All Is Well With STEEM: Ignore Price Action: This Blockchain Is On Fire!!!

4년 전

Are you nervous about the recent price action? Is it upsetting to look at a site like and see all red numbers? Does STEEM dropping below $4 concern you?

If you answer yes, my question is why?

There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. All is well.

How can I say this knowing I lost close to $100K in a matter of a few days?


Say that 100 times until it is memorized. If you cannot memorize it, tattoo it to your forehead.

The only people who need to concern themselves with pricing action are traders. Unless you are looking at entry and exit points for swing trades, do not worry about it. Yes, adding to positions can be a smart idea so a pullback like this is a blessing. Other than that, ignore price action since it means nothing.

Markets go up and they go down. Traders often operate based upon a herd mentality which is great for creating trends yet is rarely based in logic. The price of a token and the viability of a blockchain are two completely different things.

Let us use Bitconnect as an example. For those who are unaware, that ponzi scheme threw in the towel yesterday. Not long ago it was trading over $400 in spite of being a ponzi scheme. The last I looked, it is at around $30. So what changed to cause the $370 drop? Nothing. It was a ponzi scheme at $400 as it is at $30. The only difference is that it is out in the open and the powers that were in that deal are running for cover.

This epitomized how price action does not matter.

STEEM is one of the best blockchains out there. So let me ask you, are you afraid of STEEM going down to next to nothing? How could that happen to one of the best blockchains out there? The only way is if blockchain as a technology was scrapped.

At times like this it is best to ponder what is really important. To me, STEEM is an opportunity of a lifetime. This blockchain is leading the charge into the Era of Cryptocurrency 2.0. For those who are unaware what that means, it is a way of designating coins that are acquired via their utility as opposed to purchase (Cryptocurrency 1.0). When I mention this, I always use the disclaimer that I am not stating 2.0 is better than the other and that those tokens should be dumped. Basically, this stems from the idea that 95% of the population will never buy a cryptocurrency in their lives yet we are heading towards a tokenized world. Cryptocurrency 2.0 bridges the gap.

STEEM is the leader of the pack. This blockchain has more activity on it than any other one while not being stressed at all. We all know bitcoin and ethereum cannot make that claim. In the not too distant future, we will see Hard Fork 20 which will give us automated sign ups and a reduction in STEEM. At some point, we are also going to see the communities feature added to Steemit. And of course, I would be remiss without mentioning Smart Media Tokens which are going to have an amazing impact.

Did you notice how people were still posting, commenting, and upvoting while prices fell? I am going to surmise that the developers kept hacking away at their computers designing whatever it is they are working on. The Google bot kept running around scouring the keywords on Steemit. And, to boot, Steemit climbed into the top 500 in the US and top 1300 globally while the marketcap of STEEM was cut by 40%.

In other words, for the blockchain, it was business as usual. Nothing changed. This is the message I want to convey. If you were looking to cash out of your STEEM by this Friday, the action of late hurt you. However, if you are going to hang around to at least the end of the year, this is just another January day.

Embrace the idea of abundance. You are fearful because you believe in scarcity. What is Are you kidding? We are entering a time when cryptocurrencies will take over. There is plenty of money being created out of thin air (where money always came from) except, this time, it is not the banksters creating it. That is what is going to change the world.

Therefore, instead of freaking out about nothing because you still believe in scarcity, start to live the abundance mindset. Your SP will be worth more than you ever could have imagined. You are on a blockchain that is very fast, can handle millions of transactions a minute, and has no fees. Couple that with a rock solid community that, for the most part, is dedicating themselves to helping out humanity, and you can see there is nothing to fear.

I will make you one promise: over the next 5 years we will see a situation form where everyone is earning some type of basic income through the use of tokens. STEEM is going to be one of those tokens that many people will have coming in each month. Those of us here, we are in the 1%. Everyone who follows is going to only force the price higher meaning our present SP is going to be worth more....a lot more.

Remember these days when the price of STEEM is so high that even someone with 100 SP is considered rich in most parts of the world.

I foresee that day just will not be by this Friday.

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My husband is a bottom line kind of a guy. He asks me daily, "what's steem doing today?" For a few weeks, I would pacify his general curiosity with the price of steem and sbd's, as well as what my steemit wallet showed as the value.

But after watching the numbers go up and down in real time, I became frustrated and frazzled. So I stopped. To be honest, if it weren't for my husband asking every day, I doubt I would even open up the website url's for coinmarketcap or coingecko to see the numbers.

