Let's get Steem on Coinbase

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What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the most important exchanges for cryptocurrencies due to its ease of use and creditability. It might not be the cheapest one due to its fees and I know that some of you are against centralized exchanges, but I believe that we, as a civilization, are not yet ready for fully decentralized exchanges.

For full adoption of crypto currencies, we need to attract the normal humans, who are not necessarily able or willing to deal with a decentralized exchange or even private keys.

And Coinbase is in my opinion an extremely important tool for mass adoption.

STEEM on Coinbase?

And recently, Coinbase announced that they're looking into multiple other cryptocurrencies (besides their main rooster) for listing.

One of them is STEEM.

STEEM has by far one of the biggest userbases in blockchain world. And what if we could leverage this userbase to show coinbase, that there is real demand from real humans for STEEM.

Imagine what would happen if STEEM were officially able to be bought and sold on Coinbase - could it look like this?


I must confess, I gave that image above a little bit of photoshop love, but why shouldn't STEEM be able to reach such a level? Why not?

So, what can we do to make this goal a reality?

"Vote" for Steem

There is a new page on coinbase.com which lists the main 5 cryptos in addition with 45 other cryptocurrencies (incl. STEEM): https://www.coinbase.com/price

And I initially got this idea from @gray00 (muchos gracias at this point), but on the right site, you're able to click on a little star, which activates this cryptocurrencies gadget on the dashboard.

Meaning: since I favourited STEEM (clicked on the star), I'm now able to see the price and history of STEEM right on my Coinbase dashboard.


And it makes a lot of sense for me, that Coinbase is probably monitoring this data to determine if a cryptocurrency has demand.

Which could mean: the more users on Coinbase favourite STEEM, the higher the chance it will get listed.

So, to leverage this knowledge I came to the following idea.

Make a vote & receive a vote

Everyone who is favouriting (voting for) STEEM on Coinbase will receive a 10% vote by me.

Simply do the following steps:

1.) Go to https://coinbase.com
2.) Login or Signup first
3.) Go to https://coinbase.com/price
4.) Click on the star
Info: If you don't see the stars, it seems that this is a somewhat common problem. At the current time, I'm not aware what the solution could be. But you could write a ticket to coinbase, mentioning that you'd like to see Steem on your dashboard but are not able to do that.
5.) Make a screenshot similar to the image above
6.) Create a comment under this post with your screenshot to proof your action
7.) Get a 10% upvote.

And that's it, easy right?

Let's work together and show Coinbase how big the demand for STEEM truly is!

I'll be waiting for your comments!

All the best,

Do you believe that my work is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.

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good idea but actually i think we need to get SBD to exchanges, even those that have STEEM. imagine SBD on binance


Good call - SBD on binance would help quite a lot.


ok come on man, steem is already being added to coinbase, you dont have to pretend to be doing "work" here, its gonna happen, its all predetermined like everything on this timeline

dont jinx it man, its gonna happen lol the feds have to use steem, nothing else works. its all just project xanadu bro, gotta have plausible deniability


Amen brother!

Binance claimed that they are going to announce their listing fee. They posted it on Steemit. If it is not too high, I think the community can pitch in to get it listed. However, since Steemit Inc won't communicate with the exchanges, I'm not sure how to get it listed.


Sorry but thats a negatory. Before @adept died he told me how back earlier in the year when He got Steem listed on Binance, it cost $200,000 USD around, and they made them buy BNB tokens and screwed them over the way they made them buy the exact amount in US dollars when first they said they wanted BNB tokens, THEN instead of just adding SBD since its the same blockchain and it doesnt take them much extra time like adding a whole new chain, they still wanted another $200 grand .... but then adept died and now we may never know all the secrets of why we cant add sbd to binance.... and the way he talked about it it just sounds like one big fleecing and we DONt need SBD on exchanges, we have the inernal market, it doesnt maintain its peg, no point, we need steem on exchanges, and we have bittrex with sbd

what we need is pressure on @ned to fucking fix account registration and make him ADMIT the TRUTH i got from other users who also talked with Ned about account creation, which is that ned is "protecting the name space" yeah hes afraid if its too easy to make an account that all the "good" names will be taken

at least THATS NEDS EXCUSE as to why hes allowed account creation problem to FESTER like PUSS in a sore... now people are just USED to steem being shit and impossible to get an account for... its just as bad as fucking Golos where you have scumbags out there who try to make it seem totally normal to spend 10 or 20 bucks on a fucking ACCOUNT, A FUCKING ACCOUNT! You would NEVER pay even ONE dollar for a bitcoin wallet!

