July 1: Minnow Uprising Kicks Off

3년 전

We are arriving at the STEEM social experiments called "Minnow Uprising".

This is the idea of having the Minnows and Planktons, because of their sheer numbers, overwhelming the reward pool with their posts. The STEEM reward system is such that 75% of the payout goes to content creators. Hence it is time for these two categories to start posting a lot more content.

I won't go into all the details since most are spelled out in this post.


STEEM has a lot of applications which can be used for posting. In addition to the blogging interfaces, (busy, steemit), there is D.tube, dsound, dmania, zappl, steepshot, actifit, steemhunt, parley.io and dlive. Some of these applications take a while to create content; others not so much.

My suggestion is to use a mixture of tools to get your posts up. The goal is 3-4 a day. Not all have to be blog posts since that is most likely not feasible from a time perspective.

The goal of this initiative is to help the Minnow and Plankton categories grow collectively in SP. We will be using the numbers posted by @arcange in his daily posts. It is all based upon the notion that the number of users can overwhelm the system to take a larger percentage of the pie. This will help to offset some of the deficiency in SP.

Here are a few tools that might be worthy of utilizing:


This is a cloud mining site (minnowsmith.party) that allows people to "mine" SBD. Of course, we can't mine it since we are on a non-mining blockchain but the result is the same. Using your browser and the CPU on your computer, this allows for the mining of XMR which is then converted over to SBD and sent to one's wallet each day.

This will not make anyone rich but it will add a few SP to the smallest of accounts when powered up. I suggest all who are in the Minnow Uprising, if possible, use this service to "mine" for a Plankton. The payout won't have a great deal of effect on a Minnow but, over the course of a month, it could help a Plankton.

The nice part about this is one simply types in the name of the account mining for. Also, the account, @minnowsmith, uses its 10 votes a day to upvote random miners. While the account isn't large in terms of SP, it is another way the project is supporting the smaller accounts.

Again, we are after the collective standing of the smaller accounts. If a hundred or more of us are doing this, we will see some SBD start to flow into accounts.

Tag upvoteplankton

This is another wonderful initiative that came about last week.

All Planktons should post this as one of their tags. Minnows and Dolphins can go through that tag on a daily basis and upvote the content there.

One of the complaints is that people's posts are often not seen. That is true. Here is a way of, perhaps, getting your content in front of some larger voters.

Tag minnowuprising

Like the above tag, this is a "place" where all involved can assemble. Posts that are part of this program can be grouped together. Many complain about circle-voting. Well it is time for the smaller accounts to circle vote.

Posts tagged with this should be supported by other Minnows and Planktons. While each post is not worth a ton, it all adds up.

Use your upvotes

This is not a tool but a central premise of this movement.

Each person needs to use the 10 allotted upvotes (at 100% VP). This is crucial. Self-vote, circle-vote, use curation trails, whatever. The point is to vote, vote and vote.

The power of the numbers will only be a factor if each person uses the allotted voting power on a daily basis. We know the SP is low so it needs to be made up. Many of the larger accounts do not use their votes each day. This is where the smaller accounts can step in and, collectively, take a bigger piece of the pie. This will help the posts that you are upvoting.

@preparedwombat wrote an excellent article about this earlier. It is worth the read.


The main point that I got out of this article is that larger accounts should follow in a similar manner.

This project is a social experiment on STEEM. The reward pool and the way the system operates gets attacked a lot. There are many calls for change. Before we do that, perhaps it is best to see how the system will work under heavier usage. My belief is that the dilution of the reward pool that comes from a few hundred thousand daily posters would grab a far greater share of the new tokens on a daily basis.

The Minnow Uprising is an attempt to see if that hypothesis is true.

Also, it is time for the smaller accounts to dedicate themselves to the blockchain. I am not sure if there will be non-posters who are suddenly motivated to join this project . I hope so. Either way, we are a community and there needs to be more than 2,000 accounts that feel responsibility for it.

