RE: Steemit Inc Disregarded Their Own Terms And Conditions

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Steemit Inc Disregarded Their Own Terms And Conditions

2년 전

Trust is an important part of human interactions i.e. business investments. Congruence builds trust while incongruence builds distrust.

@andrarchy took responsibility for the incongruence between what they had first written and what they then decided to do without warning anyone.

Ned hasn't admitted to the incongruence.

Trust is a big deal, it's part of any big deal.

If trust keeps getting broken and no one says anything then trust can't be build or rebuild.

I think it's important to work on trust and for this people need to be held accountable for what they say.

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Okay, you are the trust police. Look, I usually like you and agree with you on most topics.

In my opinion you are way out of line here.