Bought 17 Steem at $0.70 now at $2.57, TO THE MOON!!

5년 전

A Small Profit

Steemit and Steem have been good to me, about a month ago i signed up and bought 17 steem for about $12. And now it worth about $43 seems very small but earning money on steemit and that is netting me a small profit that hope continues to go up STEEM to the moon!

What the Future holds

I hope that STEEM can reach that to the moon status at 10 or even 100 dollars and hope that this website will continue to grow as much as possible. I mean look at the steemit post by @stephenkendal [Yesterday saw a jaw dropping 8,892 Blogs published on STEEMIT.]( Great post by the way! So i we can see steemit is grow fast and at this rate, it only a matter of time until the moon!

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