One of the benefits that comes out of this is that there might be a some smaller accounts who now are invested into the STEEM blockchain.

A final suggestion: Look at your account as this starts to see where you are and compare to where things end up at the end of the month. Perhaps you will notice a bit of a kick up in your individual account which could help your motivation going forward.

We need all the participants we can get. Our goal should be 10K smaller accounts (Minnow and Plankton) involved. It will take that number to truly overwhelm the system. We should have an idea after a few days if we do see an uptick in the number of posts and votes each day.

Let us all try to make this a raging success.

If you found this article informative, please give it an upvote and a resteem.

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I would also add that resteeming is a very under used tool. If you like something, resteem it. This will put it into the feeds of your followers and give the post you like far more exposure than any upvote can achieve.

Great post @taskmaster4450, upvoted and resteemed!


That is true...resteeming can be effective although over-doing it could upset some followers. Adding a post or two do the daily tally isnt that much....resteeming 20 posts a day can be annoying.


I think it's upto each user to find the right balance for them and their followers.

Sometimes I unfollow people who resteem low quality posts into my feed. As my feed is the main way I browse content on here. It also works the other way too, if a user is resteeming posts I like, I will follow them as they are curating posts that I would not have otherwise seen.

But it's definitely worth experimenting with for most users. As at the moment people are paying for resteem bots to get more exposure. If the community resteemed good posts, it would make it much easier to get more votes, which ties into your steem uprising strategy!

Good initiative @taskmaster4450, now that I'm beginning to blog more often I'll be trying out most interface in my posting. For example it will take me 10 minutes to record a video that would have taken 2hours to compose. So I'll start using dlive and dtube more often. I might not make the number (4 post a day), but I'll try to make at least one a day.

Also, I'll add the two tags to my upvoting routine to see how I can help. Great initiative man.

It is a really interesting social experiment and steemit experiment. I would love to see the many overpower the few. The main issue with the site is the distribution of rewards. If it is as simple as getting more people involved then that is great.
Compared to when you see the one or two big accounts manipulating the system to their advantage having 10k benifit is a much better result.


There is strength in numbers. The question is how many are really going to partake. I hope there is a larger turnout than expected.....you never can tell.

It is a really great initiative, let move forward all together in the same direction!


I agree....let us hope that a lot of people get involved. It would be great to see a ton of posts put up....and people all upvoting each other.

My ability to post is limited now because I'm in @ivanli coding.ivanontech.com academy. Good luck.


That is okay @zoidsoft. I know you are a dedicated Steemian. It is good to see you expanding different projects helping to move them forward.

I am already using the "upvoteplankton" tag. It is a great initiative and it is a rare thing to see on the Steem platform. Haven't found a whale yet to boost me constantly, but I am pretty happy with my progress around here and don't consider a minute spent on the platform as wasted.

Interesting initiative. Is this causing the recent price spike? I haven’t logged in in a while.

Greatest development in here and finds it so interesting will definitely rebroadcast it but I still need to converse with you the more on this @taskmaster4450

Inspiring keep up the good work

Thank you!

You got voted by @votefun thanks to Princess. We are still in early alpha, users can use us to get free upvotes. This is mainly directed towards users of the @cryptowithincin bot. We are in a few discord servers. To get full benefits, you have to be subscribed to @cryptowithincin. To support us, you can delegate to @votefun or just give this comment a upvote.

I must admit I'm still not sure where this experiment will lead to... Will people go for quantity over quality? I hope not. I will definitely follow up and support the quality posts.

I am excited about this and finally July is here!

A little late to the party, but I will be with you people from now on.

Let's rock this.

This is a great idea! It is super helpful and uplifting for new users like myself, thank you @taskmaster4450 for writing and @intothewild for resteeming!

Sounds great. I will be tagging those in my next post. I found this thanks to @k0wsk1. Not sure if I am a minnow or a plankton. I think I would categorize myself more as an egg or a seed. LOL