How did you find Steem?

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How did you come across Steem?

If I remember correctly, I first heard of Steem from a friend who was mining Ethereum. He suggested I have a look. This was back at the beginning of July 2017.

My first post was about speed reading and made about 3 cents before curation and received four comments. It was a confusing experience initially and I realized early on that it will take some grit to make any progress. I used to joke about making a new post to go into the black hole.

I tried a few things, writing about productivity, technology, funny shit, and whatever I could think of at the time. It felt like I wasn't getting anywhere, I struggled to even clear the 2 cents after curation rewards to even get payouts. It was discouraging, but I didn't quit.

I decided early on I will do my best to write something once a day. I did this fairly well and didn't miss many days, but didn't seem to be getting anywhere. I started networking and building early on, bought some Steem. I was determined to understand how things worked.

@dan-atstarlite gave me my first legit vote for $1.93 on a post about setting goals. It wasn't until a week later I made my introduceyourself post to which I didn't get a single comment on. Not even the good old welcome bot spam.

Come a long way since the first day, it's hard to even remember that far back as so much has changed. Everyone who seemed like rock stars I realized was just normal people like me. I eventually found opportunities to talk to a lot of them and get to know them.

I feel I came in just a few months late, just a couple months earlier I think would have made a huge difference. I missed so much during Steem's first year, by the time I got here Dan was already mostly gone although he did interact from time to time.

Do you remember how you found Steem?

How much has changed since then?

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I saw steem on an exchange and was curious about it. I joined and fell down this rabbit hole.


There are normally so many tokens on an exchange, nothing else drew you to this one?


Honestly, it was newly added. It wasn’t exactly an exchange. It was eobot, the online mining site(man cloud mining brings me back to the start of my crypto adventure, I could exchange coins to btc on it so semi exchange) and it being new and me checking out of every coin that I could deposit there was easy to get somehow, I joined. Boom, it got me addicted. Social aspect kept me coming back. And it was easy to earn steem.

James Corbett

First of all I want to thank you for the upvote you gave to my post, it is not easy for me to get consideration from big users, writing almost exclusively in Italian, my English is quite elementary, this post I translated with Google to do first, I would not have understood it easily. I arrived on Steemit after a couple of reports, the second in September 2017, I hesitated a few more months before signing up, entering only 18 January 2018, losing the best moment on this platform, I assure you it's not rhetoric but lately I'm not blessed with luck. I have no money to invest on this platform, my only strength is the constancy of daily publication and interaction, I am slowly accumulating Steem on Steem, I see this platform as a long journey, made up of many stages, finding every now and then a upvote like yours is a very satisfying reason for me, I try to help the new entrants, upvotandoli and telling them not to do it towards me, at least until they have exceeded 500 Steem, they don't always listen to me and I still upvotano, I left from scratch, I would like to become at least a dolphin, I don't say orca because it would be a great dream, like the fact that one day this platform can give you small economic (or big, why not?!) satisfactions, I try, I have to try, the my financial future is not happy at the moment, I am great, I am 53 years old, with many unknowns still to be solved, I think I call myself like you, nice to meet you, I am Marco from Rimini, Italy.

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I read an article on financial times how to earn crypto for free and coming here.
Here we go.
In the begining the whales are here for us, right now i have one a lovely orka with her love for us.

My story isn't much different. I had heard of Steem a few times beforehand in 2016 but I for some reason mostly ignored it. Then in 2017, when I used to roam bitcointalk threads for new coins to mine, I saw the Steem thread and decided to finally check it out. I joined in May 2017, early, but like you, still feeling a little too late to the party.

Someone from my nomad cruise tribe shared her first post on Facebook and told us that she was planning on making money with blogging. I had no clue how it would work, but I was struggling with my day job, so it seemed like an interesting option to change my lifestyle. She never posted after that again... I may not be super active at the moment, but not planning on leaving.

@someguy123 pitched it to me. I came and stayed for the memes.

I remember my first post that did okay was because @steeminator3000 resteemed it.

