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"Why would anyone keep buying the stock of a company that is making less?"

This is a rhetorical question from my friend last night, but this is common these days as there are profit warnings all over the markets yet, the stock prices keep driving upward. He is now in mostly cash as he awaits the fall and hopes to pick up investments discounted 40 - 60 percent.

He doesn't invest into crypto - too volatile. He turned up his nose at 3500 bitcoin a few short months ago. It is good though, he invests where he is comfortable investing and he knows himself well enough.

One thing that people don't necessarily realise when investing into Steem however is that it is very stable - no matter how volatile it is against BTC or fiat.

The vested draw on the pool is the vested draw on the pool and it is relative to all the other vested Steem making withdrawals.

I was commenting on @edicted's post the other day about curation with something I find interesting. And something that those who will downvote in the future have to consider. Price.

For example, @theycallmedan posted about checking posts over 200 dollar payout to see if it adds value. At 33 cent Steem, that is 600 Steem.

But, if Steem was 66 cents, it would be 300 Steem. And if Steem was 6.60, it would be 30 Steem. This has to be considered later as there could be hundreds of posts over 200 dollars every week, and that would be a great thing for Steem and hopefully there will be some Steem stars earning even more.

High Steem price means that vote values will go up and 200 dollars on a post is much less in Steem terms than it is now, which means, many at 6.60, 20x more posts could have 200 dollars on them and take the same amount from the pool.

People scoff at the stern they earn now but if (when in my view) Steem goes to 19 dollars, those little bits of Steen are going to be adding up very fast and, they are going to get much harder for most people to get as competition increased through onboarding and, people start to be more sensitive at what price they support. 200 dollar memes? Well at 10 dollar Steem that is 20 Steem worth, currently about a 6 dollar payout worth.

The thing is, it takes the same amount of Stake to add 1 dollar now or 20 dollars in a future of 6.60 Steem because, Steem is stable. It is the vests that people need to consider.

What does affect it though is like I said, how much is drawing from the pool. The more stake powered down, the less draw on the pool through voting and on the interest factors. This means that there is in essence a less diluted pool of resources.

It is difficult to think about things in terms of Steem because we are conditioned to see it in dollars and, when checking the value, we compare it to dollars or bitcoin. It is funny though because when we get a raise at work, we don't translate it into another currency, we look at the percentage difference from the previous point.

If I earn 1000€ a month and get a 5% payrise, how much additional Bitcoin do I get?

Doesn't tend to be calculated that way does it, but it is how we tend to look at Steem earnings.

Over the last 2 years, I have been more concerned about my percentage changes in Steem and not the value of my wallet. I do this because I believe that the price value will come in time, and I still will hold the majority because it gives me access to the pool, investing, supporting and who knows what else in time.

I have been working very hard over the 2.5 years and I have been investing heavily in relative to my real world earnings. I think at the ATH in January 2018 I had 19,000 Steem. At Steemfest3 in Krakow I had 26,000 and now, I am closing in on 50,000 and hope to get to Orca soon.

Other than the voting values on the posts and the way people change voting behaviour with shifting price, price itself is irrelevant because I am not earning USD, I am earning Steem.

Of course when it comes to tying Steem to other life economies, price will be important to some extent, but from a Steem economy perspective, it will be decreasingly so. No one goes into Reddit and calculates their points value in USD because, they have no paring - but they do have utility on Reddit.

Price is of course important when buying and selling Steem though and of course, but low and sell high. The potentially smartest however will buy low and never sell. Well, never sell their principal draw on the pool. Instead, if price increases significantly they will be able to use that draw to not only reward others and help them live life, but live off liquids without having to sell capital.

How much Steem is needed to live off it? Well that depends. But if someone needed 100 dollars a day, that is about 350 Steem a day right now. At 10 dollar Steem, that same amount required 10 Steem. If someone is earning 2 Steem currently - that is 60 cents a day. But if held and if Steem goes to 10, that is 20 dollars a day earning, 600 dollars a month. Not bad depending on where you live and a pretty good income stream no matter where you live.

The average yearly salary in Finland is about 35,000€, add 2 steem a day to it and at 10 dollars, that is a 20 percent pay rise. What would i have to do to get an extra 20 percent a year in my work?

It is interesting when people talk about the EIP taking earnings from authors because at the moment and at these prices, pretty much no one can live off Steem, but if the changes and SPS do their job, many, many more will be able to be supported in many, many more ways.

But remember, it still takes stake in the pool to distribute a vote of any kind of Steen value, which is why those who are looking long don't mind low prices and, enjoy the earnings as others sell their stake.

In time, it will click and people will recognize the answer to my friends rhetorical question and, start moving their value to where value can be tracked and be earned upon stably and sustainably. The lore that do, the higher the prices go, and the harder it is to earn.

Earning shouldn't be easy because if it is, the value of what is earned decreases.

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At Steemfest3 in Krakow I had 26,000

Really..?, I noticed you sometime in the middle of 2018 and thought', 'this dude has an enormous vote'.., and now I find myself well past that figure and that enormous vote for me never materialised.

You remember at SF3 the price was loitering around 90c or so? One day.... one day....


Yep, it was around 80 cents. I also had a delegation from very kind Steemian which helped a great deal for the vote value. But at the ATH, I think my vote value was around 8 dollars with 19,000 :D Not bad at all.


I find it very difficult to see how steem would be worth $8 unless our user base expanded greatly. By that Same account, there is a lot of liquid steem right now that no one wants and people aren't willing to buy.

