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SteemNews.Online ( is a decentralized news platform built on the STEEM blockchain to answer the disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and brainwashing that has become the standard of modern journalism.

A little over a year ago, @anotherjoe and @instructor2121 introduced our first stand alone endeavor, a new channel to provide “The Truth, Without Bias”.

For several months we featured STEEM authors’ articles by resteeming them and promoting them on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We also were able to create a website, SteemNews.Online (SNO), where all articles tagged with #steemnews could be featured.

A Road Less Traveled

As far as we knew, nobody else was really doing what we were striving to accomplish. And we were met with a lot of challenges along the way as we attempted to provide a news source that would promote your articles consistently.

In order to get the site to function properly, it had to import your articles and keep the formatting at least good enough so that it wasn’t painful to read. That proved to be more difficult than we had anticipated.

Image formats were particularly difficult. And once we found a solution, it would seem that something would change and it would stop working. Other aspects of formatting were challenging too, keeping us working on trying to fix the site more than actually looking for good content.

While we’ve promoted some material over the months, mostly we’ve worked at viable solutions. And one of those goals, all along, was to build a site that worked on the STEEM blockchain without being dependent on any of the existing sites. In other words, we wanted our contributors to be able to sign in on SteemNews.Online and post their content directly, rather than having to rely on one of the other sites that provide the means to post and engage with the STEEM community.

While others have come up with various sites that accomplish this, none have been able to build them in a way that satisfied us. The couple of possibilities were cost prohibitive, demanding more of the payout than we were willing to give up. So we’ve struck out to make our own site on the STEEM blockchain, fully independent of any other.

A Road Newly Paved

Welcome to SteemNews.Online, a brand new concept in blockchain based websites. As far as we can tell, nobody has done this before. Thanks to @anotherjoe and @instructor2121 for the vision to see this through and some amazing developers who were willing to dig into what it would take to make it happen, what you’re looking at is the first article posted directly from SteemNews.Online. Rest assured that it won’t be the last. In fact, if you are a news writer, perhaps yours will be included soon!

What you’re seeing is the next step in blockchain based websites - a fully functional independent site capable of posting directly to the STEEM blockchain and reward writers without the need for any other intermediary. As such, it offers the opportunity to become a full fledged business in its own right.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The Way it Works

Like any website, there is user interface and a dashboard for administrators to manage the website. Unlike any other website, the entire site is designed to prepare polished articles to post directly on the STEEM blockchain, complete with submission requests, editing abilities and a great set of resources for a general editor.

Anyone can submit an article on SteemNews.Online. By simply logging in with your current STEEM username and posting key, you can use the SNO text editor to get it polished, then you simply click on the “Submit” button.

Once your article has been submitted, it goes to a queue where the General Editor is able to read it over and either publish it or return it with suggested edits. If you make the edits, then you can re-submit it for the General Editor to take another look.

For trusted authors, there is the potential to submit a “breaking” story, bypassing the need for the GE to approve the article. This provides the means to get hot stories on the front page immediately, so our readers remain properly informed in a timely manner. The GE will assign this ability based on the relationship and trust you build with him/her.

How To Get Involved

General Editor

SteemNews.Online needs someone to take charge, with a vision for providing and promoting the first blockchain based news site and growing global readership. As a member of our team, you become a vital part of both building what we expect to be a great news source in its own right and establishing a new and exciting structure for information and community sites.


We’ve discussed this before, and nothing has really changed. For now, please feel free to submit your articles on the SteemNews.Online website. As the site matures, dedicated writers will become the staple and general submissions will be approved less often. Eventually, we’ll also be asking writers to set up new accounts through SNO, using more professional pen names than we generally use for STEEM.

Good Journalism is Hard to Find

STEEM has a lot of great writers. Topics and styles vary widely. That’s good.
A lot of people write about news without reporting. The tendency is to do one of three things:

  • A link and possibly an image and/or short comment about what it’s about (#newslink)
  • Discuss an event with personal perspective as part of the article. This is more of an OpEd (which we do feature from time to time and will dedicate a site to eventually)
  • til articles. These are great and very helpful, but not generally suitable for a news publication. Some of the articles actually would be great for SteemNews.Online, if they focused on the facts rather than the TIL aspect of it.

Tags Are Great, Except When They Aren’t

Over the past year+ we’ve been watching the steemnews tags for good material to feature. But sometimes great news articles don’t include the steemnews tag.
Those of us who’ve been around the Steem blockchain for awhile are accustomed to just using whatever tags we want, which is fine. But when folks are narrowing it down topically, we’re sort of all over the map, except for a few specific tags.