Then, flag wars and stuff. Rest is history.

An anarchist group on facebook in July 2016.
We were talking bitcoin, and somebody mentioned steemit.
I ignored it; then a week later somebody else mentioned it. I ignored that too. (Bitcoin maximalist at the time)
Third time, I thought I'd investigate.

Read about it on a trading platform 12 months ago where they mentioned delegating steem and make 20% ROI plus. Sounded worth checking out.

In the spring of 2017 I found Decentraland and was lucky enough to purchase some land in the first offering. This was my first exposure to anything blockchain. During the process I had a look at what other project that were out there. My research lead me to I created an account and a few days later I was in. I started poking around blogs and starting making some posts related to my work in music and education. The turning point was when I found the PAL discord and became active in that community. Once I had some guidance I learned where the strengths of the blockchain were and where my place could be. I am still trying to figure out my place but I am loving the journey and the process.

I was introduced in May 2016 via @bleepcoin who had made loads of money from a meme. I spent ages agonising on whether to spend my time on what might just be a huge joke.

Then I just went for it. I wrote an article about game theory and Steemit and it made a few thousand dollars, then my next one made less than a dollar.

Eventually I got into my groove, and then when the first payout happened on 4th July '16 my faith was repaid and the rest is history!


It must have been in July 2016 that @the-bitcoin-dood told me about Steemit. We had both been on Tsu before and that had just shut down. I was not sure I wanted to get into another new platform, but I got sucked in and I am still here posting most days. Steem has not made me rich, but I have made a lot of friends, been to lots of events and bought some stuff with what I made. No other platform has done that much for me.

I googled how to earn crypto and Steem was one of the answers :)
Later I got infected ... the rest ...

Well. I was reading news and came across an article about btc posted on steemit. Don't know who posted that.

When I first started looking into crypto I saw the steem token on coinmarketcap and checked out the website. I ignored if for a few months then decided to give it a try. I was quite late to join and had a similar early experience in the begining that you had. I made a few well thought out posts at the start about philosophy and such and got a few votes that were not really worth anything. I remember feeling really annoyed that a post that I spent hours on received about $0.05 cents while a comment on the same post stating "this is great" recieved $1.40. That made zero sense to me at the time as a new user. I then made a lot of half assed posts for a few weeks and they went nowhere. One night I changed it up a bit and made a post on lucid dreaming techniques, something I was very interested in at the time. I added in a bunch of images and titles and headings and formatted the post nicely. I was shocked the next morning to see that the post was worth $80.00 and that it made it to the main trending page on steemit. From then on I only focused on long form well formatted posts and continued to recieve around $45 per article. Eventually I joined @sndbox which helped me grow significantly. Once that ended though things became very challenging again. The same strategies that used to work no longer did. Now I mainly just write for fun about topics I really enjoy. I spend most of my time on steem commenting on others posts, trying to build relationships and supporting others who support me. It's been a fun journey overall. I regret nothing.

Sorry, that's probably longer then you cared to hear but that's my steemit story :)

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Pretty much one of the things you discussed and asked a question was actually how I found Steam and why I came to this team is really interesting.

Because I was thrilled to enter this site because I live in Malaysia and I went to Malaysia immigration because of my passport problem and when I saw an unidentified brother there, I wished Jagl asked him what he was doing on his mobile and finally I approached him. I went to him and asked him if you were actually doing a lot of digging on mobile, what was he doing then? Who told me everything and I listened to him and then when I said that I want to work there, he said, of course, why can't he open me an account first and running that account till now and many problems have gone into it. Anyway I am so glad to have access to this site and use this site

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I heard about steem while listening to Gregory Mannorino's youtube channel. I had quit social media years prior but liked the idea that I could get paid. I joined in Aug 2017 and you are leaps and bounds ahead of me, so don't beat yourself up too bad, you are doing great. :0) Steem is totally different now especially with @steem-engine, the communities and DApps and all of the new technology taking place on the blockchain. It all is getting me extremely excited despite the current stupidly low steem price... It's gotta correct eventually....... right??

