Has Steem temporarily lost it's mojo?

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#Steem, where has your mojo gone?


Has #Steem temporarily lost it's mojo?

For the last +9 months, I have repeatedly expressed my concerns that the weighting between the "technicals" and the "commercials" was out of sync and believed that the concentration and focus on the "technicals" was at the sacrifice of the "commercials".

This concern still remains and if any, has simply grown over the last few months.

Confined to the "hate bin", so be it

Regular readers of my Blog will have seen that I have repeatedly tried to raise these worries through videos and have even said over numerous Blogs that if by raising my concerns it left me confined to the "hate bin", so be it.

Fortunately for me, though these concerns may have only been understood by a small handful of people, they were never enough to warrant a "hate badge" pinned to me and a finger pointed to the "hate bin".

Commercial and Contractual spectrum

Over the last +25 months while I have been part of the #Steem Community, I hope there has been enough out there that has recognised and picked up on my background.

With over +30 years experience in business, mainly with a focus across the Commercial and Contractual spectrum, I have also a relatively high degree of technical and management skills that sit alongside them.

Despite offering all this up for free to help develop and further the #Steem Community, it has come as surprise that this offer has never been taken up.

It breaks my heart to see it happen

Sticking to my concerns of the weighting between the "technicals" and the "commercials" within the #Steem Community, I strongly feel that Community is slowly loosing it's mojo and it breaks my heart to see it happen.

As the #Steem #Blockchain slips out of the Top 50 rankings, is now the time that we all get together to do something about it and try and restore the mojo in #Steem that we all fell in love with.

Thanks again for reading.


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From my point of view, there's absolutely no difference between STEEM now and when it was valued at $8+. The only major update was change to the RC system from bandwidth.

That being said, other coins have perhaps developed more during the past two years. I think it's less a case of STEEM losing its mojo, and more of the entire space "contracting" in preparation for another huge influx of corporate money to fuel the next moonshot.

As far as the ranking slipping on CMC, I find it fairly irrelevant, as a large number of coins in the top 100 have little active utility, mostly relying on speculation for their value.

The only difference between a bear and a bull market is the direction of the parabola, and the perception that a higher valuation is "good" and a lower one is "bad."

And then, the attendant animal passions those perceptions stimulate in the collective and individual consciousnesses in a quantum memetic/amplificatory fashion.

Ahahah call Austin Powers!

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I guess I never considered the "seriousness" of the issue of having a creation (the Steem/Steemit ecosystem) put together by developers and technicians... and trying to have it be a "social content" platform. As you have probably heard me tell anyone who cares since the very beginning... "Communities are built by PEOPLE, not by TECHNOLOGY."

That holds as true now, as it ever has. Sadly, the response to "problems" by those who are technologists tends to be "let's tweak the code." Sorry, WRONG. What we need is an understand of human psychology, not an understanding of programming.

I probably missed an earlier post on this but what do you mean by "weighting between the 'technicals' and the 'commercials' " ?



I probably missed an earlier post on this but what do you mean by "weighting between the 'technicals' and the 'commercials' " ?

There is probably about +20 blogs and +5 videos I did about this subject.

I will find a couple of videos that covers it the best and share them here in the comments.



Perfect, thank you!

The STEEM Ecosystem: Technicals vs Commercials. Thinking with these "Bad Boys" while out walking.!!


I never realized you were from my part of the world!

Where were you on the youtube - Bury, or somewhere??

Oh yeah, I got distracted....the commercial side of steemit seems non existent.

The honeymoon is over. How low will it go before it ends up on deadcoins.com

Putting Steemfair on hold to focus on #steemtalent a hard decision to make! #steemtalent update No.2