4

Hello @steemitblog

Retweet link:

Steemit Resteem link:

Another thing is that so far I have not received a vote from @steemitcurator in any of my diary game posts. Please check my profile @shahinalom1

Hear is my retweet link ill try my best to bring more and more people so that they could retweet it.


@steemitblog, this is a huge good news.
I am super excited about this.
Expect my entry.

YEEEESS!! Already following you on Twitter... I have retwitted the post:


Here my twitter account:

What is important is to finally see important news on STEEM, this makes me very happy.

Very great news. I wish to participate and also inform my Team members to join. Thanks very much!

my retweet on Twitter:

retweet su steem.png

Image link will follow

Shared with @steemingcurators, @ciska and our Discord members.


Reblogged and Tweeted!



I'm excited from Philippines

Hi! I don't understand very well this challenge, but here is my entry


Thanks for the great challenge. I just Retweeted, Reblogged and wrote an article. Steem on

Here is my Retweet Link:

Steemit Post Link :

I love it when my favorite platform moves forward for something better. I like this platform. It will improve a lot in the future. And lots of people across the country will start using it. People will leave Facebook and Twitter and start using steem platform. best of luck.


Always happy to see developments and partnerships from the brand. Keep us moving in the right direction.

This is a great initiative. Reblogged!

Congratulations on the partnership from Germany

I love steem and im so happy that we are still with the new partnership.

We are all happy and excited to welcome you to steemit! We are the first ever decentralized social blogging platform ever! Would love to know more about DeFi as I was from HSBC International before as a Banker. #Steem and #Just to the moon!
Upvoted, and resteemed.
Twitter post: heart, followed, retweeted and commented!


Its a great new and opens up the sky of opportunities for steemians.

Retweet link -

and resteemed.

Thank you!

Congratulations 🥳 The effectiveness of the partnership will be the most powerful in the crypto world 😍

The link is


@steemitblog This process is very beautiful. I am very glad to get this information.😍

What's the latest with this? Haven't heard much about it since you guys announced it.

  ·  2년 전

It is an interesting challenge