Introducing: Steem Tank - Incentivizing & Rewarding Steem Contributions

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Steem Tank (@steemtank) is an initiative with the vision to incentivize, support, and reward developers & entrepreneurs, who are bringing value to the Steem ecosystem.

As a start, I've delegated over 45,000 SP to the account and I'm automatically delegating all future Steempower earned by @therealwolf. This includes producer/witness-rewards and curation & author rewards.

While there is much more planned for @steemtank, for now how it works is simple.

How does it work?

Selected users, who are also followed by the account @steemtank, are eligible for free @steemtank's votes.

In order to receive the votes, the user has to do the following:

1.) Create a valuable contribution post with the steemtank tag.
2.) Additionally, another one of the followings tags has to be present: dev, steemdev, witness-category, witness, utopian-io, development, steemmonsters (For an up-to-date list of tags, checkout
3.) When the post has been created, it will be upvoted by @steemtank once the curation time is optimal.

Usage of the votes should be self-monitored (no abuse) and used only for valuable contributions.

Who is eligible?

I've gone ahead and selected a few Steemians who in my eyes bring tremendous value to Steem, but new accounts will be added regularly. To make this as transparent as possible, I've decided to use the follower feature, which means that all accounts followed by @steemtank are eligible for votes.

Keep in mind that this is not a reward farming program, instead it's an exclusive program for those who bring value to Steem as developers & entrepreneurs, so this value get's even bigger with support from @steemtank.

Current list at time of posting

@holger80 @asgarth @upheaver @stoodkev @therealwolf @dzivenu @yabapmatt @andybets @harpagon @bobinson @steemchiller @reggaemuffin @tobias-g @howo

If your name is not listed here (or on the site below) and you're bringing value to Steem as a developer/entrepreneur, please don't take it as an insult, rather feel free to let me know.

All of this data can be reviewed on

The Vision

As I wrote in the beginning, @steemtank is here to reward and incentivize Steemians who bring value to Steem, because we need more of those.

And while I've created this initiative to primarily use my own stake, @upheaver has decided to delegate a few thousand SP to the cause and I invite everyone to join if you'd like. (non-for-profit for now)

Steem Tank is still at the very beginning and I'm very excited where this journey might take us.


If you believe that I'm of value for Steem, then please vote for me as witness. You can also set me as a proxy and I'll vote on great witnesses for you. You can learn more about me and my witness infrastructure on

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi @therealwolf, this is a great initiative.
I appreciate if you consider me to be on the list. This is a brief list of my contributions to the steem ecosystem:


You've done some pretty amazing stuff! Glad to have you on board.

This is a great initiative, I'm glad to be supporting it!


Your support is very much appreciated!

Great project ! Looking forward to see where it is going!
How about @noisy and the
Thanks for listing me in there! I usually use @stoodkev for non-steemplus contributions and @steem-plus for SteemPlus obviously, would it be possible to whitelist the latter?
I m delegating 500 SP, and hope to increase it over time!


Added @steem-plus of course. Just make sure that posts with steemtanktags are about development related or important updates.

And thank you for the delegation! I will add it later manually, as I didn't implement an automatic solution yet for that.


Thank you!
Of course I ll use it for dev updates only!

Good plan.

Some people I'd suggest: @yabapmatt, @eonwarped, @someguy123, and @neander-squirrel (not that ns posts).


@yabapmatt is already on the list, but I thought I also added @eonwarped. Well, did it now. Added @someguy123 as well as @neander-squirrel. Good call!

Great, you're doing a good job, I hope a lot of steemians read and participate with those votes. I think it's great.


I hope at some point they'll add me to their white list.

I'm glad to be part of this journey, thanks for your support @therealwolf !

Awesome to see you continuing to support and help members of the Steem Community @therealwolf!


I'm doing my best! :)

excellent. I put steemtank on my follow list for now

Excellent initiative! My tiny contribution: eligable should read as eligible. Cheers!

this is awesome. would love to get involved more and get my project some more attention. this is what will help attract the entrepreneurs. especially if we feel supported by the community. huge win across the board.

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Das finde ich sehr spannend...
Tolle Arbeit 😊👍

Cool initiative.

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Love it. Yet another way you are growing this community but in a positive manner. I'm grateful for everything you put into this community and hope to be able to do the same eventually

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Hope to get on that list someday. Entrepreneurs and developers are some of the most important people to the STEEM ecosystem, adding new ways to use the chain. They bring value to us and anything to support them is amazing. I'm happy to have used one of my witness votes on you for creating amazing things such as this.