(haha ok Rant continued down below in new comment )

@therealwolf @smartsteem i have mistakenly bid 2 time for same post however 1 bid is accepted and other one is stuck in bot healthexpert transfer 5.100 STEEM to smartsteem https://steemit.com/health/@healthexpert/sweet-potato-shakar-qandi healthexpert transfer 5.250 STEEM to smartsteem https://steemit.com/health/@healthexpert/sweet-potato-shakar-qandi so 5.25 bid accepted but 5.15 bid stuck please refund 5.15 Steem for double bid mistake


You got a 76.15% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @healthexpert!

This is excellent initiative @therealwolf.

We will support your initiative and request others to extend their support too. Below is how we suggest to strengthen this initiative:

  1. You give a comment that it is a valid entry, when yr vote power is drained too much, and invite supporters to upvote
  2. Supporters upvote till the valid entry has reached to 1$ as rewards

That way we can manage many more entry and keep motivating and rewarding the contributors.

We are upvoting this comment so that it reaches to top and come to the attention of all. And if felt right then all go out and support this excellent initiative taken by you.

We will upvote each entry with 5% if it is already upvoted by you and rewards are less than 1 $.


1$ is coming


That's a great idea! But I do believe that the main motivation should be to support Steem, the upvotes are a nice goodie from me :)

Your support is still appreciated and if others want to support commentators with votes as well - feel free to do so!


muy bueno!!!


This sounds great!


that's will be so good


Thats Greats!!!!!


That's very good of you. :)


Yes, thats a so good suggestions. We are happy for your reward @actnearn

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@actnearn ? if i had to guess what that was in a game show id say it was some thing like the Earn app where you can earn small amounts of cryptocurrency for doing random tasks. (I want to get a bunch of people hired to animate cartoons)


Hey man ! Awsome initiative for pushing Steem into the heads of all cryptopeople! This would fire up the price a lot and hopefully soon they are accepting Steem for trading on coinbase ! I am very happy to see that people like you have the same wish and plan for Steem like I have! Unfortunately I can not vote right now because I can't see the star. Eventually it is because I didn't traded enough on coinbase. Perhaps this is the reason why some people see it and some don't.
But yeah I just want to say:

Thanks and keep up your great journey here !


I noticed that the star doesn't show up if you're not logged in. May be a silly mistake, but just wanted to point that out!


1$ was too optimistic, otherwise, my VP is drained too fast. I want to give everyone an upvote :)

we are gonna resteem this and rewrite it to add extra emphasis on how this can really help steemit gain exposure as a platform.

seriously this is a great idea and we are happy to see coinbase is possibly going to embrace steemit!!

Great idea! I have been using Coinbase for months but not sure if I would ever notice this possibility to vote for Steem there :) Thanks for telling us.

Bez názvu.png

Lets vote for steem on starbucks.


I would buy coffee with steem if they would let me


I would prefer sbd for starbucks :)

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that is a great ideia, I go on starbucks every day if I can pay with steem will be very nice
I upvote on this

Upvoted, Resteemed and Star'd STEEM! Great initiative! powering up what I can, creating projects to help this initiative and more!
Coinbase - Google Chrome 10_10_2018 6_42_39 PM.png

I am with coinbase Europe and put steem on the watch list now:

Oh WoW! What I'd do with that Steem Price would be Amazingly Life Changing, I know we will get there, it's just a matter of When. This is actually such a noble and great Idea, we should make it a movement as a community, thanks for initiating it. Here's my contribution...



because i care for steem


Even I want steem to get listed on Indian Exchanges. Resteemed this post for more exposure.

I really thanks you. I resteemed your post.

Happened!!!!!!! steem golos.png

Great idea - would be fab to see it on Coinbase!

Here's my screenshot of the starred STEEM, yay!

Image 2018-10-10 at 2.06.21 PM.png

Just did, thanks for the idea and vote!


