If Steem was to repeat what we saw in June this could easily push the price of Steem to $17.43 with a Market Capital of $4.3 billion and it would still fall short of its ranking seen this time last year..!!

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#Steem Target Price

Steem could be +$17.43.png

Target Price for #Steem = $17.43

Approximately this time last year #Steem was ranked Number 7 in the Cryptocurrency Market and is now ranked Number 40.

From the highs of June of this year, #Steem has seen a progress slide in #Bitcoin terms, but the volume has been pretty negligible.

On the left of the slide I have highlighted the sheer volume of #Bitcoin that was needed to push the price of #Steem up to the highs in June of around $2.80.

Should this buying power be repeated again then this could see #Steem at over $17.43.


Target Market Capital of $4.3 billion and Ranked Number 14

If #Steem was to repeat what we saw in June and this pushed the price of #Steem to $17.43 with a Market Capital of $4.3 billion it would still fall short of its ranking seen this time last year putting #Steem at a mere 14th place..!!

Just for the record, should #Steem return back to being Ranked Number 7 as it was last year this would equate to a Market Capital of approx $11.0 billion with a #Steem price in excess of +$44.50.

Thanks again for reading.


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Considering the fact that there are projects out there with $1+ billion market cap that don't even have a working product, I'd say Steem is one of the most undervalued projects in the entire crypto space. Steem should be priced much higher than $17!!

Yes I am expecting a big push by whales to start the rocket of steem to $10 and then fomo will come in

I hope steem can break the ATH before upcoming summer and we can expect btc to be around 25k+

So steem can go at $25+ also

Agreed totally, Steem is very under priced now... $17.43 is very much possible.

Would be awesome to see Steemit getting the recognition it deserves. We are slowly gaining more users daily and the recognition will come in time. We will become the number 1 social media site in my opinion.

Steem is maybe the most undervalued cryptocurrency on coinmarketcap.
Too many great projects are coming in 2018 for Steem and its user base is growing esponentially! We shall all benefit from its growth over the next couple of years.

It's really interesting to see how little Steem has increased in value the last 6 months. I think we are in for a huge rise very soon now, just like you predict. Thanks for doing this report, @stephenkendal!

If Steem were to go up. Then I it would definitely be a big pump. Steem is currently quite unknown in the general crypto community.

But if Steem manages to crawl to about $15, it will get noticed by a larger public. Who will see a thriving community. With quite some third party apps in development. Pretty good recipe for a investment is you ask me.

So new investors come in, which is going to lift the price even further.

These numbers don’t seem unreasonable with SMTs etc coming up.


Yeah, I have a feeling that the price will skyrocket just after release of them!

Thanks for sharing your ideas about steemit. but i think steem would get increase even more as a hundreds of users are signing up for steemit.com and investing in this too so in sense it should increase more..

Finally, someone else sees it, but compared to some other altcoins, this is not nearly as much to go up as they are very likely to. If you haven't done so, you should have a look at some of the charts on bittrex, particularly the coins that have majority trade volume on there. There is opportunity there that I can't even tell people about without sounding nuts, but it seems that you may be on the same wavelength as me, and so if you check out those charts I think you might find them very interesting.

It may also be worth reviewing Einsteinium, TRIG Token and OkCash charts, three coins who have now surpassed their July pre-pump primer(forgive the terminology. I taught myself and don't know the lingo).

You will learn from them, within reason, what to expect from the others in waiting for their pumps. It looks to me though that we just reapproaching July, so time may be limited.

It's also interesting to consider that these values are in bitcoin, which will inevitably rise itself. I wish you good fortune on the markets.

If is such a fine little word. 😎

I am constantly amazed to look at crypto market cap lists and see coins/tokens that do nothing yet are valued at more than Steem. They are (so far at least) nothing more than ideas. QTUM? TRX?

Shared on twitter. Stephen

Sounds good too me :D

The user base of steem is growing every day.
Steem deserves more.
Thanks for sharing such a good post.

Sir can i resteem your post?


Sure, no problem. Feel free. Stephen


Resteem done! Please cheek my blog. Maybe you can collect some important information from my post.
thank you!

Thanks for sharing this with us

Nice post @stephenkendal Bro, I want Upvote for Christmas bro :) Merry Christmas to you and your family

I can only hope it.. This would make some dreams come true.. even as a small minow this can be a life changer... but first to $10..

This paragraph could not be digested ~~ being Ranked Number 7 as it was last year this would equate to a Market Capital of approx $11.0 billion with a #Steem price in excess of +$44.50.

#reason ~ how could marketcap of one technology n one kind of service determine its price .

#2 real rank 7 on basis of past trend not likely to happen

#3 charts even suggest big bull run in '18 so 17.43 or 44+ no idea how you calculated on basis of marketcap n ranking

Really believe in it. Let it be so. To Grow Steеm.

Kejetun yang luar biasa

Very good post, thank you information

Interesting. I would love see this happen.

wow just amazing thank you

Incredible :))) just soo good!!!

Nice predictions. I hope so!

  ·  4년 전

I think you are right on what you´re predicting that Steem value could make it to $17+ , I am optimistic and since last week I´ve been converting my SBD to SP. It is most likely that Steem will follow suit with BTC.

In a few years we're gonna look back and be amazed why we didn't buy more STEEM, I'm gonna be investing heavily into this.

Dear @Stephenkendal, thx for this information.
I am a newbie here and still trying to have a better understanding about cryptocurrency. Your post let me have another piece of puzzle to make a big picture of it.
Thanks a lot.

Hell why not? SBD hit 16.45 -- blowing my mind still actually.

Steem at 17+ is still a deal for the unique offering of this platform.

Very useful information stephen

Thanks for the article. I agree its under priced right now.