Operation Mass Adoption Contest has Closed! // Time to Write Your Recap Posts


Great job to all of the incredible steemians and communities that onboarded new users this month! The official window for new users to make their #introduceyourself posts has closed, and so now it is time for you to write your recap posts!

As a quick recap ... here are some of the cool prizes that are on the table:

The Prizes | Two Contests In One

@theycallmedan is sponsoring this contest with a 1,000 Steem prize. Thanks in advance for making this happen Dan!

The 5 people who get more new Steemians to join the Blockchain will share the 1,000 Steem prize, divided as follows:

1st place - 300 Steem2nd place - 250 Steem
3rd place - 200 Steem4th place - 150 Steem
5th place - 100 Steem*Prizes may grow

11,000 Steem Power Delegation for the most engaging community

On the beginning of this post we mentioned that any user joining this contest has to be part of a community.

The community that gets more people to sign up on Steem, regardless of the winners of the Liquid prize, will get a 10,000 SP delegation from @yabapmatt and a 1,000 SP delegation @OCD for the next 90 days.

Additional Prizes include:

  • @Actifit is giving 100 Steem for the 1st place and 50 Steem each for the 2nd and 3rd place.
  • @Oracle-D will give a 100% vote for the top three winners.
  • @Cervantes will give a 100% vote for the top three winners.

How to Write your Recap Post

Every Steemian who joined the contest, must make a post listing all the members they onboarded and linking to their introduction post so we can verify the authenticity of both the competitor and the New Steemians.

Make sure you use the tags "HelloMassAdoption" and "blocktradescontest" to be eligible! Also leave a link to your recap post below.

If you are part of a community on Steem that worked together to enter this contest, also list that in your recap post to help your community win these cool prizes!


If you have any questions on creating your recap post, then drop them below and we'll get back to you.

Let's reach mass adoption together!

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Thank you @Steemonboarding for this call that is coming rather late. Everything about the contest was supposed to have ended today being 15th June. Newbie introduction was to end two days ago according to the contest prompt.

However, here is the submission of my recap post:

It was an awesome contest and I think it should be a regular one. I also hope you set up your team on this to assure a more regular update.

Congratulations to all of us.

I am a part of @Steemchurch community which has really supported the new users with curation via @Sniffnscurry and engagement as well as adopting them into our sub-groups/parishes for more guidance on Steem. However, I also created a project @writeandearn which was concerned with One- on-one guidance of the New users in my Creative Hub in Uyo Nigeria.

A delegation to any of the above on my behalf will be good.

Thank you once again.

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Excellent work you did, congratulations SteeOn!!


Thank you. Same with you. All for the love of steem.

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Great work. Congratulation.


Congrats Sir. you did a great work

Thanks @steemonboarding for this amazing contest that I enjoyed a lot. I hope the official results were for today 15

I hope you continue doing this type of contests, it has been a wonderful experience, many thanks to you and all the sponsors.

This in my participation

I hope to win a delegation to @rutablockchain that has been promoting Steem for almost two years in person, online, in the media, adopting shops and in every corner.


Congratulations friend!


Thanks :D

  ·  작년

Appealing work you have here.

Hi @steemonboarding
This was a great Contest and working for it was full of fun and learning. I have on boarded 15 members to steem in this period or 3 weeks. I am part of Actifit and I would be happy if Actifit win reward through me.
Here is my submission post-


Thanks for this nice initiative and giving opportunity to add value to the platform.

Thanks. Have a great weekend.

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Great job


Thanks but You have done amazing work. Appreciate your efforts.



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Thank you.

GodSpeed ! :) @steemonboarding 💙

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Initiative that I support.
Thank you for organizing this contest. It is a great way to promote our favorite blockchain.

Ma'am, it's so bad to hear that it's already closed. I invited four Steemians lately but I never able to make an entry for the first contest because it was Ramadan here ant last week was the Eid feast, the more we were busy. Then this week I invited 4 of my friends who already have their introduction post. I wanted to join the contest, what should I do now? I wants to share how I am committed to steemit/Steem though I am so very busy. Please I am waiting for your kind response.

Truly yours,

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Here below is my review post on my invitees. It was a great contest and I look forward for more in the future.


Thank you @Steemoboarding

My report here :

Thank you for this contest @steemonboarding and big ups to all the sponsors.
Though I have to agree with @uyobong about contest going out of the deadlines.
This post should have been posted yesterday but whatever. Just Steem on


Congratulations fellow

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You too my friend.
These are some impressive numbers.

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amazing job