I was trading random tokens on Poloniex... and there was STEEM too... It was june 2017. So I went to check on CMC and I discovered more infos about STEEM and Steemit's website. It was perfect for my mannequin-blogging-project, haha.
And I'm still here after 160 mannequin posts, LOL.
Big Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

I knew about Steem in autumn of 2017. First time I read about it at web issue of Russian newspaper when I was in road in suburban train and read latest news, and then after couple weeks I saw one more article about Steemit at
And after it I decided to register on Steemit. And since that time my nickname @travoved!

For me since my first posts have changed many things. I've used all my Witness votes. Strongly changed auditotory of Steem. Appeared gambling games sites and Steem Monsters.
And I've survived after hf20🙂
Now I use also my Twitter to share my Steem posts
And even my child was born not so far ago.

Now I have some goals like visit Steem Fest, upgrade my game account and start to post videos on D.Tube or 3speak. Also I hope to involve some my friends to Steem, maybe this will be successfull or not who knows.
So here we are!

I saw Steemit mentioned in May 2017 on a forum discussing the MT Gox collapse. I wasn't a blogger but was interested in crypto so I joined up. After getting involved with the freewriters group early on and going to the Steemit Dublin meet-ups I was hooked.
It was a lot busier here with crypto prices mooning and we've lost a lot of high calibre writers we had back then.

I bet a friend it was impossible to blow yourself. One thing led to another and ... yada yada yada ... @jerrybanfield cost me $100 bucks after we found Steemit. Haha

I actually came here following Greg mannarino (@marketreport). He suggested in a video to check it out so I did and have never looked back.

I was just getting into the worst possible time in November of 2017. I had heard of Steem but didn’t actually make the move here until several months later in March. Initial goal was to post about my business, earn, and sell the Steem to pay for other tokens I liked. Little did I know that this would consume my crypto life and take charge. I’ve never sold a single Steem and Have only powered up even taking a way more active role in recruiting and helping this place grow...kinda. Funny how that happens.

From Googling other cryptos and ending up on every single time - but thinking it was just another Medium-like website. Then having @r00sj3 who I had met on another pre-crypto blogging platform 15 years ago tell me that Steemit itself was a crypto thingy. And that I should try it out. I did and never left.

I saw a Facebook ad in the beginning of January of 2018, first it seems too good to be true but I saw the ad several times. I finally decided to make an account and in January 5 I made my intro post, when it got paid out I knew this was the thing I was looking for for a lot of time. Been active ever since.

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I was reading the comments on a random Fb post where someone promoted it as “the place where you can do the very same thing and get paid”

Almost a month after I applied, I received the confirmation mail...anfd here we are

Group Of Locals

There was a person local to my area that was going out and onboarding people in person. She was a friend of a family friend and heard I use to be into crypto and asked me to check out Steem. She even ran a welcome account that had a trail and my intro post was treated kindly for how bad it was. I ended up joining around the same time she had on-boarded a couple of others.

This made it easy to find a couple of people who were starting out. We would sometimes talk till 3 am or later about the platform. Posts that we have found that were helpful and so on. It was a little community at the time and since I picked things up rather quickly I spent a fair amount of those long conversations helping others out.

On quite a few occasions I’ve spent time chatting with newer people in discords and on Steem answering a lot of questions. I was blessed to have a support group when I first started. I tried to return such kindness a few hundred times over.

What has changed since then?

I am the last remaining person of that small group of locals. Sometimes they will check out Steem again but are quickly reminded why they have moved onto other things.

I stop going out of my way a few months back to answers questions in discords when I stepped down from everything I was involved with at that time. There used to be some big names back in the day that would go out of their way to help people just starting out. I don’t blame people for not doing that as much these days. I’ve lost count how people I’ve caught “starting over” and acting “new” while down powering their couple-month-old accounts. This is somewhat amusing since they will never build anything beyond just being that.

I’ve changed more than anything else. I started off thinking I would post about crypto, accounting, business, and personal finance. That did not last very long I create one article about internal controls a long time ago and that was about it. Now most gaming when I do post.

