The only thing you should be doing with your STEEM

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I know, owning STEEM right now, feels much different than a year ago.

However, 1 STEEM still equals 1 STEEM, regardless of its FIAT value.

If you want to sell it, that's fine - it's your decision!

But I'm seeing too many Steemians, throwing their hard earned STEEM away, by gambling with it.

With all respect: that's not a smart idea.

(If you're buying Steem Monsters packs with it, then its a good kind of gambling, because you're also investing in digital assets)

Over long, the bank/casino always wins - regardless if it's "transparent" or on the blockchain. Meaning, every gambler is throwing their money away, now or later.

But what if I told you: There is an Alternative!


Imagine, the 25$ worth of STEEM you've gambled away, could be easily worth 100$ in the future. (STEEM only has to reach 1$ for that, which is nothing in comparison to its history)

You might not gamble away a bitcoin-pizza, but small amounts sum up and there is an easy trick which will stop you from all temptations of gambling:



Besides saving you from gambling away your STEEM, this small action has many, many more benefits - let me explain:

  • 1.) Steempower, in comparison to STEEM, grows passively by ~1% per year.
  • 2.) Steempower can be utilized to earn curation rewards & selling-rewards
  • 3.) Steempower can be used to reward contributions/content by participating in the reward distribution
  • 4.) Steempower is much saver than liquid Steem. If someone has access to your active-key, they're not able to get it (as for example liquid STEEM) as long as you change the key and cancel the powerdown (of course you need to keep your password/owner-key save)
  • 5.) Steempower is needed to have a higher say in witness voting (to secure the blockchain)
  • 6.) Have you ever wanted to become a dolphin or whale? Now is your chance - with Steempower.

Honestly, I really just want the best for everyone reading this:

Don't gamble or waste your Steem - Power it up!

If you believe in this message, then please resteem/share this post - I want to reach as many Steemians as possible.

Thank you!

All the best and keep on steemin',

Do you believe that my work is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.

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you got my vote, too

you got my vote


Thank you - I very much appreciate the witness vote!

SP is definitely the way. Long term investment stake in the STEEM blockchain 💪🏻

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Sound advice, @therealwolf...thanks.

I concur. Powering up gives you more control over post payouts and allows you to delegate towards different projects. The price is so low right now which makes the same amount of voting power worth more in Steem. In other words, a 100% vote that gives a $1 upvote would give 1 Steem if Steem was $1. But now, that same vote dishes out 3-4 Steem which is amazing.

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I myself got addicted to magic-dice, to avoid temptation, started powering up. No more gambling 😂

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Sounds Logical..

Yup we must not lose what we have got with our efforts. Gambling it away isn't a smart move for crypto owners.

Yes, we must power up instead !
It has numerous plus points as you said..

Thanks for pointing this matter out..

I hope this bring many people back on track 😃


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I can’t agree. It’s an old CAPEX vs OPEX paradigm - everyone decides what suits him best.

For example imagine you have 130 SP reward, you post every week and maximise your exposure (traffic on your posts). In the current state of steem economy you have a choise - power down and buy upvote with 10 liquid steem or self-vote. First approach give you more exposute at-moment but less in mid-term, so you need to decide which road you go.

STEEM has a bright future!

I was given this advice by @thedarkhorse recently, and it seems like---as soon as I powered up my Steem and SBD---I jumped from 25 Steem Power to 65 almost instantly, and within weeks I reached 100 SP!!! More Steem Power gives you the ability to DO more (create and post more content, and like and comment more frequently,) which then leads to more Steem that can be powered up as well. Investing back into the platform leads to the ability to have more fun! And it benefits the entire ecosystem, which is pretty cool. But don't take my word for it...

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  ·  3년 전

I'm with you
We are steem


We are all steem... So I'm looking forward to next year.


... just .... YES!!!!

Everything you write here, I've taken to heart long ago. Especially in 2019 it will be very interesting how the market and especially the individual projects will develop. I will definitely be there, no matter where the train goes. My time horizon to review my activities on the Steem Blockchain again is January 2020.

At this point I would like to thank you for your tireless commitment. Every winter comes to an end and then the sun shines again.

Steem on 100_Freistellung.png

Funny to see all the steem hype evangelists that have left the platform since the price went down :)


The price shouldn't really matter nearly as much as it does. Steem is still worth $.25 more than the non-existent coins people get paid in on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Agree 100%

At least if you buy Steem Monsters, you get SP as well! Win-win.

I have been powering and when I get some steem in my wallet. Btw the currency market in steemit not working ??? I have few SBD and put it on Currency market to buy SP. But did not get any response even after 20 days

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Powering up is the only way! Completely agree with you @therealwolf

I shared it on twiter and resteemed it.

I am not gona sell my steem unless it reaches 2$ for sure.

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Be nice to our Steem, it will be our partner all the way.

