Vote for Steem to get listed on Netcoins - so easy

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The more exchanges Steem can get listed on the better and this is an easy way to get Steem int the eyeline of both exchanges and other users as the higher up the lists it goes, the more visibility the name gets. As you can see, there are only 1599 vote so far but, I am pretty sure that we can do a fair bit better than that.

Here is the link:

@acidyo posted just over half an hour ago and since then around 70 more votes have been cast which is great and hopefully more will follow in the coming hours due to his follower support. I have a fair few followers myself so hopefully I can add to it with a few more.

One of the benefits we should have in these kinds of exchange vote competitions is that we are a social network that should be able to spread the word relatively effectively but, that does take resteems and posts in order to do so. @Oracle-D is supporting this initiative with votes if you comply with their rules that can be found here. There is more to it than getting support from them though.

The more exchanges Steem gets listed on the more potential for buying pressure as well as speculation and as that happens, the more visibility gets shone onto Steem. This is going to be imprtant the further we move forward and if we can get these things to align with Hivemind and SMTs, there is more opportunity for Steem to grow and we should all want that to happen.

This only takes a minute or two to do with an email and a confirmation through it and it is possible to vote every 24 hours so, please do. Spread the word and do a little voting for the good of Steem.

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good idea,

I cast my vote:

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 13.24.13.png

The question is now if we can beat the rest and become nr 1 for the free listing

Once your first vote has been registered you can then vote again every 24 hours. It looks like after the first vote is placed all additional votes do not require you receiving an e-mail to confirm. There is a clock right next to Steem Logo and it starts to wind down immediately following your vote.
So, we all need to vote every 24 hours.


That's the plan. We should be able to drive the count up pretty quickly from here with a concerted effort.

Greetings, @tarazkp. Done, i think (when it says "you're in!" it means the vote or nomination has been processed, right?).


After you confirm through your email it should look like the screenshot I posted (second picture)


Right, i did, but something weird happened (unless that's a generic name to hide identity of voters). I went to my email, pressed the confirmation link and then it showed 1641 votes but my name was not there, it said "Jeff". Sorry I can't provide a capture of that. I'´ll try to get one with another phone.


It is okay. Jeff is on all of them. Jeff is famous :D


Ok. That's good to know. I'll post the promo in spanish

My second voting.


Excellent! I will go through and upvote all of these later :)


OK. That is cool @tarazkp. Thanks for the support.

Do people have to have a steem account to store it off exchange? Are there external wallets? Just seems weird that you could want to buy a bunch of coins and then have wait two weeks to be approved...


I have no idea.

Can't believe we aren't winning this as of yet


Yep. me either but people aren't as motivated as they would appear in comments sections ;)

Thank you @tarazkp for your valuable participation. Cheers!


no problem. I hope the campaign will pick up some more speed :)

  ·  2년 전

Gooo Vooote!

The other interesting fact of this exchange is their focus on merchant payments which would be a great option for Steem to be deployed outside the ecosystem. It also provides those seeking to be entrepreneurs here with options for their business operations needs. I have voted and set alarms to vote every 24 hours!

yes i voted


every 24 hours vote again :)

I just voted! I agree, we need to make Steem available in as many ways as possible!

I've been pretty focused on real life events these days, and only today found out about this challenge we have. I've voted of course and will keep doing that every day until the contest is over. Hopefully we'll get 1st place.

Great work guys. Hopefully we can get STEEM to that number 1 spot. I decided to both vote and blog for this one as well as offer some incentive to get some people to make the effort. With the community on here we should definitely be able to get there.

Waiting to go again today.


Yeah I should have mentioned some votes at least but I will vote on the comments later . Let's see what we can get organised in the next few days :)


For me it's just to try and get people to make that little bit of effort. Surely with the amount of active steemians on here we can do a bit better.

There are some big users getting behind it now but we only have 1700 votes after 3 days and and the top coin is on 3500. We should be pushing for every opportunity like this that comes along for all the reasons that you have outlined in you post.

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I've been voting for two days. This is my vote today and also make a post for more people to join.