BITCOIN: $1k invested in 2010 is now worth $7m ..!!

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If you had invested $1,000 in BITCOIN in 2010 you could have bought 10,000 Bitcoins at $0.10 each..!!

Those 10,000 Bitcoins today would be now worth over $7,000,000..!!

Today STEEM is worth around $0.10..!!

....just saying..!!

A Global Blockchain Social Media Revolution is unfolding in front of our eyes and when people wake up to the reality that it is not CryptoCurrencies that are rising, but that DEBT-BASED Fiat Currencies are FALLING..!! this space..!!

Think of STEEMIT as a growing micro-community..!! A small Town, a small City, a small State, a small Country, a small Continent ........having its very own DEBT-FREE CURRENCY..!!

The future is not tomorrow, the future arrived yesterday..!!

STEEMIT + BLOCKCHAIN is the future..!!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share.


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I appreciate it. Following. Stephen

Wow if only we new. i only start investing in them a few months ago and cant belive how much they have gone up in that time .

STEEMIT + BLOCKCHAIN is the future..!!
I agree fully with you
I invested in 2010 100$ in BTC .. I think I will do the same with steemit

Thank you Stephen for your take on the issue,

....just saying..!!

Hahaha, I like it !

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Those 10,000 Bitcoins today would be now worth over $7,000,000..!!
Today STEEM is worth around $0.10..!!
....just saying..!!

so are 100's of altcoins and penny stocks.

wtf logic are you using man? enough with the teenage level shilling


I have to admit it wasn't the best comparison :P

But all altcoin penny stocks are different, every one with their own goals and features and a somewhat healthy history in charts and volatility. I am sure the majority of investors will be able to polish the top 10 if not top 50 of altcoins within the coming months and the new money that is coming into bitcoin and further to altcoins as well.