An introduction to Steem

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Steemit has been great. It is a fantastic creative outlet for me and it has allowed me to make some connections all across the world that I wouldn't have made in the past.

I got here in June 2016 and I've been back every day! The people are cool and there are lots of posts that you can learn something from, or get inspired from other people's stories.

You CAN make money here, and I have, but you'll need to engage with others and build a bit of a following. That probably won't happen overnight but the journey can be very enjoyable. Why not join us!

Looks useful. Might be worth defining 'curation rewards': Up to 25% of a post's payout is awarded to curators (the people who upvoted the post) as a reward for discovering the content. The other 75% is awarded to the author.

There's also a use in a 'now that you're a member' post that supplements the FAQ - a glossary, really. The FAQ assumes too much knowledge (or at least more than I had).


I should link to the FAQ. I'll add that. This post will remain a work in progress

Well now I know a bit more about who and how Steemit started.

I liked reading it but there are still words/shortcuts used I do read everywhere and I cannot find what they mean.

I use Partiko and it is a nice and friendly app. With my bad Internet connection it takes time to load too but its easier as using the browser.
It also rewards you for posting, commenting etc. These points can be used to upvote your own post by Partiko.

What does dapp means?

I have doubts about the Wires debit card. How common is it to use in Holland (or Europe)?

What is manna and mannabase?

Steem now does not work for me. It always says my 100% upvote is worth nothing, something I do not understand.

Well I will have a look at the FAQ again.

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I've not used Partiko, but it is popular. I use Steemit or eSteem and sometimes busy.

Dapp is distributed app, i.e. any app built on a blockchain. Partiko, esteem and Steem Monsters are examples.

Mana is related to resource credits. You need this to do anything. Various sites like steemd show what you have.

You need more sp to boost your vote. If you power up your Steem and Steem dollars it will be worth more. You need around 500 sp to give 1c, but voting a lot will run down your voting power. You can still vote on posts to give them a little more. It's probably not worth voting on comments as rewards below a certain level are not paid out (dust threshold is around 2c). Leave good comments and don't worry too much about voting for now.


Thanks for your explainations and tips, esp about the voting

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I can give accounts away too, I'm sure there are more of us than are willing to do the same. I have no other use for them other than to hand them out to people (for free) who are going to use them correctly.

Getting into @steemmonsters is a great introduction and is one of the recent success stories with the bonus of the free account as you say.


Feel free to share your SM referral link. Nobody has used mine yet.

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Great one :)
There is even more to tell but I guess a novice will be confused with all that info. A link to .... to check them all and find something interesting :)

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Fantastic intro. I thought I didn't need to read it. Wrong, and as always new people come to this platform a good intro is necessary. Love the picture. Why all of you got a headphone? Because of simultaneous translation?


I tried to summarise how I see it. Others will see it differently. It's not perfect, but I still see the potential.

There were two stages in the same space, so they used silent disco headphones to we could choose which to listen to. There was another channel with Polish folk music :)


Got it. Thanks. Have a beautiful day @steevec!

This is great and I will definitely use it as a shareable link.

I am presently telling some of my comedy friends about this platform since they regularly share info on FaceBunk and Twitter.


Cool. Let me know if you need some accounts for them. I've got 14 right now and can claim a couple each week.

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Nice article about the introduction to steem 😃

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@firepower in the picture 😃

Great article, thanks @steevc!

I Resteemed it, in case I’ll have energy to translate it to Italian... can I do it? (obviously, linking your blog)

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You are very welcome to translate it. Feel free to improve on it and let me know anything I missed. I plan to keep updating it.