@therealwolf 2.0 - Steem Anniversary

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Just a few days ago, I had my one year anniversary on Steem.

As a celebration, I'm taking a retrospective look into my 1st year on Steem, what I'm planning for my 2nd year and especially what my goals are, as a Steem Witness, Steempreneur and Stakeholder.

Additionally, there is a contest at the end of this post. Contest entries will be rewarded with upvotes and in extraordinary cases with liquid Steem and of course, the 10x1% will still be given out for resteems but the contest is cancelled-

However, 100% of the payouts of this post (-10% resteems) will be given out in another way, more on that in another post.

Post Overview

This post is a bit longer and while every part is important, you might want to read something specific - so here is an overview:

  • Part 1: 2017 - 2018
    • Goal #1: 100,000+ Stempower
      • 15,000 Steempower Delegated to Helpie
    • Goal #2: Top 50 Witness
    • Goal #3: Become experienced with developing on Steem
    • Goal #4: Spread positive energy and knowledge on Steem
    • And now?

  • Part 2: 2018 - 2019
    • Witness 2.0
    • Witness Servers
    • Wolf the Builder
    • More Delegations
    • What's next?

  • Part 3: Contest
    • Contest: Topic - Who is @therealwolf?
    • Contest: What mediums can you use?
    • Contest: Rewards
    • Contest: Guidelines

Part 1: 2017 - 2018

This last year was by far one of the most amazing but also stressful years in my life.

At the end of December '17, I made one of the most important and risky decisions.

I decided to quit my day job and instead focus completely on Steem. Relying on what my amazing girlfriend, @artbunny, and I had in our savings.

My primary goal, which is still true to this day, was to build a financial independence for my family and myself.

For this, I've worked day and night (I know it sounds cheesy, but that's the truth) to build my own business/startup on the blockchain, to become an experienced and trustworthy witness and all around helpful Steemian.

And while I haven't cashed out any of my revenues (< 1%), I think I can proudly say that I've achieved the goals I've set for myself for my 1st year on STEEM.

  • 100,000+ Stempower ✔
  • TOP 50 Witness ✔
  • Become experienced with developing on Steem ✔
  • Spread positive energy and knowledge on Steem ✔

Now, I'm not writing this to brag about my achievements, but to give you an insight into what I've done the last year and more importantly why I've done this.

Goal #1: 100,000+ Stempower

The most important goal for me in this first year was to achieve influence in form of Steempower so that I can shape the platform I'm so heavily invested in. (and I don't mean stake here)

I started out on Steem as a complete plankton and I had no influence whatsoever, which was not a great place to be in.

But don't get me wrong, everyone's voice is important no matter how small the wallet-size might be, but if you want to support projects, communities or even Steemians on Steem e.g. by having a say how rewards are being distributed, then Steempower is extremely important. (Utopian, Dlive, Dtube etc. wouldn't be there, where they are today, without the amazing delegations from stakeholders)

Or even to start your own projects - it helps a tremendous amount having at least a good amount of Steempower to bootstrap it.

Now, since my ultimate Steempower goal is not yet achieved, I'm holding most of my Steempower myself - without delegating it away, so it can grow. And before you might think I'm egoistic, keep in mind that if I don't have anything, I can't give anything.

And if I wouldn't have prioritised earning Steempower, then I couldn't have done this...

15,000 Steempower Delegated to Helpie

While doing my first ever livestream on Steem, I surprised the Helpie community with a delegation of 15,000 Steempower.

If you want, you can watch the recording of the livestream - the delegation announcement is near the end, at 2:02:55.

Helpie is a community with a lot of amazing and valuable Steemians, which has been under the radar for far too long.

And it's very important for Helpie to have a solid amount of Steempower that can be used to curate its members.

Which brings me back to my point:

By achieving my Steempower goal, I am able to support great initiatives like Helpie.

Goal #2: Top 50 Witness

One of the most logical decisions I've made the last year was it to become a Witness.

For me, being so invested in this platform, the decision to secure the network, work for the platform and earn some STEEM along the way was crystal clear.

