Are STEEM, SBD, SteemPower considered security token?



This is a declined payout post! I am thinking to invest (heavily) in STEEM again and just like to know from the community or even better from @steemit itself if one or all of the assets (STEEM, SBD, SteemPower) are considered security token by the SEC and if Steemit.Inc has taken any action on legal side to prepare for a possible review by the SEC?

Also if one / all of the assets are security token, what would be the implications since usually there is a hefty fine from the SEC if not properly registered.

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Sorry I can't be of help with the answer personally but I upvoted and resteemed so more eyeballs will see this post. Hopefully someone here convinces you that it's a great community to invest in. Your timing would be well placed (just my opinion of course), since Steem is at historic lows. I've been here since the early days, and while we've had our ups and downs, I still firmly believe in the potential of the Steem ecosystem. The value is clear for me, no gatekeepers for whatever you want to broadcast to the world except the marketplace itself, and trolling is strongly disincentivized. You get paid based on your merit, as determined by the audience and no one else. I've never found that anywhere else and I believe it has revolutionary and disruptive potential.

Since there was no ICO, the odds of any of the above being a security token seem pretty low to me (especially SP and SBD), though it would be better to hear from them (the SEC) directly.

Resteemed to get some discussion going and possibly get some input from Steemit,Inc.


I am no expert and can be wrong here but I think it is not only about ICO. If a coin generates income (e.g staked and lent SP) than that need to be registered with the SEC as well? An official statement from Steemit.Inc would certainly help.


Yes that can be part of it, though there does seem to be some grey area because that "income" is more cryptocurrency (as opposed to fiat money) and some of it is locked up for 13 weeks (SP). There are arguments that both support and refute the above as security tokens when using/applying the Howey Test. It would be great to have Steemit,Inc chime in.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have both been deemed not securities and Ethereum is moving to POS as well...

till now as per the news that has been coming from quite a long time steem has nothing to worry about in that scenario