When trying to set the feeds into some sort of order, without having to tag each article individually, it can become tough to dial things in. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for your articles, if you would like to see them on SteemNews.Online.

Of Course, Submit on SteemNews.Online

That probably goes without saying. But, just in case it isn’t clear, SteemNews.Online will only be publishing articles submitted through our site.

Try to Put the Tags in Some Sort of Hierarchical Order

If you use a location, use a continent tag too. For instance, if you’re article is about Brazil, include southamerica tag before brazil tag (or brasil tag, if you prefer). Try using the broadest tag first, with the narrowest one last, unless compelled to do otherwise for some reason.

news tag first
If it’s a news piece, start with news, then add other tags accordingly.

steemnews tag first
All articles posted from SNO will include the steemnews tag automatically. These are articles that we’ll read carefully and, if the quality meets our goals, feature in the main section of the site - in addition to upvoting and resteeming.

Current Tag Menu


Using tags strategically can go a long way toward getting your articles noticed by those interested in the particular topic. While this may not mean a great deal for the initial payout, it could help with the subsequent payout and get you more followers.

What we’re looking for

Relevant informative articles

Original content - Obviously sources can be quoted and you may post your articles wherever you desire. But if Cheetah catches it, most likely we’ll pass it over.

Excellent use of English (other languages will hopefully be included soon) - The best articles are those where nobody notices the grammar. Of course, there are exceptions when one is making a specific point or there’s a creative aspect to it. But grammatical mistakes stand out to readers, diluting their perception of the quality of the content.

Spelling accuracy - A misspelled word can be overlooked once in awhile, but with modern editing programs such as Word or even Google Docs, every questionable word gets highlighted anyways. Please take the time to get this right if you're submitting to SNO.

No profanity - This isn’t censoring so much as setting a standard. Generally, except in quotations, profanity is superfluous. This includes shorthand, such as WTF, OMG, etc. The use of these isn’t helpful to insightful and well written content.

No short-form - If you can say all you need in just a few sentences, please settle for the newslink or other short-form tag. It’s not SNO content though.

TIL or similar content will not be considered.

Newslink, SteemNews or similar shouldn't be in the title.

The article must “conclude” - That doesn’t mean you have to write a conclusion. It means that it needs to finish filling in the details rather than simply saying something along the lines of, “For the rest of the story, go to this”. SNO is designed to be a complete source, not a place to tease for other sites. Please feel free to post a list of sources so readers can investigate further if they want, but don’t make it necessary for the reader to research more for a sense of closure. That’s fine for short-form and newslink, but is lazy for journalism.

NOTE: There are exceptions, but exceptions are EXCEPTIONAL.

How Do Payouts Work?

If you post an article on most Steem based sites, a portion of your payout goes to the owners of the site. The same goes for SteemNews.Online.

  • 70% will go to the writer
  • 25% will go to Steemnews.Online
  • 5% of the payout will be available to the General Editor to keep and/or distribute as they please.

Well written articles will be eligible to receive votes from SteemNews.Online and its supporting voting trails.

If you desire to have your own column or think you have what it takes to be the General Editor, please let us know in the comments.
We'll contact you to discuss your idea or application.

Thank you for reading and your encouragement in this endeavor. With your help, we look forward to making SteemNews.Online a valuable news resource.

Click here to join us in the SNO Discord Channel

Your editors,

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I am all in, it’s great project


Totally me too

This looks interesting, when will this be available?..i would be interested in the science section :)


We are live now in Beta. Looking for writers over next two weeks to satisfy current sections. You may submit articles now if you wish for editor approval.


I find this project fascinating and I decided to follow this amazing project! My first up vote! Thank you!


Just to let you know the invitation for your discord channel has expired.

And I am REALLY interested in a column application.


Awesome, I am definitely interested


Thanks ya, I'll stop by and check some of the content there and see If I can give it a shot :))


Great News :)


ha see what you did there. ye news is always interesting content good luck with your venture hope it works out really well. i often follow politics and crypto / bitcoin news

Great work! @anotherjoe @instructor2121

Looking forward to

That's an awesome project! Looking forward to it!
Just one thing: You need another logo. The current one looks very unprofessional to me. 🤔

This looks bloody brilliant!!!

Congratulations on your project and I hope to be able to contribute over the coming weeks and months.

Will head over now and take a look.

Good luck on this awesome project

This is a really great project and to confess I have actually been looking out for something like this on the steem block chain. Journalism needs decentralization promptly and I believe can offer just that.