It can be addicting, I will admit that; but I am on steemit for long-term, with no signs of slowing down. So if the price of steem and sbd keep playing the see-saw game, then so be it. What it is valued right now, will change in the next second.

Since I have NOT invested a penny of our own money into steem or sbd, I feel as though what is in my wallet and what I have earned is of no loss to me as the market and pricing fluctuates; as the money there is earned.

Price goes UP- YAY!
Price goes DOWN- wait a few minutes it wil probably change


Agreed @goldendawne I am so new with literally no SP or Steem so I am in a building phase so it can go up and down I am still learning!


That is a good way to be. Check back in about 6 months to see what is going on. That is the only approach.

Cryptos are volatile. There is no way around it. If one gets caught up in the up and down of the price action, one will go nuts.

That is why bankrolling the SP is the right thing...let it build up, maybe add while the price is down if one can, and keep posting.

Over time, the price will adjust...the market will correct.

We all need to focus upon doing our part to make the steem blockchain as powerful as we can.


Over time, the price will adjust...the market will correct.

We all need to focus upon doing our part to make the steem blockchain as powerful as we can.

Yes I completely agree. It will all balance out and stabilize I believe.


Since I have NOT invested a penny of our own money into steem or sbd, I feel as though what is in my wallet and what I have earned is of no loss to me as the market and pricing fluctuates; as the money there is earned.

You have nothing to worry about then. This is all play to you. That's a good way to look at risk. Some of these cryptocurrencies tip people sometimes. That's all play too!!!


Yeah my husband is curious about the ups and downs too, and its totallly my fault because at the start of my steem life I was cashing out my sbds. Now I've learned it'll be better for me and for everyone if I keep powering up instead. Still a little confused as to whether I should buy steem with my sbd now or wait til sbd is higher... Anyone care to weigh in?

And, to boot, Steemit climbed into the top 500 in the US and top 1300 globally while the marketcap of STEEM was cut by 40%.

Every time I check out the stats at Block’tivity, the evil smile on my face gets bigger.

Would love to have you write a post about the big @steemit power down. I think I only scratched the surface:


I would comment but I have no idea what is going on...I am as lost as everyone else.

You covered it extremely well. Follow the money....however where does it lead us.

I surmise a lot of it is going to support the other apps so they can make a move like D.Tube is making. Imagine having 3 or 4 apps breaking into the top 2000 sites around the world. We have one and D.Tube is advancing each day by huge numbers.

I think we can cross the idea that @ned etal are cashing appears there is a plan to use this SP to help things grow.

I did read one guy comment that he thought it was going to help those apps power up to fight off spam.

All speculation at this point.

I love the idea of 500sp being life changing. That's an attainable target for people to aim for. My next target is 1000sp! Life changing for 2!


If we get to $200 or $300, then the math adds really is not going to take too much for this blockchain to advance to the forefront. If Steemit, being the flagship app on here, can keep advancing with the members putting more on it, then we will be fine. At least temporarily, the STEEM and Steemit are linked together for most people....yet with D.Tube coming on strong, things could change.


I have only used dtube a bit. Honest opinion - its too slow for my internet connection, but for a brand new application it seems to be preforming amazingly well. I am sure it will get faster as time goes on.


For someone like me whose first dealing with crypto was steem, I definitely needed those encouraging words leaping out of the page at me... Because price actions does not matter. Thank you for sharing this post.

It always surprises me how many people get caught panic selling when a market falls. It's just a pullback, and even if Bitcoin crashes and takes all the alt coins down with it, as long as you believe in the fundamentals, and that the coin(s) you're invested in have a future, there's no need to trade. Just hold and wait for the market to climb again.

You should see the current pullback as a blessing - a chance to buy at a discount. And even if we go into a bear market for a while, as long as you believe in a coin/project (like Steemit), keep buying into the falling market.

Any idiot can make a little money in a rising market, but it's in the dips, pullbacks and bear markets where fortunes are made. This is true of stocks, real estate, and crypto. So hold tight and invest, don't trade.

Great post, as ever @taskmaster4450, thank you.

  ·  4년 전

Well, my vote can't even beat a bot. Shame on me.