While the most important Witnesses are the TOP 20/21, as the rest are Backup-Witnesses, becoming even a TOP 50 Witness is not an easy task. It requires a lot of stakeholders voting for you.

But after roughly 2 months, with a bit of luck, I earned many votes including one very big stakeholder, which catapulted me into the TOP 50.

And ever since I became a Witness, my knowledge and experience have been increased exponentially.

From handling server crashes & missed blocks, setting up servers over and over again, staying up until late in the night due to Steem exploits, waking up in the morning and updating the servers for an emergency update, developing Witness-Tools like failover-scripts, price feeds and remote-controls; I feel like a completely different Witness after these months.

And my ranking reflects that - currently standing at rank #32.

But more on that later in the 2018 - 2019 section.

Goal #3: Become experienced with developing on Steem

Besides building and developing my startup Smartsteem.com, that connects investors, stakeholders & Steemians with other Steemians wanting to promote their content, which taught me a lot about developing on Steem; I've also put my heart, soul and sweat into open-source projects.

  • Steem Chat-Wallet: A light wallet for Steem with a chat interface that makes it super easy & secure to send transfers.

  • Witness Essentials: Essential tools & scripts for Steem Witnesses. (Watcher, Failover, Notifications, Remote Control, Pricefeed)

  • Utopian.io Signup: Signup (frontend & backend) for Utopian.io to create new accounts.

Being active in such a diverse number of projects and even being rewarded for the work I'm doing, is exactly the reason why I'm so fascinated about Steem.

Goal #4: Spread positive energy and knowledge on Steem

Behind this Avatar and account, there is a human and as we're all humans, we all have our strength and weaknesses.

And this is especially visible and even feelable at times like these. The price of Steem is down, many have been waiting months for SMTs & HF20 and all of that has reflected itself in the activity on Steem.

One of my biggest personal goals was it to spread positive energy and knowledge on Steem. Explaining difficult topics in an easy way and also up-lifting people.

Whether this is about the coming Hardfork 20: Simply Explained: HF20.

Or about thinking long term and not being affected by the price of Steem: The Power of Positivity: Thinking Longterm

Or about Steem & Steemit related knowledge: 504 Gateway Error on Steemit.com? Use Steemitstage.com!.

For me, this is also an important task of a Witness - at least the kind I'm thriving to become. Sharing knowledge and empowering other users with positivity.

And now?

As I wrote in the beginning, this last year was very stressful, but amazing nonetheless.

Most importantly, I've learned a lot and I'm very sure that the coming year will be as much or maybe even more knowledgeable.

And actually, the new year has already started for me.

Part 2: 2018 - 2019

I personally believe in doing things first and then talking about it, instead of promising something which might not see the reality.

That's why I decided to write about my goals after I achieved them.

Nevertheless, expressing one's own intentions is obviously important.

Now, the goals I have for this year are very similar to the last year, only the priority is a bit different.

The top priority for this year goes towards my Witness.

And I've already made sure to do exactly that.

Witness 2.0

As I became more experienced as a Witness, I realised where my weaknesses were.

The most important task for every Witness is to make sure that the witness nodes are secure and decentralised. If a majority of Witnesses are not doing that, the whole blockchain is in danger.

What do I mean with that specifically?

Using only one provider is dangerous.

Last year, my primary provider was @privex who are doing an amazing service, but relying on one provider, even if the servers are in different data centers in different countries - it's still dangerous.

Now, I have no intentions of not using privacy, but diversification is key here.

That's why I've rented a brand new server from a different provider in a different country. I will not disclose the provider or country, however, it is an EU country and AFAIK, nobody else has a server there, yet.

Witness Servers

Here is my updated Witness infrastructure - starting with the new server.

Primary Server

  • Steem: v0.19.12
  • Processor: E5v4
  • RAM: 128GB DDR4
  • Disk: 2x240GB SSD
  • Connection: 3 GB/s

Backup Server

  • Steem: v0.19.12
  • Processor: i7
  • RAM: 64GB DDR3
  • Disk: 2x240GB SSD
  • Connection: 1 GB/s

Seed Node (New)

  • Steem: v0.19.12
  • seed.smartsteem.com:2001
  • Processor: i7
  • RAM: 64GB DDR3
  • Disk: 2x240GB SSD
  • Connection: 1 GB/s

On top of that, I have another server which is dedicated for watching my Witness, switching between servers / disabling the Witness in case of technical problems and missed blocks. I'm also able to remote control my Witness via telegram.

