Do You Still care about steem? If yes. Vote For Steem Now and The Time is Only 2 Days Left

3년 전
Hello, steemit friend.

Today, the deadline for vote steem on a website is only 2 days and 15 hours left. You claim to be steem users, but you ignore this precious moment. If you don't vote for it, that's really outrageous. All this time you have eaten from steem, and provided for your family and the cost of living from steem, which lies in your human mind if you ignore this small task and important moment.


Do you know? right now, Steem needs you to keep the steem ecosystem growing. So don't ignore this, let's hurry to vote for steem. If you still want the ecosystem to grow big, then take the time to vote for steem.

If you still want the ecosystem to grow big, then take the time to vote for steem. This is still referring to several posts that have been released by @horpey. You can also see for yourself all the updates in @ oracle-d's account and the owner's official post steem blockchain @ned scott previously posted about this. As if @ned said: Today, steem needs you.

Here I invite you to vote steem because your voice and your e-mail are needed by steem at this time. Are you still silent without doing anything for steem, is there still a sense of caring and empathy for steem, you still want steem prices to skyrocket towards the moon like the previous year.

If you are a human who has a conscience and cares for steem, you will do this. But on the contrary, if you are only someone who only wants dollars (income), you will not care about small tasks like, you prefer to your own interests. How inhumane we are if we don't support steem at this time, we don't vote for steem.

The step to vote is very easy

Click here: You only need an email address. You only need an email address. Enter your e-mail and vote, send confirmation and go to e-mail, then open your e-mail and confirm.



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