Thanks for upvoting @oups. There's something I can't work out about upvoting/steem power. I've been here 2 days, so no curation rewards through yet, but powered up $13SP today. The first post I upvoted, post total went up $1.40, which is what I'd expect, but this post (my second) only increased the $ earned figure by $0.01 - for my 2nd upvote of day, and I had >98% Voting power. Is this something to do with bots, and how long after posted? And your upvote only gave $0.01 and you have more $SP than me! Confused

As for keeping on posting on Steemit, I can see I'll probably get disheartened too, but I know that consistency is rewarded in long-term (and good content), so I'll persevere (I hope)...thanks again!

The fact that everything dropped in unison clearly indicates herd and hair cut for recent run-up... it's all phases, now we can go back to have the market differentiate individual cryptos again, it all takes time

I am actually writing an article on BitConnect and on how people perceive this kinds of technology myself, so this goes right there to what I think as well.

You know there are those public portfolios in crypto compare where people can see your investment and return... Well, I have one of those... my father sees it often, it is one of his main joys in the day as he is an old man that is in love with this future world and is starting to learn crypto.

He saw that I lost more than a month's salary for many people in less than 15 hours... so he was worrried and called me.

....but those aren't losses... those are "paper numbers"... it is down now, but it will not stick.... plus I didnt sell, so what did I lose? I don't even care!


While I don't care much for Warren Buffet or the rest of his bankster ilk, one thing he has said applies here. This isn't an exact quote but it boils down to, "Invest in something that you are confident you won't have to check up on every day. Invest in something you are sure you will be happy with if you only check on it once a year."

Either you believe in Steem and the ideas behind it or you don't. If you are just a speculator that is fine. Me?

I'm a Steem Believer.


Image Source

I am not a Trump fan, it is just a funny gif.

Thanks for the post.

Keep Steeming!

Absolutely. My faith in the projects I've invested in hasn't wavered amidst an admittedly large correction. These things happen, and a lot of the time, they're actually healthy in the long term. My strategy throughout this dip has been to not check my portfolio. What's the point? It's easy to be consumed by red candles and -% everywhere. Instead, I set up some alerts yesterday that would notify when each project returns to a level within which I may wish to look at the market again.

For now, I'm continuing to research new projects, learning more about TA, reading great content on Steemit, and enjoying some time away from the numbers!


That is a great attitude @philnewton.

Personally, I just keep on posting, commenting, and upvoting on here....making Steemit as big as we can is what each person on here should focus upon. With even 100K contributing daily in different areas, this place will really grow quickly.

The problem for people in crypto world is that they are immediatist... if they see that money going down for any reason they panic. You see the same when the price goes up? Of course not! That is a huge problem that we will just fix by the pass of time. Just the minority part of people see in the long term. Thanks for sharing @taskmaster4450


I dont think that is just in the crypto world...we see the same behavior in the stock market.

Of course, there you do not see 20% drops on a regular basis so the numbers scare people more here.


Yeah, in the stock market we have that too, but not with that voracity that we can see in cryptos.
But I don't see that with eyes of judge, since this market is new and the to maturate more, but until that, we will see a lot of people running away creating bearish markets and a lot of FUD and FOMO.

Yeah exactly, it doesn't matter how much the prices go down, the blockchain still operates as usual and nothing really changes. You are only losing money if you sell. It's just that a lot of new people never saw such downfall in prices and now they begin to panic that this is the end of all cryptos. Pff, it's happening all the time. That's how cryptos are. I think there's nothing to worry about when the future is going to bring as a lot of excitement!


I agree with you @trendo. I think some of the new people are Wall Street. This is a new animal to them and the moves are astounding if you come from the stock world.

I still feel too many are not up on the technological side of the equation which makes them nervous. It is like they have a Ferrari engine under the hood of their Pinto yet they do not realize it. Blockchain is the most powerful, disruptive technology I can find with the exception of quantum computing. The next 10 years, this one technology will be at the center of almost all transactions.

That is powerful.

While I believe in blockchain technology, I still think that 90% of the coins out there right now will fail. And at some point in the future - 10 years, 20 years? We'll have just a handful of circulating coins worth anything substantial. As the market matures we're almost certain to see leaders emerge in each use case for the blockchain. And that's why I'm behind Steem. I'm certain it will be one of the coins that survives and thrives, because it is the leader in its use case, as well as leading in speed, scalability and the lack of transaction fees. And of course the core group of users who continue to improve the use case for Steem. We have nothing to fear, even in the face of yesterday's drop in the price of Steem and SBD. That was nothing to do with Steem and SBD, and soon price will rebound as the markets calm.

the steem blockchain is the most versatile blockchain existing right now and iincomparable to jone,i am confident that the price will reach $50 or more this year as for the ponzi schemme bitconnect, it was always doomed to fail coz thats how ponzi scheme are, its a good thing this happened now so a lot of people will learn, the lending currencies had had a lot of hype and popularity as people are swayed by their psuedo success.


