Grilled Veggies And Teriyaki Patti Melt Entry

26일 전

This entry is for @steemitwarrior vegetarian cooking contest.....


First I chopped up all these fresh organic vegetables- proportioned to taste/quantity available.......

-mini portabella mushrooms
-red onions
-green beans
-brussel sprouts
-orange pepper
-heirloom tomato
-baby spinach

seasoning used on grilled vegetables to taste:

-fresh ground black pepper
-pink Himalayen salt
-Cayenne pepper
-garlic powder
-3/4 stick pf salted butter melted and drizzled on top lightly during grilling

Place tossed seasoned veggie mix in a grilling cage and grill on medium heat for 20 minutes- you def want the veggies to still taste crispy while having some nice searing marks on some peices. Place foilover the cage to retain heat and smoke.


I also marinated a Beyond Beef brand plant based burger in Teriyaki and gyoza dipping sauce from Trader Joes and pan seared on high heats to carmalize the sauces onto the burger- the burger was also seasoned with pink salt, fresh ground black pepper, turmeric, and Cayenne pepper - these are my go to combo for both health and flavor reasons. the burger fell apart a bit but it ended up be scrumdillyicious!


I broiled two peices of 8 grain organic bread and halfway through sprinkled shredded white cheddar cheese, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and black pepper on them for my patty melt sandwich- I also added dijon mustard and ketchup on top.


put the grilled veggie and patti melt burger on a warm plate and had a feast that I’m immensley grateful to have enjoyed- was absolutely delicois- good work me!

For some Unknown reason Ican’t pull up the pic of me eating the burger with my sign- stay tuned - I’ll figure it out

Update- for whatever reason I can’t pull up the pics of me sitting down to eat- the best I could do was after the feast pics- hope that works




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lol, I would have loved to see that part you are eating it to prove how delicious this is hehehehe. Its looks so good and I hope its as good as it looks.


Thanks for the input- I’m not kidding when I say it really was an incredible meal- I’m glad it was a contest- that’s what brought out my peak culinary creativity- I love food and I’m competitive (in a sportsman like manner) 😁


Peak culinary creativity indeed. I guess I am have sensed it already in this entry lol.
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