STEEM rises >100% to $0.20..!!

5년 전


STEEM doubles from a MktCap of ~$20mil to MktCap of ~$40mil in the matter of hours..!!

With a Market Cap of ~$40mil and a STEEM Price of ~$0.20 it looks like yesterdays changes are seen as a major commitment to the development of STEEMIT.

A Global Social Media Revolution is taking place and one that will see "Paid-to-Post" as the absolute norm in the future.

STEEMIT is about to get hot, really hot..!!

Thanks for reading.


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It's a good sign, but we'll have to see if it can be sustained. The market can be very fickle. All my Steem is powered up, so I'm not selling any time soon


I agree entirely. We'll know better in a few weeks whether $0.10 was the bottom. Following. Stephen


Yes, I'm cautiously optimistic but we've seen this kind of large spike before only to have the downtrend resume a few days later. I'll be keeping an eye on the price and waiting for confirmation of a trend reversal before buying more Steem at these prices. And I've got all my Steem powered up too, I'm in it for the long haul!

Yes, after breakfast I came to steemit and checked the steem price. I love good news early in the morning!