I agree...get the black eye out of the way early.

Of course, it most likely wont be the last.....there will be more scams...that is how things are..

That said, STEEM is not a scam and there is a lot going for it. Over the next 6 months, we are going to see many advancements that could put this in the top 10.

I could not agree more. The price action is irrelevant when there is such a strong, dedicated community behind Steem. It is clear that Steem is here to stay, I mean it's not like we're going anywhere!

People need to stop worrying about the price of a cryptocurrency and start looking at the utility it provides and the community behind it.

Glad to see that we have similar viewpoints on this!


Utility is going to be a very important word going forward. People bought cryptocurrencies for the price speculation....however, we are getting to a point where what the blockchain does is a very important question.

By the way, I am reading the post on are like me, you can get wordy lol.


I completely agree. It is here to stay, and I know for example in my country we have a Blockchain association of Ireland, which is important for decision making.

Thank you! My new one about Storj is up, quite wordy again - I love sharing my knoweldge about cryptocurrencies!

  ·  4년 전

I came to this platform to share ideas. The cryptocurrency is just a bonus for me. I don't actually 'need' it because my needs are already met through my efforts to live off grid, grow our own food, etc. So that means if this cryptocurrency tanks, I'm still going to be okay. I doubt very much that it will as it is building up steam building steem. My message is getting out to more people here than facebook. I get more views and interactions with 200 people than I got with over 2000 on facebook. That is why I am here. Delegating my steem to help others increase their influence was a natural progression for me once I saw the idea being expressed by FTG. In the long term, if the cryptocurrency does pan out, it will be a gift from Creator and I will use it to finish our domain and setup a world class training facility to help teach people to live the way we do. If it does not work out, then it was not meant to be. However, my heart tells me that this is Creator providing the resources needed to start the training facility. Either way, we are fine.

While I recognize that people depend on steemit to put food on their tables, I would love to see a time where we are no longer dependent and our social structures encourage and support independence and prosperity as much as possible. The steemit blockchain is actually teaching those skills in a very subtle way. As it functions on anarchy, giving and sharing is the way to prosper within this environment. It is completely opposite of the systems we grew up with where it is everyone for themselves. Here, those that give, share, support and encourage are the ones that are doing well. This is teaching people how the new paradigm is going to work. So even if the cost of steem tanks, it matters not. A seed has been planted and is growing within all our hearts. That idea will manifest into the real world and will help people shift from the old paradigm to the new. That is the true value of this platform. That is why I am here. That is why I encourage people to come here!


I want to point out something @taskmaster4450 said:
"Embrace the idea of abundance. You are fearful because you believe in scarcity."
To me that ties in to what you said @wwf, about the systems of everybody for themselves that we've been raised to believe in.
The scarcity mindset so true for me. Something I really need to work on. I am conditioned to be fearful of abundance, because what is the price going to be?
I cashed out the first sbds I started earning because I felt I needed it, and I did buy better food for my family and turned up the oil furnace without reluctance because of the security of the extra income.
But I'm going to buckle back down and grow my account now, and help others sign up and grow their accounts, and so on. Encouraging, supporting, growing, freedom from the scarcity mindset, that's a lot of what Steemit is about, and that brings me so much joy and comfort :)

  ·  4년 전

If at some point you can then use your cryptocurrency to help you remove dependencies, then the prosperity model will then start to flow into the physical realm and impact your lives in a positive way. For us, the earthship is an example of prosperity. During the day we turn off our heat as the sun warms our home. There are times when it is too warm and we are opening the door or windows to let the excess heat out. If we are low on heat, I just fire up my wood stove and I am capable of cooking us out of the house that way too. Prosperity allows us more freedom and flexibility. Your oil burning stove is based on the scarcity model. Your home is designed to hold in as much of the heat as possible because it is really expensive. Our home allows heat to enter and leave as a foundational principle on how earthships / thermal mass homes work. Bravo to you for starting to see the paradigm shift. It may feel weird at times, but it really is cool how it works. Does take a leap of faith and a willingness to learn. Kudos to you my friend.


