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Reality Bites

The Ethereum Blockchain has had this symptom before, and from what I understand, now EOS is growing through some growing pains and it too is battling a case of network congestion.

In the meantime, although not perfect itself, the Steem Blockchain is just chugging along.

Blocktivity.info shows the STEEM Blockchain as the fourth most active blockchain in existence. Ethereum comes in at number 5, with only KIN, TRON and EOS beating out the STEEM Blockchain in terms of blockchain use.
Screen Shot 20191111 at 9.06.50 AM.png

Notice to the far right of this chart the multi-colored gauge shows the Steem Blockchain Utilization Capacity green. This indicates that the Steem Blockchain can endure many more blockchain transactions without even coming close to affecting throughput, or in other words, causing network congestion, such as what EOS is currently going through.

Steemian @vroh04 posted this 13 hours ago.....
EOS Congestion


+++ @streetstyle

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Hi @streetstyle

I am pleased to tell you that my team in Norway wants SPUD to reach new heights

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What? WoW!!! I just finalized my ideas for the next #spud8 memes for the posts and with this great news I will have to do. A #spud very soon. Will work on it ASAP! Thank you so much for this support Team @xpilar

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Nice to surprise you @streetstyle, should say hello from the Team in Norway.
They are very happy about the job you do with SPUD 👍🙂

Buena informacion amigo,y esos carros antiguos que hermosos y el tren ,espero subir a un tren algun dia,porque me da miedo jajaja temo mucho al peligro,saludos

Big ol facts!

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community need to utilize steem projects more and more


It is happening more and more @prameshtyagi for example Splinterlands formally @steemmonsters and many more other successful Steem dapps. Take care.

I definitely feel this developments could being us a big leap in growth and also when it comes to adoption

I tried to withdraw eth to my online wallet service but it has a very big fee, cutting off 1/3 of the amount that I wanted to withdraw @streetstyle
So I just sold it for XRP where the charges are very minimal and then withdrew it to my online wallet where I am converting it to fiat.
So that is what I will do next Good-willing because of the fees.


Hey buddy, I just sent you 25 from the #steemlove post and i also added 5 Steem Basic Income units. Take care my friend.


Hi Sir I truly appreciate it. May God bless you Sir @streetstyle :D


That is another thing that isn't taken into account by many.... the fees. What exchange do you use @cryptopie ?

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If Steem is superior then why did @dan leave it to make EOS and then why do other crypto communities seem to bash it ?

Then why the frack is it low in price compared to other inferior coins?

These are the disturbing thoughts gnawing at my brain...


@darthnava Herds sometimes stampede, usually for irrational reasons, sometimes leading them to run off cliffs and die. It makes no sense but it does happen.

I also find it ironic how many cryptos have used the Steem Blockchain to announce their projects. Obviously with after 2017 this has slowed down, but the Steem Blockchain is still an important place for distributing crypto news and updates to the crypto-community.
And as I said the Steem Blockchain is not without its faults, especially when I think of the last major hardfork and how that went. Nonetheless, the Steem Blockchain throughput is one of the best in the crypto-world and it is truly undervalued.
As for the price, I say the Whale manipulators have taken their plunder from the Steem Blockchain and placed it elsewhere where they believe higher gains are to be found. Should the Steem Blockchain fallback into the graces of the Whales, say by maybe increasing Steem Power Hodlr returns and maybe say lowering the Power Down time from 13 Weeks to maybe 3 Weeks or something like that. I think these two changes alone could have a significant impact on the Steem Price, but these are long shot hopes and dreams.
Take care @darthanava


Thank you. Steem saved my life so I have to swear loyalty to it out of gratitude.


@darthnava That is truly amazing and it is one of the main reasons I got into blockchain and crypto, especially STEEM. I remember those time, and well what a blessing and also amazing for people around the world to be able to help save a life via a crypto-blockchain. Amazing times.
I know that the Steem Blockchain is helping many lives on the daily, from putting a little food on the table for some, while helping others pay for school. The Steem Blockchain is so under-utilized and valued..... but like a diamond in the rough, the Steem Blockchain, it persists!
Take care and have a beautiful day!!

well the fight to be at the top should be interesting in crypto