When the next stats come out for how much steem was taken off exchanges then we'll have a better understanding of the sentiment.

and then you have people that own xxxxxxxx amount of steem and doing stupid shit to maximize "roi". they don't believe steem can be 10$. or they just think it is impossible to live with 400-1000$ a day...

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Greed knows no bounds but in the end, there will be far fewer of them than there are of others. Bill gates is a billionaire who will never run out of funds - Microsoft employees 134,000 people globally - the money he (and others involved) has generated has been absolutely enormous over the last 40 years - is he a maximizer? Perhaps. But those 134,000 make decent livings too, not to mention all the spin off services from Microsoft over the years.

At some point, screw the maximizers, build a full economy.

Pretty sure back in the day, Bill wasn't looking to maximize the money in his pocket though.


idk you are most probably right.
he most probably did not take all the money for himself, he was probably not paying himself all the earnings because it is his firm and he deserves it. he probably first invested to the firm to make it better.
or maybe is just this few shitty days getting me...

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Don't let it all get to you, changes come and go - things climb and decline - lots of things to come still. Good and bad.

Well said overall but at the end it’s quite accurate, if it was easy then the value would be in the toilet.

I think the Steem chain is just preparing itself for when things take off in the future. There’s multiple front ends, mobile apps, games and all kinds of development going on in relation to it. Holding Steem is tough in liquid form but I’ve purchased a few times and haven’t cashed out a single one, only exchanged SBD for Steem to then power up and increase my stake.

I think with more people getting introduced to the environment, it gains a lot of traction in retention. I know there’s a fairly substantial learning curve but thankfully we have the advent of things like Steem connect keychain that makes your key much easier to enter (security risks given of course, but that’s another topic). These will help increase retention as well when people realize they can store the info in a keychain.

I hadn’t thought of the stability in the manner you spoke, but it makes sense. There is a relatively steady drain on the reward pool and that makes it less volatile when you stop considering USD values. The posts in USD values are kind of annoying but I get why they are there to attract outsiders who visit the site off a search engine so I can’t complain too much.


Holding Steem is tough in liquid form

Much easier when here is a vote value to back it. While a current 1000 SP has vote of 0.016 cents, at 8 dollar steem it is 38 cents. 3,80 to distribute in tips and earn some back on a day isn't too bad I think and makes the steem game a lot more fun. But to have that, you need 1000 Steem. Currently that is about 300 Dollars worth. Thhat means in curation alone, the investment at 8 dollar Steem would be paid off completely in 187 days. Then factor in earnings on posts, comments, pal, leo etc and that shortens he frame again. And - eternal tipping as long as it is powered up.

I know there’s a fairly substantial learning curve but thankfully we have the advent of things like Steem connect keychain that makes your key much easier to enter

I think that perhaps at some point, front ends will offer more account management services in various forms as it will lower the curve a lot. we have to understand that for most people, they don't see the problems with the centralized platforms now and will uptake on similar.

The posts in USD values are kind of annoying but I get why they are there to attract outsiders who visit the site off a search engine so I can’t complain too much.

There has been talk of moving it to Steem earnings only but that has other issues too, as you pointed out with people finding Steem from search engines.

lot of folks don't get that the lower the price is the more we get from our posts relative to what values we see when the price goes up. now is a great time to accumulate.


It is a great time and you are right, most people don't actually understand much about vests, just the payout figures they see.

On some level I know I thought about the exact same reasons to be content with accumulating Steem and the power that goes with it without comparing it to other currencies. Vest the vests :)


Vests and Waitcoats. =D

I'm in a dilemma right now...Do I push toward Orca status or buy 0.5 of a BTC. That BTC wouldn't work for me tho, just go up and down in value. Owning a stake in a blockchain is so powerful!

Diversification doesn't hurt, but neither does being a orca lol


I have a similar dilemma except, with less money involved :D

I am pushing toward orca though and have very little diversity so wouldn'y mind a little spread.


Well since you're so close to orca, might as well just hit that and then go from there lol I always play the game, "if I buy x amount of Steem and it goes to $1, how much will BTC have to rise".

Even though BTC will most likely rise first, a lot of times, what ever the amount I would earn doesn't out weigh the upside of aquiring stake this early on ya know?


Soe people try for the double run and ride BTC up and then switch it over to the laggers like steem. Doesn't always work.


I suspect that's whats happening now, even with many of the whales who are selling.

No way you own that much stake and not realize/ are consumed with the power it comes with lol

You only need about 1500 SP to become orca... I predict it will happen by the end of the summer for sure.

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I might power a little up sooner, don't know yet :)

price itself is irrelevant because I am not earning USD, I am earning Steem.


I would actually love to see the price of Steem drop so I can rid myself of some more near-worthless fiat and acquire more Steem which in my opinion has inherent value compared to fiat which is really just a debt instrument.

My government touts the USD as backed by “the full faith and credit of the United States” which rings rather hollow since the government is $22,000,000,000,000 in debt.


I would actually love to see the price of Steem drop so I can rid myself of some more near-worthless fiat and acquire more Steem which in my opinion has inherent value compared to fiat which is really just a debt instrument.

I am hoping to get a little more soon.

But Trump doesn't like crypto.... :D

Greetings, my friend!
Good job...

Your article is very interesting


I agree that investing in Steem right now is simply getting it at a discounted price! It’s going to return to $9, $10, and even go higher!


If the people complaining about their steem earnings are comparing to their jobs I think they’re comparing to the wrong things maybe 🤣

Your closing line: see steem engine token drops as a good example of that? 😆

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