Your home sounds amazing. We do have a woodstove too but it doesn't heat the whole house to a comfortable level. I do enjoy cooking on it :) Great for soups!
Thank you for the words of encouragement :)

For noobs who started out investing in crypto recently it is definitely difficult to deal with the current losses. I can not imagine how much devastation is happening right now with bitconnect and other cryptos.

I have the same feelings regarding steem and am already planning my next moves to saving enough to garner more steem power. Hopefully it comes to fruition where prices of steem is still affordable to late adopters. Thanks.


What current losses? There are only current losses @mawit07 if one sells.

This is a pullback...albeit a large one. Cryptos do that periodically...then they seem to run after that.

Will that happen this time? I believe reason for the pullback.


The bitconnect is a massive lose. Should have been a bit clearer.

You are right about crypto in general. I am already planning on what to buy next with my little SBD saved. Thanks.

this is nothing. I remember when Steem was worth ten cents and I along with a handful of others were still posting regularly. All the "sane" people had abandoned the platform long ago...Now who looks "sane"?

I have seen several other intelligent people predict huge prices in the future per steem. I, of course really hope those predictions are right!

But we must never forget the responsibility we have now as this community to make a steem a welcoming and positive place. I think we are important for the future success of the steem blockchain, so we need to keep making a steemit a great place for interactions.

I entered Steemit with zero capital and just my wits and my ability to write and I am not afraid of the price fluctuations.

I do trade in Cryptocurrency but not on a daily basis and with Steemit I'm looking at it long term.

So I'll just continue posting, commenting and upvoting. Getting more SBD and powering up and also just holding that SP.

I am believer of Steemit.

I was laughing all day from all the Bitconnect memes running around. It was a ponzi from the start and was bound to drop. Too bad for those that are left hanging though.

If you're in here for the Blockchain Technology, it'll only get better as the team continue grinding away.. But for those who are in here for the short term monetary profits, they're the ones with the heart ache.

Lesson for all: Play the long term game. Blockchain has just only started, and the real profits have yet to be made - so keep playing and reinvesting your attention and resources into the platform (such as powering up) so that you can reap the rewards in the future :)

  ·  4년 전

I'm kinda sleepy, I could only read it through half. Just to not forget what I'll say. I'm not making much from steem, actually it's basically near nothing. But even if I'm a whale that price drop wouldn't bother me. It will be back up eventually, yet my real concern is steem is not the only one in the race. There are others, There will be others and as I saw so far, steem couldn't manage to complete it's development. That economic differenciate for example 1:1 clone of american economy.
Let's say what if pornstars raids here. I already saw many one handed whales, raining $$ into some good looking perfect personality women.
What will happen if a bug/hack happen, etc..
I mean sometimes I feel like steem might be a huge waste of time for most of us.


Hey, I'm newer than you, so not judging you feeling dispondent, but my advice would be to carry on creating, and posting new content. At the same time trying to build a community around you/your content by engaging with other Steemians.

I'm about to start posting my own content and fully expect to get very limited success to begin with. I have no expectations, so I won't be disappointed.

But we're early to the platform. Okay, not as early as some, but 500k-600k users is tiny when compared to other social networks, and it's the early adoptors who can make the biggest impact in the long-term. I'm seeing Steemit as a huge opportunity to build something valuable in the long-term, not the short-term. Yes, it takes hard work and patience, but so does everything else with big rewards.

Keep your chin up :)

  ·  4년 전

chin up :) let's see that your content make me wanna stay and believe in platform.

Now that SBD and STEEM is down. I am going to focus more on building my account so that once the price goes up I can have more control over payout. Is it a good strategy?


The influence you wield on here is based upon SP...which has nothing to do with dollars.....

The conversion only applies when you take money out and convert it to fiat.

Outside of that, SBD and SP are paired on here so powering up happens regardless of what the price of the STEEM is in dollars.

That said, your account will be worth more as the price of STEEM rises.

I love your point and contrast of the price point vs the activity on the blockchain. This is something that I have long considered since I saw a graph of Steemit climbing the ranks of the most popular websites. I also see this in the number of unique visitors and new members. It is only going to grow.

I am slowly moving away from the mainstream social media to Steemit. I'm watching, as never before, a new social media network become mainstream. I am captivated by a currency that is earned by writing rather than mining. This is the most compelling aspect to Steemit and it keeps me coming back.

Your positive message here is inspiring. Write on.

