Curation - The Magic Sauce of Steem?

2년 전

For the past few days, I've been doing something different.

Something, I actually haven't done in a long, long time. At least not at this frequency.

Can you guess it?

Diggin' through the trash created section

It's curating content.

Curation = Magic Sauce?

And I didn't really expect it, but .. it's pretty addicting and frustrating at the same time.

On the one hand, it's similar as if you're scrolling for content on twitter or instagram, but on cocaine.

You're not simply relaxing in your chair, or wherever you might be.

No no. You're scanning as fast as humanly possible for potentially valuable content. One eye on the thumbnail and text, the other eye on the payout and post-age.

And this is where stuff gets addictive!

Once you find something valuable, which hasn't been found yet, you're feeling a rush of adrenaline. Why?

  • 1.) You just made someone their day. There aren't many feeling as similar as getting a 10$ vote on your post, without expecting it.
  • 2.) It might even make your day. If other people find the post valuable as well and upvote it, it increases your curation reward. ($$$)

But .. and here comes the frustrating part:

Good quality content is actually quite rare

I mean, sure, most people can write half-decent posts, but writing something great which also fits a specific subject? Oh boy. That way, finding content to curate is like a treasure hunt.

Scrolling through the created section, trash flyin' around everywhere but your eyes are on the price!

But on a serious note:

While curating is somewhat exhausting at times, I do believe curation makes Steem unique and provides a unique selling point for people to come to this platform.

And if I could guess where things might go, I've got a hunch that if we continuously reward good content on Steem, the average author will contribute better content, which might even result in a positive feedback loop.

With that said: Gotta' get back to curating. Content ain't sleepin'.


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It looks like I will have to curate only because I have @spaminator taking all my posts and comments to 0... pretty sad considering I put many paychecks into steem only to see it plummet and now I can’t even self vote once in a while when I don’t have time to curate

Imagine what Steem would be like (and have been like for 2 years) if there weren't bidbots to entice people to not curate and who instead chose to sell their votes... hmmm... imagine...

Its my favorite hobby and the reason i buy steem. Welcome to the future

edit: i have got over the fomo of being first all the time :)

Good quality content is actually quite rare

You got that right! Last fucking year and a half the only good quality content creators that I could find on this entire platform were @traf and @raindrop.

I've just only recently started to find a few other ones.


I also a good quality content creator in #OldSteem too lol :D
Atleast you still like to joke lol :D You can't hide your true nature dude :P





You only think it is rare to find good content on STEEM because you do not know where to look for it @trafalgar and @therealwolf.

Searching in "created" is a difficult task you do not need to do since many smaller blogs have already searched it and curated the cream so you can give some nice votes to it.

I write minnow tips and have for the whole two years I have been here trying to help little people succeed. This is where I send minnows to learn to post and to see other good posts. I also tell them that the low payouts they see are what to expect, since they are unlikely to get votes from the top of the pond. Maybe this will now change, and I pray it will.

In the last days I have also been sending this list to other confused whales/orcas/dolphins who are trying to change with the new paradigm we got handed.

These are the places I send people to find starving yet excellent authors already trying on STEEM:



  • @freewritehouse and @mariannewest <<< New authors
  • @abh12345 - Curation and Engagement League Participants <<< People who know how to curate
  • @pifc contests <<< Finds undervalued posts
  • @trufflepig <<< Finds undervalued posts
  • @qurator daily posts and author spotlights <<< A large group of daily bloggers
  • @tasteem contests <<< Restaurant reviews
  • @socalsteemit <<< Southern California
  • @heyhaveyamet posts <<< Promising noobs with good intro posts
  • @ntopaz contests and regular feed <<< photgraphers
  • @c-cubed daily posts <<< manually curated top undervalued posts of the day
  • @steevc and his @tenkminnows project <<< Trying to get redfish over 500 SP

The people that do these initiatives can also use help themselves. All run curation trails. If you like what they do after looking, and feel you can trust them, you can follow their trail and move on to the next place if you still have votes to give.

Many of them put their own steem and fiat into their programs in hopes of keeping them going. My list was longer, but many good people have had to stop over the last year.

My list is also not complete. I do not look at certain topics such as crypto, sports, or videos. All of those and more have their own curation initiatives. I am only one person and so focus on what I know.

Best of luck learning to curate and spread your votes. It is not an easy task, but you can do it.


My comment was just an little joke

And don't look at those accounts I mentioned, or ask around about me. Really, I'm a good guy ^_^


I promise not to, @trafalgar. I would not know anyone to ask about you anyway, and do not have time to look at random blogs. I have enough people asking me to help them already.