Wolf the Builder

Additionally, I've also build steemd manually on the new 128GB server, as I truly see it as an important skill every Witness should have.

For example: just recently, Steem got a lot of new versions and relying solely on tools like Steem-in-a-box or other docker-scripts is not an option.

Don't get me wrong, you can even build steemd manually while using docker-scripts and docker makes everything a lot simpler to handle, but the skill to build everything from scratch should still be there.

More Delegations

I've also decided to delegate 5000 Steempower towards @steem-ua (https://steem-ua.com/) to support incredible useful algorithm and development efforts.

Being able to support initiatives like @steem-ua is exactly the reason why I'm working so hard on accumulating Steempower.

What's next?

While my Witness activities have my top priority, the rest of my priorities aren't far down. I will continue to work hard on Smartsteem, improving it to further enhance the Steem ecosystem.

But in general, the goal for this year will be to have a more balanced life. Which also includes expanding the social aspect of @therealwolf.

There are many more live streams & AMAs planned. And I'm obviously going to continue posting - while always working on improving the quality of my posts.

Sooo, that's it. Are you excited? I definitely am.

Honestly, thank you so much for following my crazy and amazing journey on Steem.

I wish all of you the very best,


Making Steem Greater

Projects developed by @therealwolf for Steem

Smartsteem.com Steem Chat-Wallet
Witness Essentials Utopian.io Signup

More about me

#1 Ask Me Anything livestream with 15 questions

"11 Things I Learned From the AMA" written by @hungryhustle

Do you share my vision for Steem?

You can vote for me as Witness through this link https://steemit.com/~witnesses.

Or you can simply use steemconnect to vote for me or to set me as a proxy.

A big and sincere Thank you to all of those who support my efforts!

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Hello @therealwolf, here is my entry for the contest


Happy 1year anniversary

@therealwolf: since you are here since only end of last year.. do you mind to share the source of your SPs?
earned posting and curation, earned with smartsteem, as witness and bought with fiat?
Hope this is not too sensible.. just curious how the economics work out...


Sure. Everything has been earned with Steem. Far less than 0.1% has been bought with FIAT.




have been here for a while now but things have not been going as i was tutored. i only get one or two up votes despite how committed have been working here. Almost tired of staying here


yes.. its a big problem I am very well aware of and fortunately some whales are too..

so there is still hope out there!

  ·  2년 전

its all on the blockchain solarwarrior.... no need to ask.


true.. so that's why I am asking.. its already public however he has thousands of transactions on the BC so why making all the effort when he might be happy to share?

  ·  2년 전


click on this, you can see exactly how much you've made since the beginning, you can do this for anyone on steem.


wow, cool!

THX a lot!!!

  ·  2년 전

The best is yet to come my friend, just you watch



Thanks brother. I do think so, but amazing things already happened and I need to be grateful for those :)

Congrats for the first year my friend!
i'm looking forward to explain how i see you in the future on the chain and hwo you growed up in my eyes.

All the best and a lot's fun on Steemit

Steem On - RivalzZz

Hey @therealwolf,
here is my entry to the Contest.


Hope i got all correctly in it

all the best my friend,


Great job, my man!

Congrats man you have come a long way and it shows you are and have become a STEEMMVP.

Cannot wait for more epic projects from you.


Thanks @chronocrypto - appreciate it!

Good luck with the next years projects. Keep it up

As to your avatar it really does remind me of this character

Milo Pressman from the TV series 24


Haha. I actually don't look at all like this iRL. But thanks for the quick laugh!

Happy 1 year anniversary @therealwolf
You look like a wonderful person with a unique character and it would be an honour to celebrate and make something about you.

i too celebrated my 1year anniversary on 26th August.


Thank you and Congratulations then, @lizbethk! :)

Congratulations @therealwolf for achieving this milestone. I know it hasn't been easy but hopefully will get easier as time goes on.


hopefully will get easier as time goes on.

