What Happened?


I haven't been around and just saw that many people left. Busy doesn't seem to be doing its normal thing either. Is anyone still here?

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There was a fork of the chain, a lot of people went over to hive dot blog chain. The new owner of steemit is a tad bit ticked off. Any mention of the new fork seems to get buried especially on steemit front end. Anyone in dicord can tell you where to go and how to get there. Some are still here on steemit, voting and commenting, and even posting on both chains.


Sounds like a lot has happened. We always knew that having an "owner" of Steemit was a bad idea. Thanks for the update.

Hey, @themanwithnoname.

I guess some things have happened since the last time you checked in. :)

I'm still checking in on STEEM and trying to do some things here. Otherwise, I'm on the new fork. You might want to check it out. :) And I don't mind answering questions though bashadow's discretion might be for the best.


Thanks, @glenalbrethsen! I may check it out at some point. I haven't really been blogging. I have found that a person can earn much more by just working a job than by blogging. Since I lost the joy of blogging, I have just been focused on work. How's your job going? Are you still allowed to go out?


Well, the job isn't going right now. I was officially laid off on March 23, so a little over a week ago. I've been told though they want me back when the coronavirus scare is over, so I've filed for unemployment and am basically spending more time here and on HIVE while overseeing some home projects I couldn't do otherwise.

The governor's executive order here doesn't prohibit us leaving home, so I've been doing it on a near daily basis for an hour or so. I generally pick up some lunch somewhere and then roam around for a while gauging traffic, staring at empty parking lots, and wondering what we're doing to ourselves (the virus is one thing, the measures to counter it are another).

re: earning more

Yeah. Fiat is still king, and without a substantial stake, especially during a bear market (if it's not really a permanent thing), there's no way this becomes livable income for any of us. The hope is for the future.

I'm hoping, too, that there will be much more to do than blog on either platform at some point. All kinds of industries popping up, dealing in alt coins, from how they pay their employees to how they accept payment. We're not there yet, not by a long shot, and maybe we never will. But if we ever do, it will be better than just having blogging as an option.

I am still blogging here and on hive. I will be here at least for more 13 weeks.
It is good to see you back.

We are all taking this social distancing to the next level.