I did just now come from a @theycallmedan post about the scourge of bidbots and noticed you are his top voter. I'm glad to see that since we need him. He is one of the heroes to little fish and helps many.

I only added my reply here since it was at the top of a post trying to find little people to vote for. I'm posting this info everywhere I can. I hope people just starting to curate will see and investigate the worthy places I listed. The $0.17 cents you got on your joke comment is more than a lot of very deserving little fish get on well thought out posts 100's of times a day if not thousands.

I do a lot of weekly things here with many other small fish. Those contests and challenges are now ghost towns, and I am trying to stop the bleeding in any way I can. I believe in STEEM and especially in NewSTEEM and hope for the best. My 2 cent vote helps no one.


It depends on what you are looking for. You can check out the posts on steemiteducation, we are curating daily and a boost might help.

There's a whole literature now on addictive design and positive reinforcements in tech UI/UX. It's weird that no front end has made systematic use of it to 1. Retain users better. And 2. Increase time people want to spend on their website (which now equals more ad revenue), and 3. Makes more people want to buy or power up SP to participate in what is a very rewarding experience as you say.

Imo, solving the problem most other social medias have where most users find the time they spend on it "wasteful", and instead providing an experience of time-well-spent and actually rewarding, is how we can attract the masses. Not niche ideas of censorship resistance and fancy decentralized consensus rules (which are of course still very important and enabling. But they are in the background and enabling).

Anyways, really cool to see you curate! Keep it up.


It's weird that no front end has made systematic use of it

I totally agree with that. A slick and nice front-end for Steem could do wonders. IMHO introducing a front-end which makes curation fun would have been a much easier (and more straight-forward) way of getting people to curate than changing the economic incentive.

It is hard to find good stuff. Many of the benefits still exist though, when voting late. Getting paid to be entertained. There's no rush. When all of the pieces of the puzzle fall into place at just the right time, sure, you'll get a boost. Finding and rewarding the good stuff you personally approve of, whenever, regardless of time and current value, will eventually encourage more to step up to the plate and put in more effort, creating a positive feedback loop, and making the curation process a lot easier, over time... I hope. Hope and a little bit of an educated guess.

I know we've had our differences in the past. I'll give you credit though. I've seen you out there, voting, helping, even downvoting when necessary. High five, man. It's good to see.

Been having a lot of fun curating again since the HF, not really going for maximization but whenever I see something early in my feed I try to get in some small votes for a bigger return. Things on the platform are turning around and changing fast, nice to see your project adapt with it!


Complete transformation of bidbots into curation projects would be a win-win situation for content creators and investors.

'Technical' guys know when to hit the post to get highest possible curation, why not hire people who will monitor the blockchain and will submitting good posts to curation - bidbot owner runs the script that analyzes the data and when the right time comes it will upvote it


Complete transformation of bidbots into curation projects would be a win-win situation for content creators and investors.

I agree, let's see what the future brings.


so you mass vote at small % around without reading it, well well :))


sometimes if it's a trusted author, sometimes I also vote 3-4 days late knowing I'll get the minimum out of it but the author deserves it :)))



I'm starting to like your intrusive and inquisitive style pal. I suspect I should abduct you to my tribe very soon. And then put you at carving some intimidating Totems, sculpt a few enigmatic Moais or something like that for a while.

I reckon we should plant more of this 'critical thinking iconography' everywhere around this island. };)

You certainly looks like someone who actually belongs to my little horde of tongue-twisters barbarians.


thanks, I guess. I have to admit, 'intrusive and inquisitive' actually does sound like some of my comments.


Seems old days are getting back...hip hip hurray manual curation


Thank God I saw this positive comment, @acidyo. Please take a look at the comment I left at the top of this post replying to trafalgar. I listed many places you can go to find "pre-screened" minnow/redfish content. None of it is currently in your feed or any other bigfish feed - I am certain of that.

If you boost a post under $1 to maybe $2-3 dollars, I assure you the math is on your side. You will get better curation rewards from that action than being part of a $50 payout. People notice the difference and the numbers are even better now after the fork. Plus you will be the only big fish in many cases.

Note what I say in my reply above about "trusted" curation trails. With your huge vote, you will burn out if you try to do all this small voting yourself.

You give me hope. Thank you.

Steam is certainly something unique that does not exist elsewhere in this form. However, hurdles to get here are very high. For the normal user of a social media platform are damn many things to consider. All this does not exist on other platforms. All the advantages of Steam also make the platform complex. Not everyone likes to get so deeply involved in his free time to give his heart for the best. From my point of view, usability should be the first priority.