July 2016.

One of my previous co-workers introduced me to Steem, or Steemit in that case. It wasn't until a few weeks later I actually started to post and tried to "dip my feet" into it. I had no prior cryptocurrency or blockchain experience and it was extremely difficult to learn about these things.

When I got some juicy rewards, I cashed out everything. It was nice to earn some extra money. So, one can easily say that I joined for the rewards and I stayed because I started to see some real potential. Real life changing potential...

What I miss the most though, is manual curation and engagement. And I truly believe that those two things are the most vital ingredients for Steem to ever reach mass adoption.

It has been a long journey. Someone introduced it to my brother which I overheard and joined.


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I found steem from a youtuber making mgtow videos.

Came from a You Tuber mentioning it and really didn’t shill it so came and immediately went down the rabbir hole of all things crypto. As I found more content creators, I engaged more until setting on a journey to buy and earn as much as I can. Therein also lies the changes I have seen as it used to only only verbal engagement but now I played games and even get some fitness done here! All of it integrated in one protocol!

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I gave it a shoot after seeing a youtube video by coldfusion, which addressed the blockchain and the emerging social outlets. Still keep my account, though not an avid consumer of contents nor a content creator per se... yet keeping an eye on it and a healthy perspective on Steemit, cryptocurrency and the blockchain ecosystem!

I think it was March or April of 2016 on coinmarketcap. I was looking for coins to trade or mine but I didn't open an account until July 10th of that same year.

I was sick of Facebook and all the closed-source social media because of what they entail in terms of privacy and limitations in terms of customization.

I started looking for alternatives. Steemit came up. But I wanted something with privacy controls and solid encryption. So I passed.

Months later, I came across steemit again and I thought maybe I should give it a try but not post anything on it. My plan was to just upvote here and there because I was still worried about the privacy aspect of leaving a trail that is permanent on a blockchain with all my likes and dislikes.

After a month or so of following posts on steem and discovering the eco-system, I thought it was pretty cool and works well as some sort of a public platform and not a private profile for family and friends.

Fast forward to now, I am building up my stake on the platform and running a witness server . It has been up for a few days now and soon enough I will announce our mission.

Luke from WeAreChange

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Heard from a friend that a local marketing guy was blogging on STEEMit and earning crypto. Went to search it and created an account. Posted a terrible intro post and noticed that marketing guy's post payout was way more compared to mine so I commented and asked him how does it all work.

He then told me about "teammalaysia" where I thought all it was was a hashtag.

Joined a Discord photography group that was on STEEMit and in there I saw someone's picture with a Malaysian flag on her Discord profile pic. Messaged her coz I was stoked that there was another Malaysian using STEEMit or into cryptocurrency and blockchain stuff to begin with.

She then told me about "teammalaysia" which I thought was only a hashtag only to realize it was a community of fellow locals as well.

Seems like coincidental happenings but timely and opportune ones I believe :D

A friend referred me to this network and said it was an opportunity. He is probably not here anymore, but I have found a nice home here.
So, that's what I do now, just invite all my friends that post quality content and want to get PAID!

I found steemit from a video by this youtuber

This guy makes content I like (nothing to do with crypto) and he mentioned steemit. The fact it wasn't like a pimp out steemit faux advertisment, more like a natural video with a real person mentioning it. It made me inclined to look into it, because it was someone who didn't scam anyone and who I trusted.
I have seen Steemit promotion videos and they just looked like hey "join my ponzi scheme" to an outsider. In my opinion it's honest videos that mention the platform without seeming like, well, a Jerry Banfield video that are the best onboarding tool.

I followed links from Steemit May Become Killer App As It Looks to Draw 1 Mln Bitcoin Users Yearly to Steemit is Bitcoin's Killer App | Evidence, Numbers, & Analysis and signed up the same day.

What changed since then? Reality set in... ; -) I still believe in Steem's long term potential, but it was easy to get caught up in irrational exuberance back then.

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