Update: Steem on OpenBazaar

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@SteemOnOB is a project to get Steem on OpenBazaar. This is a special account used STRICTLY for funding and updating so we can provide transparency.

Steem on OpenBazaar would be valuable to both projects.

It would be valuable to Steem because OpenBazaar is a long standing project with a large user base. OpenBazaar says that it has over 150k nodes running and those are only the ones they know of. There are many ways to obfuscate those numbers and that is by design. Clearly this good exposure would be great for the Steem community.

It would be valuable to OpenBazaar because Steem boasts a very fast transaction, if not the fasted transaction. Transactions are also free and the blockchain capacity is extremely high. This would obviously be a great asset to the OpenBazaar users.

Project Finances:

70 Steem payed out in total so far directly from @DiggnDeeper.com
@SteemOnOB has 89.514 Steem as of today for upcoming bounties (donated by @DiggnDeeper.com) - Your donations are very welcome.

Bounties payed out:

Task completedPayout
An OpenBazaar Steem Integration Feasibility Report50 Steem from @DiggnDeeper.com to @travelersmemoire
Task Request: Simple Graphics For This Account. (Steem on OpenBazaar)20 Steem to @cryplectibles

I will be going through the task list shortly to itemize the amount of bounty payouts expected for the known tasks. Currently there are no bounties, and I would like to offer at least something concrete that could increase depending on how much support the community offers.


DelegatorSteem Power
@DiggnDeeper.com2,500 SP

Auto voting:

Any one helping the project on an ongoing basis or produces content that is relevant qualifies for an auto vote from this account. Auto voting helps build income to then give back to the project participants. It is also a cheap way to continue thanking them for their support.
@steemswap, @cryplectibles, @travelersmemoire, @diggndeeper.com

Please consider adding these members and/ or @SteemOnOB to your auto vote list. Every bit helps in the long run.

Going forward

  • We need a Go developer. I have made a post to Utopian as well as been on a couple of podcasts. I am now also poking around in Dev Discords and will start searching outside of Steem if I must. It would certainly be helpful to have some liquid Steem donations to offer and some delegations would help as well.

  • At the recommendation of @swapsteem, I have been considering a token for my @DiggnDeeper.com account. I have some more research to do to make sure I'm doing the right thing and have a good strategy to use and distribute them once they are made. The theory is that these could be used to provide further incentive for projects and tasks.

  • I have been thinking about maybe doing some sort of contest to get people interested in OpenBazaar. Maybe a reward for a store or transaction. If you have any ideas about how

I am asking for your votes, delegations, and donations for bounties and incentives to get this project going. We need developers, and more marketing. This is an ongoing project.


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Great job so far team, I would be jumping in once I get a little bandwidth from Swapsteem project! I always wanted to see steem on OB.

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That's the great idea to integrate those two projects!

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Sounds great I hope it works out.

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What kind of things would people here want to buy on OB?