$10 hasn't given me a whale yet. Maybe it's because my contributions aren't good enough 🤔

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$10 hasn't given me a whale yet. Maybe it's because my contributions aren't good enough 🤔

Of course they are good enough! What do whales know about butterflies? ;-)


Okay, I got the message. So I have to change that. I stay tuned and do my best. The current whales don't have to be the ones of the future. With some luck, I can inspire some whales for the magic of nature. Until then, I glide further through the steem universe.

By the way, a big thank you for your support!


Actually, I wanted to criticize the whales, not you. I think non-STEEM/crypto topics should get more attention, and your posts deserve every upvote.

So going for even more curation might be even better?

While curating is somewhat exhausting at times, I do believe curation makes Steem unique and provides a unique selling point for people to come to this platform.


Finding the great content is sort of issue where everyone feels it not worth curating will find a gem and instantly you pumped up to do more

It's still quite a long way to go for authors; for now the impact of the new rewards curve is dramatic, if I was here for the STEEM that would do me in. Fortunately I am also curating a lot, and I do agree: It'a great rush!

Curation is great for introverts and non-narcissists everywhere. I'm not saying everyone is a narcissist who posts every day or every hour. But some of the shitposts on social media, especially on instagram, are completely retarted and useless b.s. - the digital equivalent of someone who loves to "hear themselves speak" incessantly

I am really happy to see so many embracing NewSteem and considering new ways to operate.

While curating is somewhat exhausting at times, I do believe curation makes Steem unique and provides a unique selling point for people to come to this platform.

Love that you said this! I agree.


It's all started with you I believe...😉...good to see the bigger players joining hand in hand ..

With #newsteem I think Steemians might be more careful to share good quality contents. Otherwise they deserve flags!



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As an average creator speaking to other average creators on a regular basis I get the sense the platform is going to loose us not encourage us to create higher quality content which is hard to define as it is so subjective....

I have spent a lot of time doing curation for OneLoveDTube over my last year here.... things are that much tougher now ..... at least the shrinking effect will make the content you approve of that much easier to find ... and hey less people will be over looked 🤦‍♂️

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it was definitely a nice surprise on my post today .. thank you
Enjoy some !SHADE 4

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I am working harder than before on making what I think is great content, and I welcome the challenge of that, but my posts are now earning even less. It's quite frustrating! Do you have any tips on how I could draw the attention of people like you? I get c-squared, aicu, and helpiecake curation often, but they bring in very little in payout value. Thanks for looking around for good content. I do that too, but writing is my main reason for being here.

Yeah I am really liking the new tribes as well. I enjoy reading the content on Steem Leo and the currated section on SteemPeak makes it easy to find great content thats usually pretty interesting to me.

Best of luck in the hunt for great content and be sure to check out @ocd as were currently currating again!

Don't wanna jump to premature conclusions but waking up and watching Steem gone up 10% (at moment of writing) all of a sudden, makes one wonder ....

In all the time I've been here, no one has adequately explained curation
As the term is used here in steemit and associated dapps.
In my mind, the WORD curate, brings to mind the image of someone
who works for a museum, searching for artifacts to place in the museum
For safekeeping.
So in my mind, here that would be me resteeming posts by others.
Someone recently said it was that, but also upvoting. And also
So what is it? I've never understood the "rewards" button in my

What does that signify?
In essence, I came here to post my writings, to get paid for it, for it to
Be safe from poaching (the blockchain is forever, right?)
So would you please help me bring these things into some sort of
Coherent whole @therealwolf?


@jerrytsuseer, I agree big time with your appreciation of the WORD curate/curation and basically everything else you've said here in your comment.

Someone recently said it was that, but also upvoting. And also commenting.

Oh, it was probably me, the one who could have said 'that". Well, it could also have been someone else. But I've already said this so many times, that I would not be surprised if it could be about me to whom you refer. :)

What does that signify?

Haha, yeah!! I think I'll also sit here waiting to listen that sort of Coherent whole answer from @therealwolf. };)


ha ha ha. I'm glad I've found a "kindred confused spirit" @por500bolos
Good to know I'm not the only one. 😎

I think "good" content also depends on the reader. Sometimes I like to read some trashy posts. Sometimes a very well researched post is just not what I want to read now. Sometimes it's just the average every day post of someone that makes me smile.

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Curation is the best thing that we have!!!
I love it:)

Seems to be paying off though. One good thing about the Hf. People are way more encouraged to curate. Which also forces you to go ouf there and find new peeps to interact with. You never know what gold you'll find between the trash.

