Been a while....

3년 전

Its been a long while since I came here last. I have learned so much since my last posts. I will share what I have learned with you, dear reader. I have learned that in life, all is not what it seems pretty much in every aspect wether proffesionally or personally. I have also learned that most of what I learned throughout my early years, and adult years is a complete and utter fable.

However , I have had a publisher agree in principle to publish My book. Its amazing what a school drop out can write whilst famished.

I am going to write on steemit once again, any content you guys and gals want Ill give it too you in spades.

I will gladly take donations in steem or any other crypto for my works, in return I will launch a holy and ethical literacy war against the Machine. I will unleash the bad guy yet again for your amusement and my pleasure.

Giving a thumbs up or a boost does not cost you, and I will be forever in your debt.

Constantine Chewbacca

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