Why @steemalliance nominations suck (atm)

NomineesReason For Sucking
@nedis looking for a patsy to blame the fall of steem on
@aggroedpretends to be anarchist but creates more rules than government
@crimsoncladcensorship is her thing. dont mention it though, she'll ban you.
@whatsupvery rarely takes anything seriously, when he/she does, it becomes a shitfest.
@smoothburned 1000s of steem. still burning more.
@themarkymarkruns a bid bot. super scammer.
@fyrstikkenscammed adsactly, runs bid bot, probably worships satan.
@transistothinks he can control the entire platform by dictating what people should post.
@arcangespams with multiple bots and refuses to remove spam even if you request it.
@inertiaclaims he worked for steemit.inc, but he also has spam bots if i remember correctly.

to be continued.

this list was constructed during the initial phases of this bogus hypefest. if, when reading this, different people are in charge (in the unlikely event that this goes ahead) I strongly urge everyone to really investigate said people.

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You forgot me:

NomineesReason For Sucking
@inertiaSeriously? He used to work at Steemit, Inc.!

flagged because regardless of your stance on the alliance or bid bots, going around calling people "super scammer" is not acceptable unless you have facts and evidence to support such libel.

248F7018-0D79-4D38-A502-F724EF50A3CA.jpegBaha. You forgot some and added others not on the team but this is funny. Wonder if someone will flag you or you will be a huge success. It’s a gamble


Lol i actually just got busy with something else. But i'll finish it soon. |They will neither flag me, nor upvote me, though. Im one of those untouchables. oh and im using the nominations from the post and deciding who to criticize based on my experience with them. Not even sure where you're getting your list from though?


In the group, where’d you get yours? The team will change again Sunday and em yeah the nominees for the Steemit Foundation are even different than both of these lists 🤷🏽‍♀️
Glad you are untouchable ...

The only thing I'm sad about is I couldn't be part of this list lol
You didn't leave anyone behind what an honor for everyone....


sorry man. i'll try find some dirt on you asap. ;)


lol thanks man appreciate it :)

... refuses to remove ... even if you request it.

Can you provide evidences of your allegations?


I know that @arcange removed a flag on a comment of mine when he made a mistake here on a post by @tarazkp. I was named as a scammer - causing me incalculable and irreparable harm. The latter person refused to apologise for following the bot's mistake and flagging me as well. I came to the conclusion around that time that this is a broken platform, designed by shady people. The system is rigged. The whole idea of flagging others using bots seems to be something like a bad bandaid on a broken leg.

Can't please everyone. If it makes you feel any better the only task we have is to set up an election so that the community can elect better people. :)


elections for what? do the representatives get a toaster to hold or what? Because I need a toaster


they get to decide for everyone on steem what fair means


That's wonderful and would save us so much time and effort.

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That list looks like all the right reasons to vote for censorship. Count me in!