Hi, I think that's a good thing
I am glad to read such comments
Greetings from Germany
//1,2,3, gute Laune //

I do not understand the 20 Steem for the author.

Quality content always been rare as long as I join Steem. Ever recommended a post for @pifc or others?


Jep ... I see I do this also lot :) And I must start to do this more then just lot :))


Haha! !giphy-tip 500


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I think there are few Nobel laureates related to the world's population! If you only look for supervalues and you will not encourage the average profile in Steemit I think there will be very few here ... as an Academy!

Curation is definitely magic I should say. Many people said that after the new HF21, whales will start doing manual curation. I did not believe then but now I believe. You made it my day today with a 10$ upvote on my post. Thank you so much. Much appreciated. I will continue to do the best I can.

Hi, @therealwolf!

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What's the magic number on the best voting time now? I remember when it was a minute. Then it was like 30 minutes. Then it was 15. Then 16. Then 5. Then 2. Then 5.765499...
What is it now?

When is the best time to curate for maximal rewards?

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The best time to curate for maximal rewards, is nothing less than once you've read and digested thoroughly from top to bottom the dam thing you are gonna curate.

Is that perhaps, there could have be something more rewarding and satisfying 'for maximal rewards' than first learn one or two new things to add to our limited knowledge by carefully consuming in depth the content that we are gonna curate?

I hope this answered your question. :)

Reminded me of the time I viewed "created/gaming" for a while. It becomes a habit that when you see certain words in the title, you skip to the next one in less than a second.

I agree that increasing the curation reward was a good step, even though I'm not a curator and I lost some of my rewards as an author. But hey, people think this is all great for STEEM & I see their point!

Thanks for seriously giving it a try - plus advocating for it! Hopefully more will follow! They might once they see the curation rewards coming in.

@therealwolf,I think it should be understandable that not everyone is a professional writer, but anyone who takes time and effort to put something wonderful together should be considered.
Personally I feel the platform is just about knowing someone who can upvote your post. In the nearest future, I hope to vote random users and give a lot of people reasons to smile through my vote.

I want the whales on this platform to know that there are some of us who stick with the platform and try to write as good as we can, your upvote will really go a long way to help us. Thanks, I hope this is not considered as a spam comment.

Yeah, in A way it changes our curatiom behavior. For now all I see is positive.

Curating is treasure hunting for quality content.
It will take a while before the community to imbibe this as a culture or a habit.

This, done right, is what makes up Reddit's new business model except without properly rewarding either their content creators of the moderator curators and with Reddit making all the dosh.

And they have to quarantine sections like The Donald to remain "brand safe".

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Indeed, when I started doing for curation I get to meet many good authors who post great content under travel and art...appreciating their work with my smaller upvote was always satisfying...

i just saw someone being curated to zero after spending quite some time to prepare today ... you forget to mention the downside that might keep people away b/c someone somewhere doesnt see it their way ... the rotten spot ... i see more downvote cartels than "new tribes" so far ... maybe im looking in the wrong place :) All point of view ofcourse, if i had a million steem maybe i would be howling with the wolves but ... to me it looks like a place for rich narcists and crumbsuckers who like to roll over for a cookie while a very small number enforces their point of view and censors the rest

at the moment :)

good luck with your onboarding the masses but i think that was never the intention, the intention was to go back to the original circlejerk ... play little kings and emperors for the crumb- and votesuckers ...

i totally disagree with the THIS IS GREAT SO BRING A FRIEND propaganda but i guess thats clear by now ... i fear the coming flagwars will make the former ones look like childsplay


Please share links to any posts that were flagged to 0 which you think was unjust.


... and censors the rest


Go back to facebook/google services, You will learn what censorship is


thanks for that but i have my opinion on the matter ... downvote cartels make sure one-sided views are pushed and plenty of people are scared to just do their thing ... we'll have to agree to disagree, and im actually getting back on facebook because this thing certainly doesnt have enough exposure, but its a mighty fine toy to play with :) highly undervalued when it comes to that and seen as some sort of "medium" or "reddit" by the original eldres , which is a total waste, BUT ... let's not do this. We both know all the questions and answers and all the arguments either of us will bring up and in the end part, each with our opinion intact. Im not having that debate anymore lol, no offense but it would just be a waste of both of our time and leave a bad aftertaste and there's already enough enmity to go round. You steem your way, i steem mine , last time i checked

o it was a ... senatorial parlementarian dictatorship, lets call it protectorate, enlightened despotism, certainly not democracy for the masses. I agree mass adoption is good, but only for one thing : to show numbers that attracts advertises and investors. Not to each bring €20 to the board so the whales can eat ... so, yes please, lets not have this discussion :)