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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem on Social Media with the "I ❤️ #Steem.!!" Social Media Campaign - FREE MARKETING.!!

What would happen if everyone added.....jpg

Promoting #Steem on Social Media with the "I ❤️ #Steem.!!" Campaign


"What would happen if everyone added the “I ❤️ #Steem.!!” motto to their Social Media Profile Name?"

I don't just mean twitter, I mean ALL Social Media Platforms.!!

I am curious as to what people think.


I would guess that there was around +50,000 active users in the #Steem Community that is on Social Media outside of the #Steem Ecosystem.

If everyone was to add the “I ❤️ #Steem.!!” motto to their Social Media Profile Name it would be the best ROI for any Marketing Campaign for #Steem.


Because it's FREE.!!

What would happen if everyone added.... 2.jpg

Youtube - Promotional Video 3.0

Those in the Video

Please join me and give a huge shout-out to those on twitter that have already joined the Campaign.

Not in the Video?

Please tag yourself in the comments below if you have joined the "I ❤️ #Steem.!!" Social Media Campaign on twitter and have added "I ❤️ Steem.!!" to your Twitter Profile Name but are not in the Promotional Video.

Looking forward to adding more to the Promotional Video.

Massive Thank You

In the meantime, I would like to once again take this opportunity to say a Massive Thank You to everyone on twitter for supporting the start of the "I ❤️ #Steem.!!" Social Media Campaign.

Let's keep the campaign going and tell the World that we all ❤️ #Steem.!!

Thanks again for reading.


Promoting #Steem on Social Media with "I ❤️ #Steem" - #ilovesteem

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So cool! Thanks for the great idea!

I ❤️ #Steem.!!, and proudly promote it on twitter!

You can add me now 😉 rt01lr.png


Thanks for supporting the "I ❤️ #Steem.!!" Social Media Campaign.

Your Profile has now been added to the video and will be featured in future promotions.





Great, it's good for me !

Your great idea can change steem. Keep up your great job...our support is always with you.

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Sometimes a solution to a problem is staring you in the face.!!

More often than not, people overthink when it comes up with a solution to solve any problem with the simplest of ideas usually the most effective.

What I love about the "I ❤️ #Steem.!!" Social Media Campaign is that anyone and everyone can join in, it costs nothing, takes about 30 seconds to implement and yet the results could be mind blowing if everyone who was passionate about #Steem joined in.



Absolutely right. It costs nothing but effective free marketing.

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I don't get all emojis on twitter...
Does the heart sign pop up with the normal keyboard?


If you are using a normal QWERTY keyboard, can I suggest that you simply copy and the past the following straight on to your Profile Name.....

..... "I ❤️ Steem.!!"



Done ;)
I let you see it in "a minute" ;)

Great work I would sign up but only do Steem no social media for me. You're doing a cracking job 💯🐒