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This guy is smart:
(Written by a man from Nigeria)


Yesterday I wrote a piece on how a Muslim brother who wanted to start an argument during an evangelism came to believe in Jesus.

Today I want to share with you what I did to get his attention and how he finally came to believe in the authenticity of Bible than the Quran.

In the first place I was very patient with him and never told him he was lost. Neither did I condemn anything he said.

I made him understand that I want us to reason together and come to a perfect understanding.

I started reasoning together with him by asking him saying,

please were you in Ghana when the former president Professor John Evans Atta Mills died?

Him: Yes, I was here.

Me: That's good, did you realise that the day he died the weather changed, the sky became very cloudy, it was so obvious that something tragedic has happened?

Him: Yes! It's true o.. I noticed that, on that day, the weather changed completely, it was so clear that something has happened... even my mother spoke about could see that something has happened.

Me: Alright... so can someone convince you that the weather didn't change on that day?

Him: Hahaha.... How can someone convince me that something that I witnessed with my own eyes didn't happen? No body can convince me!

Me: Hahaha... Me too nobody can convince me... Because I also witnessed it with my own eyes.

Him: Hahahahahahaha. [We laughed together]

Me: But wait o, so if 300 years later, when we are dead and gone someone comes to say that what you and I are saying is not true and that when Atta Mills died the weather didn't change, will he be saying the truth?

Him: mean 300 years after we are dead and gone?

Me: Yeah, 300 years later.

Him: Meaning that person was not alive when Atta Mills died or?

Me: Yes, he was not even born, yet claiming we are not saying the truth. What would you say of that person?

Him: Hahahaha... then that person would be a very big liar. Because we were eye witnesses and he wasn't even born.

Me: A big liar off course! And what if some people choose to reject ours and believe his even though we were eye witnesses who wrote everything down, how would you describe such people?

Him: Hahahaha.... Is he going to use juju over the people to believe him or what? I wonder what kind of people will believe him and reject our testimony ... if they believe him then they are not smart at all....because how can you reject the testimony of many eye witnesses and believe in the one who was not even born at that time?

[Trust me, this muslim brother didn't know what was coming afterwards.. but he has committed himself already by answering the questions honestly].

Me: let's go on to my point bro, do you know that there were many eyewitness to whatever happened during Jesus' days?

All the miracles he performed, from the first; turning water into wine, to the last; fixing the smote off ear of the guy they struck with a sword, all these were witnessed by many people.

Jesus' arrest, His sentence to death, His crucifixion, His Burial were all witnessed by many people.

When He rose from the dead on the third day, even the soldiers guarding the tomb knew He has resurrected, for they saw the angel that came to roll away the stone.

When He rose from the dead His disciples saw Him, they ate and drank with Him, and about 500 people also saw him as well.

Now, these eyes witnesses testified to what they saw, some wrote down what they saw with paper and ink.

And even apart from the Bible, there are people who recorded about Jesus because they also witnessed what happened in His days.

Then about 570 years later AFTER these eye witnesses are dead, prophet Muhammad was born and he came to say that what the eyes witnesses wrote about Jesus were not true, they didn't see well but rather what he says about Jesus is what is true.

Can you imagine this brother?

[his face changed. I am sure He never saw this coming].

Him: Masa, Masa it's not true.

Me: you think so? Ok let me ask you, when was Prophet Muhammad born?

Him: 571 A.D

Me: That means he was born 571 years AFTER Jesus died right?

Him: Yes.

Me: In that case, it means even his grandfather and grandmother didn't exist to give birth to his mother and father to also give birth to him hence never saw a single thing Jesus did right?

Him: Mmmmm.... yeah!

Me: OK, since he was not there must he be the person to tell us what happened in the days of Jesus devoid of the testimony of the eye witnesses?

Him: Silent!

Me: Just be honest with me bro, if Prophet Muhammad claim these many eye witnesses are wrong about Jesus and he is rather the one right could this be true logically?

Him: Silent.... No answer.

Me: No problem... I know you will not answer even though you know it.

Me: OK, let's continue, how many people wrote the Quran?

Him: Ok, per what I know, the words were given to prophet Muhammad through angel Gabriel, and Muhammad made someone write them down for him under the auspices of his father in law because the prophet himself was not educated.

Me: OK, that means one person (Muhammad) wrote the Quran right?

Him: mmmmm... yeah.

Me: do you know that 40 different people wrote the Bible, at different time periods and places yet spoke about one person which is Jesus who is the Christ?

Him: Mmmmm?

Me: You can do your own research about that. They spoke concerning the Christ which is Jesus, and when He came, He fulfilled all that which was written concerning Him.

His birth, Death, Burial and Resurrection were all foretold by the prophets in the Old Testament. And New Testament recorded the fulfillment and the essence of that.

Yet Prophet Muhammad says all these 40 people didn't see well, only he saw well even though he wasn't there. To him, even those outside the Bible who wrote about Jesus lied, he is the one telling the truth.

Him: silent.

Me: bro, I will not condemn Islam, I won't say Muhammad is false, I won't say you are lost so come and follow me. No!

God has given you a brain to think, a wisdom to judge, therefore judge for your whose testimony is valid, whether the testimony of the many eyewitness or that of the one who was not even there.

But before you judge, don't forget the example I gave about Atta Mills' death and the comment you made about it. Remember and be honest to your own self and choose the truth.

[The brother thinking through this for about a week, was much convinced that the Quran cannot be telling the truth and the Bible will be lying]. He knew the Bible is saying the truth.

And the Holy Spirit also brought him to the truth.

Jesus Christ is the only Way to the Father, the Truth and the Life.

The Bible is Authentic and Infallible therefore it can be well trusted.

It testifies concerning Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world. Believe that testimony, believe in Jesus Christ and be saved.

I want my fellow believers who go out to evangelize about Jesus to take something out of this strategy the Lord directed me to use in communicating the gospel to the Muslim, who knows, it may work for you as well if God is willing.

Go out and save them for the Lord Jesus.


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