Hehe, I'm not sure about that, but I love the journey so far.

Happy Birthday! May the 2nd Steem year be even better and with a rocket climb in price since we're wishing :D


Thanks mate!

When STEEM hits 10$, I'll upvote you with 100% with whatever Steempower I have. If I forget it, you'll get 10 STEEM. ;)

@remind-me 28 August 2019


Hey @therealwolf, I will notify you on August 28th 2019, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )


LMAO awesome


When Steem hits 10$... boy we'll both be well off by then, you more than me :D But still, I expect to have more than the 3000 SP and at 10 that generates a cool passive income :P


I'm not gonna remind him so he'll have to give you the 10 STEEM. :p


Sounds like a good plan, I'll slip 2 Steem to you under the table.


Still no 10$ Steem :(


I'll be here :P


Alrighty then.

@remind-me 28 August 2020


Hi @therealwolf!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!

Happy Anniversary!

What is so encouraging about your story is how much you have done, having come so relatively late to the project.

And committing and risking so much!

Every Abraham needs a Moses to pass the baton to. The infusion of new energy and ideas, and the building of sufficient SP to support that energy and those ideas, is critical to keeping the Steem eco-system vital.

Literally and metaphorically, to keep it from running out of Steem.

Bravo! And thank you. :)

It's not often people start up on a journey with little to fall back on and end up telling fantastic testimonies of how the road and how far they've come as well and the accomplishments as well. 100k steempower in a 5$ STEEM price case situation is massive really and well congratulations on the anniversary and milestone

Congrats bro @therealwolf. A really long journey in a very short time. I can only envy what you did in so little time and much more to come in the future. Keep it up, I admire your courage and vision. I will always continue to support you as am doing by sourcing my votes from smartsteem. Keep it up.


Ah thank you, but don't envy me. Take me as an example, that you can become successful on Steem, if you just put enough effort into it.


Exactly what I mean but wrongly expressed. thanks

@therealwolf, congrats for your Anniversary here! 🍻 🍻 🍻

It is very good for the community to have you here, you have done a lot for steemit, and looks like you have much more innovative things to be done.
Personally I learnt and continue to learn a lot thanks to the articles and all info provided by you and smartsteem.

Keep up the excellent work, good luck!

Posted using Partiko Android


Thanks yanipetkov!

I'm very glad you're learning a lot.

Congratulation to your first full of success year. I’m not an artist, but it will be exciting to see what talented steemit artists come up with.
I can participate by Resteem of this post.
Good luck to all artists!

  ·  2년 전

Better achievements are head Man !! Big up! and Good-luck in your next project .

Very positive, cognitive, inspiring, productive and deserves your article's attention. I'm very sorry that I know English at least 80% then I would have learned faster and understood that here and how I achieved the result much faster than now !!! Well, neither terrible I think that too I will achieve not small results and ignorance of the language is not a hindrance to me. thanks for my personal👍👌👏😉😊images (1).jpgimages (10).jpg

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here: https://steemit.com/news/@reseller/hanpgpu7

Congratulation for the success you have reached in only one year!
You did a lot of hard work!
Steem on and thanks for your great job here!

Wow! After reading the detailed blog I am convinced that you are a very passionate guy and believe in hard work. I highly appreciate the way you want to inspire the readers and allowing them to participate in this awesome contest so that much more people get inspiration from your journey. Well @therealwolf i am totally into this contest and looking really forward <3

The real wolf ...Do you fight we are with you

Steemit is an interesting ride, isn't it? Looks like you've done really well so far. Since I don't think I've ever talked to you personally, I'm going to have to do a bit of research before I can actually produce my post. Still I will enter to see how well I can do with my limited knowledge.

Congrats for first anniversary...
Are you created @smartsteem service??
Because Iam using this service for my all post promotions...
And what are the benefits of voting to witness?? I never voted anyone.

for to this post.im realy happy for this post.becouse im houge learn to this post.Excualy i have not enough experience about steemit.

thank you very mouch brother.

And before you might think I'm egoistic

people see me and my journey on Steem.

It has to be original and about me, @therealwolf

For witness 2.0 , also consider the comments from folks here :


Are you seriously picking different sentences completely out of context?