A few queries though, or query disguised application I suppose; application not for my own column or to become a GE.
I would like to know if you have a design team handling your graphics and digital designs. I would really love to be part of it because I believe I can make some considerable changes to the visual palatability of your site and blog here on steemit. Starting with the logo to be precise.
I'm pretty optimistic about this and I'll like to support and help in anyway I can.

I would also appreciate a valid link to your discord channel as the link provided above seems to be expired. Or simply let me know if I can disclose the suggestions here.

Thank you, and great job again.

It's looking interesting , I am very impressed :) This is an absolute fantastic idea and it really could not come any sooner, I believe in the blockchain technology and although its still not main steam yet, it will become the new internet, only adopted much much faster!
I avoid TV news as much as I can because of blatant propaganda in cahoots with governments, absolutely no one can be trusted when money is to be made!
Blockchain is ending all that, just like Steemit for example, anyone on here that tries to take advantage of the system gets taken down fast by the likes of @berniesanders and others! Much more difficult to lie about news and get away with it on the blockchain!
I see in the not so distant future even governments will run on the blockchain somehow and every dime that's spent is accountable for, no more brown paper envelopes!
Lastly and which is more important good journalism will be rewarded which will incentify honest accurate news!
Fantastic post keep up the good work, upvoted resteemed and followed!
Peace and Love my friend!


@trail Thanks for the vote my friend much appreciated!


Thanks so much @gentlebot really grateful for you vote!:-)

What an exciting development. Thanks to all involved for your hard work. I'm interested in contributing so I'll have to get my thinking cap on. Upvote and resteemed to get the word out there.

I love this. I am interested in the science and fiction section. If you will have a fiction/storytelling section for entertainment purpose, i think it will be a good idea.

I was just thinking about this the other day. Quick story. When I first joined SteemIt I wanted to create a the daily steemit a new aggregation site. You can still see it here. I'm pumped about this project @instructor2121 awesome!


This is one of the better ideas I have seen here. I concur. :)


Yup! it was one of the first things I was interested in doing when I joined.

greatt!! OTW on your site

I am very glad after reading this post:)

We already have, "twitter- youtube- Soundcloud - Quora- instagram" equivalent on steemit blockchain..

I can see the day when we have google equivalent also..

Thanks for your contribution to making the steemit better:)

I can see the future of steemit:)



Very happy to see this live. Looking forward to great things.

Great idea. I wish to have tags for conservation and sustainable development as one of the most important topics. Thanks for this initiative.
coordinator and founder of @kedjom-keku and fund-raising voting bot @treeplanter


Looks interesting if it will be an electronic newspaper!

I love this idea so much. Thank you for your hard work.

Now off to contemplate my first SNO contribution....!

This is very cool. I'm going to reach out to a few professional writers I know from Huffpo. They may be interested in writing. As far as general editing goes, what are the qualifications?

Put me down for this! Anyway to submit a few articles to you for review? I know it is in beta but is there a roadmap you can lay out?

Finishing my degree at my university and I agree with the need for better reporting and a higher standard of journalism in news outlets. This is an interesting concept (lots of great innovators on steem) and I'm very excited to see where it goes!

very nice. I like all of your stuff because your content type is very educational

yes men, that's great. thx for the info :)
LG Harald

That would be awesome! If there will be a news platform, I hope it won't be like the one we have in real world full of BS. There's no positive thing to listen on the news on TV. It's better to read posts in steemit than listen to such BS influenced by greedy fat bias people running the mainstream media.

Wow nice project you have got here...

Please I will love to know if an open source project?

It will be nice if it is, so you can get contributions from web devs too.

I can provide you a more detailed logo.

for free of course

How does one start with I poked around but couldn't find a signup link.

thanks in advance

Edit 1: Nevermind. Found it. I thought we have to make a separate account on SNO. Whereas you can login from the same steemit credentials. Now I get what the steem blockchain is!

So we finally have a "real" Steembased decentralized news site. I gotta say I'm very interested in it. Unfortunately, I'm not journalist material or a good writer in that matter. Though, if you guys are willing to have a poetry column like some newspapers then I don't mind contributing since that's my interest. Anyways, that's just a suggestion. I look forward to reading the news publish in your site I wish you guys success.

  ·  4년 전

Great idea, looking forward to it.

Nice initiative.

I'm going to ask something that will be asked later on by others perhaps. :D You said something about upvoting. What is your definition of "well written articles"? Will only following "What we’re looking for" section, could be considered as "well written"? Also, how much is the main upvote (not the trails)? Thank you.

Moving away from strict 'what happened' journalism, is there room for analysis of events? Also, the hierarchy of tags seems a bit limited. I'll be very interested to see how this develops though.

