Steemit Discussions Are More Friendly And Respectful Than On Reddit

4년 전

I have noticed that discussions on Steemit are generally more friendly and respectable than on reddit or most anywhere else on the internet. This is perhaps related to the fact that we benefit from having other Steemians like us. The rest of the internet has almost no incentive for people to be nice and many of the normal disincentives to rude behavior in real life are missing.

There is some rancor on the politics topic, but even there, it's not nearly as bad as a typical internet political discussion.

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I think it's because there is very little incentive to be a rude jerk, and lots of good incentives to be polite and kind here. It really is a different kind of place!


Definitely this ^

Plus literally anyone can make an account on Reddit, to troll/shill/form upvote/downvote brigades.

This place is a relief!

This is so true. Despite the fact Reddit has Karma...