Don't hesitate to price fall lower than $4, it's be obviously happen because this is decentralize and marketing liquidation, it's at the time will stay continue as a level for further time, just stay confidence, don't be hesitate @taskmaster4450


As long as their are people with tens of thousands of Steem, the market won't be stable in the near future.


Ahh! that's happen

@taskmaster4450 I am going to go POWER UP some more STEEM right now to Celebrate what I just read. This was extremely well written and this POST should be re-looked at Over and Over Again whenever you FORGET that you are on the Greatest Block Chain on EARTH !

Very thoughtful post


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!


@ rewardpoolrape what can I say,I can't help it', it's just my nature.

That's a good read, and reassuring. I didn't panic, but lowered my shoulder and pushed on. I agree that something big is going to happen, not based off of numbers, but a feeling. We woke up again here we are on Steemit!

Except for traders or people who want to cash out, I don't see what the big deal is about. Pull back happens all the time.
I actually look forward to them because it means I can buy crypto with fiat at much better prices.

umm right taskmaster we only expect the price go up and up

I've actually been waiting for this crash to come for quite some time (Dec 8). I've written about it three times. I'll be able to buy in to steem soon.

Well said! Steem is about more than trading.

I had a few friends hit me up about the drop, and my best advice was that every market has fluctuations. Yes, its scary, but the long game will see a steady rise. Be patient, stay calm. :)

Everything is going to be , sooner or later , on normal vawes , there is no dying for crypto, or steem or anything , we even dare to say that in the future everything is going to be more likely at even higher standards , not like now , but even now we are pleased with it .

This is very encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I agree. Steemit has so much potential. I am very excited for the future if we all just keep working the rewards will be great

I have seen several other intelligent people predict huge prices in the future per steem. I, of course really hope those predictions are right!

But we must never forget the responsibility we have now as this community to make a steem a welcoming and positive place. I think we are important for the future success of the steem blockchain, so we need to keep making a steemit a great place for interactions.

Thanks for this post which puts the last few days in perspective. STEEM has a lot of good things going for it.

Keep Calm
Steem on!

Thanks for the clear and concise perspective. This helps me to get a better overview of Steem as well as cryptos in general. Upvoted, resteemed and following.

I'm here for a long run. I think now is the best time to invest

this post very nice.i like your every post,,thanks for share..

Thanks a lot for your pot, i like this post. i want your next post sharing us all the best my dear

  ·  4년 전

Good content and quite an interesting read. Thanks for the information and encouragement.

I am in Steemmit for the long term and not for short term gains only.

PRICING ACTION DOES NOT MATTER! PRICING ACTION DOES NOT MATTER! PRICING ACTION DOES NOT MATTER! ....Ten times might not be enough. Will use it as my mantra until further notice. : )

Awesome work! I`ve re-steemed!
All Steemians should support as much as they can
Thank you for your wonderful work 😊😊

Sure, i strongly beleive everything will fall in place.

Am 100% believe in steem bouncing back and take up the lead in the blockchain.
Thanks for this @taskmaster4450

Amazing, I can feel just by reading your words that we are very likeminded! Thankyou and resteemed of course! :-)

i realize your activity.this post is benificial to us.thanks foe sharing..
please carry on.

I have never participated in any thing like Steem before. I'm more interested in the education I am receiving from some really talented people, that I would never have met otherwise. If it goes up fine, I won't reject it. It makes me feel better to not have all my eggs in one basket. The world is changing and I am glad to be able to diversify.

I’m so new I am going to follow you just to learn thank you

Thanks for informative post. You alleviated me about this decreasing in cryptocurrencies. All the best!

i always saw your dtube video

Great article and very inspiring.

People do stuff as usual on Steem despite of the price falling so steep. This alone is amazing, proud to be part of this revolution.

Nice video...
Upvote and resteem done.

I agree with you.Thanks for sharing with us.
Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for the comfort in these tough times! May your words come to realization. Hold on, people.

agree with you! I believe cryptocurrency fall in better situation coming days

i like this post nice one

Nice photos

Steemit has so much potential.
Upvoted and resteemed done

Just learning about steem and blockchain. I got into it because it's anonymous nature and safety :)

I just thought I would post this...It is DTube

Two days ago:


  ·  4년 전

Yes it is going crazy out there but like you say it is totally irrelevant. I would still be here writing and reading even if it cost me. People use facebook and just get to see what someone else had for dinner , no returns in a financial of educational sense. Thanks

I've been using the drop as an opportunity to buy (with my SBD). It'll feel GREAT when things go up again!