Thanks for this motivation, I just opened my account with Coinbase and did as you instructed. It worked perfectly well with my cryptTab browser. Steem will make us proud!

Below is the screenshot 👇

Already did this yesterday, but thanks for the upvote ;)
Screen Shot 20181010 at 20.29.08.png

Well the stars are not there as you mention, but I clicked around steem a bit and on the web site link, I;m sure they monitor that activity too!


Nice to see it's up over the month.

I clicked on the star!
スクリーンショット 2018-10-10 21.20.40.png

This is my Dashboard :)

スクリーンショット 2018-10-10 21.30.43.png


I didn't think to organize others around this idea when I starred STEEM and a few other coins on CB when the feature first came out. I love that folks are getting organized to build momentum behind the idea. Awesome idea.

Of course, nothing will happen no matter how many of us star it if STINC doesn't submit the form at listing.coinbase.com to request that they be listed. So hopefully they are also doing that.


Seriously! STINC needs to appoint one of us as a delegate to communicate with exchanges. I don't know if they will even do that :(


I think it has to be someone from the development team, looking at the site. But they certainly have people they could have do it. I hope this campaign reaches up as well as out, and that they are in fact involved.

This is a great ideal, I hope it work soon.

This mine check it

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I have been saying we should get on more exchanges for a while.. Great idea!

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 9.41.34 AM.png

Steemit will soon overtake all other social media



Bin schon länger bei Coinbase aber Steem hab ich da nie gesehen.
Danke für den Hinweis und natürlich gab's ein Sternchen!Coinbase.jpg

P.S. Tolle Aktion von Dir!

That's such a great idea @therealwolf. Thank you ! LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN GUYYYYYYYSS !

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 9.33.51 AM.png

Great idea

Dude! Freakin' great idea!

I am doing this for our community ...

girishpal steem upvote.JPG

Proof of star.
proof of star making.JPG

Done @therealwolf - agreed Coinbase is key for mass adoption or at least broader awareness for the Steem Blockchain

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 06.49.31.png

Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to trading Steem on Coinbase.

Done....hope steem get listed


Let's hope we have steem on coinbase soon!

It's a good idea


I did it

Glad on steemit..

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I had no clue about the star thing, it would be great to see Steem on Coinbase and i can't think of a better candidate tbh.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 15.42.45.png

Great idea... done!
Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 7.39.56 AM.png

I just Voted it

I do create a post also HERE making others to vote steem at coinbase!


Let's go!

Did it!! Great work with positive vibes

A long distance to cover. Good start.

Upvoted and resteemed


Yes! Let's do this! STEEM on Coinbase!

2018-10-10 (2).png

Done IMG_20181010_225622_591.jpg

Great post @therealwolf thank you for sharing! I just voted for Steem!! :D



Let's vote for Steem!

I am here for some of that sweet upvote lovin. :)


What a great idea!! I love this!!

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 9.21.40 AM.png

This is realy excellent initiative!

This is an awesome idea! Resteemed!


I "voted" hope this helps get Steem on Coinbase so we can all become millionaire's. This one post has done more for Steem than anything ned has done over the past year. Keep up the good work man.


Kudos for the great initiative and the upvote love!

I'll say that Steem will "to the moon" one day ;)

Watching and waiting.
Hopefully we can see €6 again soon.

There we go !!!!

Stars not appearing in Firefox.

One shining star for Steem. Hope we will make it.

Oh man, if Steem hits coinbase that will be a huge rush of interest that will be incoming. Not just investor interest but more importantly user interest.

I have starred from the mobile app.


Done :)
Neue Bitmap (2).jpg

When STEEM will be listed on Coinbase that will be a game changer 👌👌👌

This is great, of course Im supporting STEEM to get listed on Coinbase!
I can´t see the star button in the moment and tried with three different browsers, but I will try it again tomorrow.


Thanks for this. Upvoted and resteemed <3

Will upvote later on coinbase when I return from work.


Is this bot reliable? Seems super handy.


Normally yes. Seems that the RC system made it stop, but delegated 100SP to it and it just commented under another comment of mine.


Hey @therealwolf, I appreciate your delegation to the project! It is also nice to see some people takes an advantage of the bot and use it.