For witness 2.0 , also consider the comments from folks here :

I'm already aware of those. So far, I know what my path is and this also includes becoming more familiar with c++. However, my current c++ skills are laughable in comparison to what's needed and it will take a few months to upgrade them.

And I'd rather put that time into skills that are already good enough to bring useful changes.

But thank you for linking the post. Will keep it in mind.


Are you seriously picking different sentences completely out of context?

Yes , I am , that helps me to make my point !!

Nice article.!!

Congrats on being one the influential person on Steemit.

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Happy Birthday @therealwolf! Thanks for a great service!

Congrats on all of your accomplishments! I'm sure it was a grind. Here's to your next set of goals!

Congrats and well done!
Glad to hear you are doing HA to your witness nodes. I wonder if there is a world map or chart that actually shows all the witnesses nodes/servers location. Hopefully we have a good geographically spread of all nodes.
Your past live stream was great! And thanks for featuring my Question. But the streams were a little too long, LOL, try to keep it to an hour or less. :)

Nice post, nice job... Congratulations on a great year. I hope this one is even better!

I felt kind of proud that I vote for your witness.

Congratulations on completing one year on steem it. And your plans for 2 year are awesome. I like that you are going to start context to support beginner @therealwolf hope for your bright future keep growing best wishes with you

Happy steem enniversary and nice post brother great

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Congratulations and happy anniversary @therealwolf. Your goals are an inspiration to planktons like myself. Thank you. I should probably borrow them

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Viele Glückwünsche und mach weiter so mit der guten Arbeit

Good luck with the next years projects. Keep it up

Very inspiring to read through your journey here! I think it shows what consistency and dedication can bring to individuals who come to the platform to help build and develop it and not just the rewards aspect of it. I continue to get inspire by many stories like yours to realize the potential of the #STEEM ecosystem. Every day is exciting to be a part of what is being built here. Thanks for sharing!

A honest post. Long time since I have read a long post. May all your goals come true this year also @therealwolf

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“Resteems can be done within the 2 weeks until deadline, but better earlier than late.”

What do you mean? You meant that we have to resteem this post?

The most interesting things are always in front of you :) Greetings

My congratulations!I hope next year will be no less outstanding than the first! Keep it up!

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Congratulations man - You have definitely had a huge influence here in the last year :)

Congratulation @therealwolf on completing another successful year...glad to see you met all your goals....you moved in right direction and achieved what you wanted..👌...i am one of your early entrant in @smartsteem and saw the growth itself....it was huge and perfect...the contest is awsome...hope to hop in with some.input.....have a gtrat year ahead...


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congratulation spending one year on steemit

This is what one I like about Steemit/Steem platform, all participants can express themselves in the community.
Compared to almost all cryptos, on which we havent read whos who is working behind those servers. Stories of people behinds those monitors gives more value to the platform.
I am happy that you as a witness will continue to uphold ideals for the betterment of the steem blockchain itself, the continuing proliferation of its use.

I do hope more and more developers/witness like, those with highest goals/ideals for steem blockchain willstrive their very best, not just for the money, but for betterment of the technology and all of its users.

I salute you @therealwolf !
Thanks for the splendid service you are giving to us.

Good morning from the Philippines.

Congrats on all the milestones reached brotha !

you are awesome and your post are really very knowledgeable for us.

Respect. You achieved a lot in that first year; congratulations on the anniversary! :-)

I'm very interested in spirituality, philosophy and growing as a human being.

Just a quick tip, if you didn't know already: @clayboyn runs a philosophy curation and radio show... just sayin' ;-)

Thanks for being a force for good on Steemit! :-)

Hi @therealwolf! We are @steem-ua, a new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation! Your post is eligible for our upvote! Thanks for your contribution, keep up the good work, and feel free to join our Discord server!

Congrate @therealwolf over your one year anniversary on steemit , I am just 2 month in steemit

Your ambitious goals motivate me to follow your example promoting and helping steemians community. Way to go...

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Fantastic man, all the best for the future and good to have talked to you on Discord!