The truth in European and American societies has different standards and no specific criteria

This sounds great. I will be following this closely.

Looks like something we really need nowadays. Let's hope the government doesn't get their hand on this one.

  ·  4년 전

Seems very interesting. Will you start a regular news service like any other news channel or will it provide authentic news in quick manner? How will be the interface of this channel? Please let me know as I am very eager to know everything about this.

I find this very interesting. I’m looking forward to see what this will all transform into. Exciting!

How does one know what is disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, and "brainwashing"? Everyone has their own biases and weaknesses towards specific beliefs, ideologies, and dogmas.

Most people who deceive never intend to.

This looks great. I hope you guys establish a high standard, as it seems you're intent on doing. Is there anyway to see a list of sections that you'll be looking for writers to fill. ie, the arts, breaking news, sports etc?..

Oh wow! This is amazing and great! I got my first taste of Journalism as a Sophomore in high school and it has been VERY rewarding and has built my confidence to talk to strangers. I took the photo editor position for the school newspaper (The Wildcat Roar) and the school yearbook! I had a similar idea but with a different rewarding system. Maybe we can talk about it on Discord? I'll definitely be trying to get involved and I hope this keeps growing into a community that really reaches out and directly helps people!

This is a laudable project and I would very much be interested to work with the team
How do I get to be an editor and also be a correspondent for Africa

What a great idea, there are so many alternative reporters on Steemit already, it would be nice to have them all in one area, or one tag as when following someone you may miss their posts at times if your not on when they post.
Two places come to mind to find some writers and editors - #adsactly and #teamnz :D

What a great project! It's one of these ideas that make you think: why did nobody came across with it before? It's evidently needed!

Nice approach, and if my day had 48 hours I'd even consider to apply as a writer... Maybe a bit later during the year, it's bookmarked in my head :-)

Thanks for the idea and best of luck for the start @anotherjoe and @instructor2121!
Loved and resteemed

I like that you have high standards for the content you feature. That definitely adds value to the whole ecosystem and provides legitimate sources for current events.
Great to see the project moving forward. I can't wait to see more from you!

wow..just great! been looking for these kind of opportunity in content writing..thanks to the creators of these news channel..very much interested.

Very excited about this. I even wrote a post awhile back about needing something like this. Great news and looking forward to the future in regards to this!!

Many thanks,


It would be great to have the Spanish section, good start with your project

Seems like finally, after several months I'll be able to find quality materials, free of clickbaits, or not checked news. Great, great job :)

Decentralized network is the only answer to hold back brain washing and censorship

It is the best to know what and how it is work update.Surely ,Must be exactly to get true to post from their steemnews .Everybody must be lucky for future.

This can be an amazing project. I was curiously just thinking that it would be a great idea to create a media platform out of the steemit concept, I looked into the news tab and here it is your project.

A really good Editor and probably some other members to the team later on will be needed. It might be a good idea to use quality content from other blogs and media outlets as well.

Either way there is a long way to go and I wish you the best of luck!

Love the idea. Did noy read all comments, but have you reached out to big names like @benswann working with dash or investigative journaslists upcoming like @jordanchariton. Both working on projects for independent journaslism with facts not bias.

those who are already into steemit will they get any benefit

Thats a good news...

Expressed interest. I write essays as replies to almost everything to the point that my friends all avoid ... being my friends. God I'm lonely.

how can one go about becoming an editor or helping out with the project?

Your post type is very good. Your work is so beautiful I love your posts a lot. I want to follow you and follow you. I'll be able to achieve a lot if I follow you.
You can do good things by doing steemit. I hope you can vote if you like my comment. and I know you will be do it.
And you'll be fine Steemit works nicely. best of luck.

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wow very interesting your project i like it.
please give me up vote.

interesting thanks for the information😊

I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.

I am impressed your post . Good news :)

congratulations. good luck on this awesome project

Very interesting post. Looking onward for next post. I like it &interested

This is an awesome feat. Congrats!

Great.. Thanks for your contribution.. upvoted resteemed and followed!

Interesting, thanks for post.

excellent idea I like it.

Terimakasih pak atas postingannya

amazing post

Hey, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

Great project, just what we need.

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what a post... great dude

Wow... Please teach me how to expand my gains on steem

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@steemnews 👍👌💕

Excelent, a post the education for me
Thanks you for sharing @steemnews.Online


I like the idea. It can potentially solve one of Steemit’s worst problems. Those that plagiarise or write terribly need to be ridiculed and humiliated.

very helpfull post,,,thanks for the post to sear.....