Your reminder has not been registered due to the few minutes server offline window. I will address this issue by the end of the week to provide you more reliable service.


I may suck at taking photos but I never break a promise XD


Nice way to show some love to steemit 👍


Captura de pantalla 2018-10-10 a las 8.07.03 p.m..png

#steem go go go

There is my Star for STEEM.

I love this idea, if Coinbase listed Steem I think it could be hugely beneficial for us. With all this whining and begging, they'll either think we are a committed bunch... or an annoying bunch haha


Nice idea! =)
Here my proof, hopefully, they add STEEM!^^

I can't do that with my phone...
I will try it tomorrow with the PC.

I did not see d star. So I opened the chart. I tried all I could to vote. Well I got dis

This was a wonderful ideal from you... It will be a great benefit to all steem lovers to see steem reflecting when you visit coinbase. This should be a move for all steemit lovers to ensure that this dream come true. Invite friends to ensure the ideal of the movement is accomplished. That will be a boost to steem popularity and more. Brilliant ideal @therealwolf

I have no stars, used chrome, edge, firefox, brave browser,

Upvoted and resteemed too.

MMMhhh... just checked, but I can't see the stars :-(
I used Chrome.
Edit: and Mozilla too


I've given you an upvote regardless. Once the stars are available in your account, make sure to fav. Steem :)


Thanks! I already forwarded this post to the italian community: SteemPostItalia SPI on Discord ;-)
Have a great day!


Just curious. Are you using Mac or Windows?


I tried with Android and Windows... but I think it's a Coinbase issue.


are you logged in?
mine works on chrome

I logged in and had no option for stars. I did however write them an email, explaining why STEEM would be a good choice to add to coinbase.com

Screenshot_20181010-144911_Coinbase.jpgScreenshot_20181010-144921_Coinbase.jpg you can do it on the app too which is cool, this is on android, so ios must be ok too

whow! Would be cool to have STEEM at coinbase. Added to my favs.

My golden star isn't showing up, so I had to send them an email.

yes! i did it! and wrote a post about it... thanks for passing all this info on!! let's go!

If coinbase lists it, it will pump so damn hard it will be beauty !!!!
steem vote.JPG

Here it is from my app ....

This is a fantastic idea, everybody has to do it!!!
Here is my star.
Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 18.31.28.png


Why is my screenshot only showing as a link. grrrr.


Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 18.31.28.png


Aah thats better

I wish that Steem is greater than now.


No stars available on Safari or Google chrome browsers :(

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.30.42 AM.png


Heard about that problem. Just try again at a later time.

Hmmmm... no star for me either, even when logged in to my Coinbase account. iOS/Safari the culprit?

Does anyone know how popular Coinbase’s “Coinbase bundle” is? If Steem got added to Coinbase, some people might buy Steem without knowing anything about the Steem blockchain.



Some people have similar problems. Try again at another time.


I’ve got an ancient Windows laptop at home that I haven’t fired up for months now. It might be good for something after all. 😅


It works on my windows computer. Another user with Mac has responded to me that he can't get the stars. It seems like it may be a Mac vs Windows issue. I would like to know if you are successful using a windows computer.

I try with 3 diferents browsers but don't show the star, im done.

Captura de pantalla (102).png

Captura de pantalla (103).png

Captura de pantalla (104).png

Awesome. I saw these 45 coins on Coinbase the other day and made a post about it but I did not notice the Stars at the time because I hadn't logged in.

Here is my post.


Do you see something interesting?

Waves was in 36th place right after Steem, but it is now in 37th Place and Pundi X is in 36th place.

It may very well be the clicking on these stars is actually affecting the placement of Steem for future Coin additions.

I believe I will make a post about it.

I was not able to get it to load on my 2017 Mac nor on an older WindowsPC via Chrome, Brave and IE. I did however, email Coinbase :) . Hope this helps.
Please see screenshots:




@ therealwolf when someone has a fix for the missing star can you make a post to let us all know??? I to would like to vote, and I have tried chrome, foxfire, and safari no luck (:

I am having issues using chrome and seeing the star. Once I can click it I will. I also noticed their definition of "STEEM" as follows: "About Steem
Steem is a cryptocurrency built for Steemit, a blockchain-based social media platform. Users who create and curate content on Steemit can get rewarded with STEEM for their work." Perhaps we should also suggest a better definition of STEEM as well since it is not only specific to Steemit but to all Dapps built upon the STEEM Blockchain.

