NewSteem Need To Think About Getting Hard Steem Price And Get To The Top

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As the steem community is trying to make sure that they will make steem stronger so it means that they should get more investors buy making the return and the price of the steem more better what i am expecting that the market will be bear for long time and they will have no positive news coming they are just making deals with people that this changes will make steem more better but that sad reality is that the steem will have the same price as it has for now.

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They should be dealing with the time that the price will Go more better so investor will have a chance to think about the steem i know a lots of investors who are going to leave steemit very sooner.

That is All because that the steemit is not promising any hard promise that they will bring more investors to the site as There Own Leader Ned Withdraw steems from his account and sold out all the steems from his account and after that the price is not went upward so what will make the investors interested to join the steemit.

And in the Flag Wars What i Have seen That People Who do not have any skills that people will investigate that post is deserving or not the same old whale Game is start again they have fix community and they are making a vote cycle for themselves like people are doing in whale-shares and Weku.

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Reality :

People who are flagging and searching did they have ever give there free upvotes to the deserving people who are working hard on the posts day and night and making such deserving posts and they get nothing for their post! But just because of jealousy they are giving flags to the Community members.

If someone make 50$ from a big-bot they get flags and by making a whale group i have see many post with More than $50 Worth votes on it and they have no Votes only @smooth had give flag to both bidbot abusers and to the high reward post abusers even the votes are from bid-bots or from whales he like to investigate as he is the old and intelligent member so if he flags so we can understand at least he has some knowledge.

Can Someone explain me why we are giving free flags to those if we had never give any free upvotes to people .

We must have a rules set for the #newsteem that if someone is giving how much percent of flags to the reward pool abusers as they think that they are abusers so they must give random free upvotes to the new random posts by All different users not just the community they make for their vote circulation.

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