Great initiative that shows your commitment to the future development of the ecosystem that is needed to improve value creation over the long term. This will the improved onboarding of new users with education and support could add value to the long term viability of the blockchain despite the market sentiment currently being experienced.

@therealwolf What should we be doing to be considered for future lists? I am new to steem and getting all of the meaningful and useful content organized, arranged and cataloged in my head for posting. I know that is kind of a cop out but I'm working on it day by day. :) Thanks in advance.

Congratulations @therealwolf, a terrific initiative. The creators, developers and entrepreneurs of STEEM certainly deserve support and recognition as they are driving STEEM's future.

Will there be a curation trail set up so us little guys can follow and show support for those receiving your votes.

I have a suggestion also, not necessarily for you @therealwolf, but just for whoever may read this. I would love to see an alternate version of this, for big ideas. Many of us here have no Developer skills, no resources to build a business here, but lots of ideas. Perhaps if people had a place, or a curated account that they could post a link to their big idea. The account operator or curators for that account could review it. It could become a place for Dev's to find new App ideas, SMT suggestions and so on. The best ideas may never see the light of day because the person with the idea doesn't have a big following, or any influential followers.

If a Dev or entrepreneur pick up an idea and runs with it, a benefactor arrangement with the original person that put the idea out there could be arranged.

Sorry for the lengthy reply, and if I haven't explained my suggestion clearly.




great initiative!

Awesome job! I think an initiative like this can be a very nice surprise for developers. I know that, if in the future I receive a notification about steemtank following me, I'll know that I'm doing something right. Thanks for all your efforts on making Steem a great platform for developers!

I'll be sure to help in any way I can :)

Excellent initiative @therealwolf. 👍😊

What about @cryptoctopus for his work with @tokenbb?

It's still under construction but I am looking forward to that project!

Though it seems very nice step to reward these developers and entrepreneurs. However, majority of Steemians here at Steemit are minnows and there are Steemains who reward them yet I think there should be far more opportunities for minnows to get rewarded for their efforts. Trust me, people want to post quality content but most of them don't so because all their efforts end in smoke and this has been happening most of the times during year 2018, probably the worst year for minnows from earning standpoint. I myself am very active at YouTube and post daily pure original video content. It's been months that I joined Steemit but could not start posting as I had plans to start posting my content at Dlive and it left Steem. Now, I'm planning to post at Dtube but when I see the rewards and the struggle Dtube has been doing, I become helpless. Just quoting my example to convey that rewards is great motivation and can help a huge number of minnows to keep posting at Steemit without caring about the buying upvotes. When I say minnows I mean the vast majority of this blockchain that is not techie or business-minded and yet without their presence, Steemit is nothing.

Don't take it as an offense, but I'm genuinely interested:

It's thw n+1th such project on Steem, why do you feel it's necessary?

What can I imagine is that you want some sort of personal control over a curation service.

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Please consider creating a curation trail for @steemtank via SteemAuto. I would be interested in supporting Steem developers through votes, and I’m sure others would also like to join.

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Interesting project. Would love to see its progress.

That sounds indeed an awesome project. Yes keep bringing more amazing stuff like this to the community. 😉

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As you know. I am a fan of your works. I think I found a bug in smartsteem site. May be it is not. But here is my findings.
As you know on daily basis the steemit plat form will give daily intrest rate added to the steem in the steem power.
It is accumulating day after day.
Now the bug i see in smartsteem is that i have delegated 590 steem power since few weeks back... and on daily basis i get 0.023 sreem power as a daily intrest from saving these 590 sp.
Now in all systems on today i have reached 591 sp
Steemit wallet is showing this591sp
Steem world is showing this 591sp

But smartsteem is still insisting on 590sp

So here i have to be in a question... sorry my enhlish is weak... is smartsteem using 591 sp as delegation but it is sending to me only the revenue of 590sp.

Or it is using 591sp but it is a bug showing only 590sp.

Please refer to the 2 pictures here under

Kindly can you please reply back and please no hard feelings.... i do love you and i do love smartsteem




@therealwolf - You come up with interesting ideas. This one also is very good idea. This could be great place to know who are the brains behind steem ecosystem and get a chance to interact with them. All the best.

Hey @thereawolf, such a great initiative.
What about adding me as the creator of @steemsql, @steemitboard on top of several tools and libraries like
And more apps and services to come ...

It's like you are creating the Sharks series... (investors) =)

No kidding... good stuff! Supporting people like this... I wanna be in too!

Great selfless collaboration. Thanks for the mention!

So do I understand this right? I have to follow @steamtank and I do have a chance of an upvote when i contribute something valuable to steem. Also I need to tag the tag's above?