Awesome idea, still need to verify my coinbase account but will definitely click the shit out of this star ;)
tipuvote! 5 hide


Hey @therealwolf, I will notify you on October 11th 2018, 3:22:33 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )


Oh boi, it can take a while :D Had to change my email and here we go again...



Hi @therealwolf!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!


Got it :) No need to upvote, just wanted to report mission complete :)

Here you go, had it favourited before this post.


I open my coinbase account about 2 years ago, its now connect on steemit so happy news, i like always it, thanks give opportunity,

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Great initiative. Steem ON @therealwolf, lets fire up Coinbase!



re steemed upvoted..... I tried google chrome also tried foxfire no star available on either browser is there a setting in coin-base to change this? COINBASE MANTIBLADES.png


Seems that it doesn't work for you yet. Try in a day or a few days again.


Thank you and will keep checking also voted you for witness I am new at all this still trying to learn been reading a lot but there's so much more to learn. I want my votes to go where they will be most effective and this seemed like a solid idea.

Favorited it ⭐✔️

Posted using Partiko Android

Done. Thank you very much @therealwolf for taking this initiative!

Steem_Favorite crypto.PNG

GREAT idea!!! obviously EVERYONE reading this should be doing this favouring vote!>.

i also cant see the stars, and its the same on both chrome and safari.. It would be my guess that they have limited it to location. will try VPN, but it may be based on the Account location.. will update you if i find a solution!


Try it again in a day or couple of days.

I so would vote for this coin to be listed! It totally deserves to be on there. But unfortunately I see no star for me. :( But I guess I'm not the only one with this problem. lol


Tracking Steem on Coinbase!





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I can't see the stars.


Its not showing that.
I think it is not supported in my country perhaps.


There's no stars. Using chrome mobile, but also tried desktop view. I am logged in too.


Chrome as well, but desktop here. When did you create your coinbase account?


Over a year ago.


Hm. Can you try with another browser? And/or is chrome updated?


Same on edge, I reckon they have some kinda A/B testing going on. Or just rolling it out based on something.

I don't even have the stars on the Android app, but I can see the list.


I've given you an upvote regardless. just make sure to fav. Steem once you see the stars, so we can head to the moon :)


Definitely, I love coinbase, be a great addition.

Support steem!螢幕快照 2018-10-11 下午1.48.19.png

Here is mine

Not getting the stars either! Just checked. Is this a bug of some sort on Chrome do you think?image.png


I have no stars on Firefox, on an account that's been open and verified for years. I think it has to be a Coinbase thing.


I think so too.


i don't have stars either. :-(


Are you logged in?

Edit: I've given you an upvote regardless. Once the stars are available in your account, make sure to fav. Steem :)


I logged in... no stars for me too... which browser are u using?


Chrome. Could be that not all accounts are equal. When did you create your account?


I created my account in April 2017.
It's a verified account... keine Ahnung was los ist.


I tried Mozilla Firefox too... no stars.
Thanks anyway.
Maybe you should update your post, mentioning this issue.


Yeah logged in and verified for months now. Not sure why :/


But you see the watchlist, right?


Yeah I do, but my wording is slightly different. Could be that we're seeing slightly different versions of the website. Strange.


Steem for all


I guess steem would be listed on coinbase, we just have to vote and wait.
We gotta celebrate in advance!

Gimme !popcorn and !pancakes


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@ronel, your pancakes are ready!


No star available on my account. I am using Chrome 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit). I am also a verified Coinbase customer for 3 years with numerous transactions there.


Well this is a really good initiative. However, I must point out that I can still do this for free because steem deserves to be at the top and on every available good exchange out there. 10/10


It is a fantastic idea (thank you also @gray00) but unfortunately I see no start :(

I will check again in a couple of days, but maybe it has to do with location of user. I am using it from Greece
If any solution comes to your attention, please tag me if you remember!
Have a great day!

@therealwolf i have voted


it would be awesome if this really happen like your photoshopped picture.