How do you actually make your content more visible in Steem?

10개월 전

I am new here and while I do not much care about the earning aspect, I would still want to gain more visibility for my contents. It seems like gaining visibility is nearly impossible for new users like myself. Without a huge amount of followers, rarely do I ever get any up-votes and without up-votes, the content is barely visible outside the new section. And here is the annoying paradox, without having visible contents, it won't be possible to gain new followers. Am I doing something wrong? I would really appreciate some helpful tips and assistance from the veterans.

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you should join a group like curie or powerhousecreatives . They tend to support one another but to be honest I don't know the full ins and outs of how they operate. I would start with PHC as they seem to be a very active group on Discord. You do use discord right? That's a big part of the process.

You are not doing anything wrong, it just takes a while to build an audience especially since our user numbers have diminished quite a lot in the past year or so.


Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I don't use Discord but I will see what I can do. I am looking into both curie and powerhousecreatives as we speak. I just wished everyone would start using FOSS privacy focused services like Matrix/Riot instead of Discord, which is nefarious for its predatory privacy policy.


it took me a bit to get into Discord, because i feel the same way as you do about privacy and what not... but it is the standard and for me at least it took a little getting used to. The people in PHC are really active and they do look out for one another. It is also a great way to not get lost in the god-awful "new" section on Steemit.