This is exactly what I'm doing. Powering up as much as I can

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Totally worth the current over 50 USD reward to point out the painfully obvious... Smdh! It's nice how you 100% self upvote too... A true believer would be imploring others to also be buying in not just promoting fledgling Lil power ups vs gambling... Thx for the PSA Mr. Perpetually positive

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Totally agree with you.

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Constantly powering up, through boosting but it counts right? 😅

I keep thinking about what my account would be worth if Steem went back to what it was last year this time! I could take some time off work 🤣

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Send me some steem bro. Need to grow with you. Thinking I should start boosting my posts to rise faster.

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  ·  3년 전

Do you know about the whale experiment? I know you joined way after that had stopped but have you heard what happened or spoke to people about that?

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I read about it, seemed that it influenced the reward pool quite well.

  ·  3년 전

Yes, the power vaccum gave dolphins and minows about 10x the power to distribute, it basically exemplified how good flagging can be.

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I want those days back!

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  ·  3년 전

I remember that much anticipated hf change for linear got postponed and because of the lack of the change we saw exactly how n^2 alongside flagging can be used to give the vast majority of accounts much more access to rewards distribution which drastically improved engagement than before. This is what I think created the incredible demand for steem not long after the experiment began when steem shoot up in may of '17. That is what makes people want to power up, when they feel like it's worth it.


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Wise words. At the beginning of the goya, I didn’t imagine that I could become a dolphin, but 2 minutes ago I became one. And I am very glad that I fulfilled one of the main goals for this year.

there is a way to gamble with steem? i need to power down :D
everything i got in this almost a year + some investments (small) are in SP, is it smart, time will tell.

voted for you ages ago and have all my steempower on your smartsteem except a few so I can still function lol.

While I'm on the subject of smartsteem, when you ever have a free moment, could you add like a grapth/chart to smartsteem of like how much steem/sbd has been earned per day/week/month etc. Its not an overly important thing but would be cool to see it. thanks.


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I’m on a mission to power up my account with a fixed amount of 350 steem power every month. The market at the moment favours me ....

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Powering up also puts the great strength of compounding in your favor as it starts to build quicker as you hold more!

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Honestly, I really just want the best for everyone reading this:

I'm powering up now, (just own 150 delegated sp for 3 months!! wohhoo), and I am hopefully optimistic...
But it is only optimism, nothing is guaranteed in this new world..

....feel free to watch my winning vid though...(and upvote it! )
You will like the feel of it, methinks..

Yeah I did play with Magic Dice, and did win a bit with it. But the house ALWAYS wins. It would be better if that app was designed to help people here to power up more.

My goal is to be an Orca by 2020. I have a long way to go. But I also know that my content has to be a lot better too.

I play Steem Monsters and I hope that game does well in the future but the FIAT price has everyone tight pursed.

I want to sell my Steem Monsters gold cards but they are currently under valued right now.

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At best you’re boring... So, explain to me how an ROI ranging from -10% to +15% with smartsteem isn’t gambling again !?!

Also, it’s definitely debatable that such practices are “good” for the blockchain, buying votes isn’t exactly the most respected path. I didn’t know you were the smartsteem guru until now. Funny how that makes you nothing more than an evangelist.

Let’s be honest this is a decent post, but upvoting as you have is laughable. I hope you never eek your way into the top 20... Captain obvious here thriving on all you sheep that think buying votes for your shitposts will accomplish anything..

You’re at least transparent @therealwolf and your moniker is as ironic as freedom your lord and protector.

All in all, differences of opinions and no respect for you aside, you are dull and predictable. If only one person here sees a shadow of doubt cast upon you and your ilk I’m good. Happy new year enjoy your 🐑

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I'm so boring that you keep commenting under my posts. Thanks for the attention ;)


Touché, I need something to do while I shit... Any publicity is good publicity eh

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Haha can't go wrong with that!

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$STEEM unfortunately has hit its wall. The user base is falling and I don't think they'll be back in 2019. #truthwins

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I remember when I would waste money on Satoshi dice and other casinos gambling. Was never worth it.

I knew that Steem would drop considerably from its high, so I thought it to be a wise decision to power down.

I hope to power up soon, because Steem Power is the key to Steem blogging.

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Still powering up and you already got my vote^^

Well said @therealwolf. I would be heartbroken to see my hard earned steem gambled away. I've worked too hard to build it up, that I can't just throw it away like that.
One of the many great points you make is curation rewards and selling rewards. This can boost a person account by a lot more than they'd otherwise think. Take care man! :)

I agree people gambling honestly makes me cringe

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I totally agree with you and giving you a full powered one and Resteemed :)

I'm thinking that I should vote as a witness, even if you never answer my messages. You do a great job creating awareness in favor of Steem and it is very necessary XD



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I have converted my almost steems to steem powers instead of throwing them away by #magicdice gambling.

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Is there full gambling app? I only saw the dice. Did you mean gambling like speculation on price of steem?

I agree with you on this, @therealwolf. Gambling on a casino/cryptocasino is a sure way to lose your money in the long-term, and it's a much better bet to invest it as Steem Power!