@therealwolf Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations ! You clearly put the work in ,in so many different aspects to reach the goals you reaches over the year !!May you be an inspiration to all other steemians who dream of being successful here!

Happy First Anniversary here in Steemit! :)

After a long time, I read a very good post. Loved it Hope to post more about that.

Many many Congratulations @therealwolf for your success in steem.
You have done you goal of you 1st yaer.
i hope that you will success in your future goal.
Congratulations @therealwolf s9bPVaK.gif

what a rollercoaster steem journey you have had Mr. Wolf!! Bravo!

hard work really pays off! it takes times but you will get there!

Congratulations on your ONE Year and all your achievements!

Top hilarious spoiled kids

look at those big goals! i'm sure you'll get there soon enough!
for me they're just too big haha 😆

Sir best thing
It's information very important in future sir

Congratulations on your one year anniversary on Steemit @therealwolf! I know better days are ahead of you. I hope i am selected as part of the winners of your contest. Thanks!

I was looking forward to your real photo at the end of your post for the contest ...aaargh.

The way you planificate things are the way.. also in here an amazing and stresulff year too but more the first than the last.
Like the way you are doing thing man! Voted as Witness

Peace V!

muchas felicitaciones @therealwolf

Congratulations @therealwolf!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 9 with 84 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 382,68

My congratulations on the first successful year.

That's why I've rented a brand new server from a different provider in a different country

one reason, for to vote you as a witness

Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße

You are very good for Steem/Steemit. I am just as passionate about this platform but your tech skills are light years beyond me. We need to build and push this forward.... Carry on the realwolf, were all behind you and Steemit!!! 😎

Firstly do accept my heartiest congratulations for having become one year old on this great steemit platform. You have become very successful in this short span of time ,Your posts are all very informative and add a lot of value to the steemit site.

I sincerely wish you the very best and may you continue to post such valuable posts in future also for the benefit of new-bees like me.
Great contest about your avataar you have thrown out ,very interesting i should say ,i will surely be participating in this contest.

Thanks ,keep up the good work friend.

Primero que nada felicitaciones @therealwolf por tu primer aniversario en Steemit y es bueno tener ambiciones al plantearte tanto objetivos para tu segundo aniversario es muy bueno proyectarse con vista hacia el futuro

@therealwolf , i like wolf atituate ...aowwwww

That's a lot of tasks accomplished... Congrats and happy anniv, @therealwolf!

I finally voted for you as a witness.

Your constant presence and interaction on Steemit convinced me you care about this place.


Is your username a diss at my username? :)

wow nice

Very long but useful post. Regarding contest, I would love to participate. Shared with my fans. Good luck!

Hi @therealwolf, I'm really impressed by reading your journey at Steemit. I'm new at this amazing platform and just exploring it more to put my efforts in the right direction. Everyday, I learn something new here from amazing leaders like you. Just an offtopic question: what's a Witness and benefits of voting someone as your Witness? Does that person become your mentor and train you?
I've reblogged this post and started following you in hopes to keep learning from you. I'm not a techy guy and my entire life, all I've done it just Cricket. I don't know how a technical leader like you and a Sports enthusiast like me find a common ground to hit our next goals using Steemit platform.
Wish you all the best for all your endeavors.
Happy Steeming!

Nice work you are doing
I hope you find my posts interesting and captivating

Hey Friends Do you want to get votes?
If you follow my account then vote for me.
I will also vote for you.

Are you the owner of smartsteem?

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  ·  2년 전

Felicidades @therealwolf ! Tu constancia y dedicación te permitieron llegar a este primer escalón de los muchos que vas a seguir alcanzando. Un abrazo.

Since you are being "honest" what do you pay in bribe, err I mean back door arrangements to get @freedom witness vote?

Congrats on your success here!

Since you have focused on being positive in your retrospective, I wanted to ask if you were going to take a look at the hardships of steemit in a different post.

I remember the controversy you got roped into last year, and maybe a look at some of the problems a new steemer can run into inadvertently would be of value to the newbie community!

If not, understood!

And have another great year here!

congrats TRW !! keep it movin, i love your new book featured in the comments LOL excellent

  ·  2년 전

Each time I asked you something about @smartsteem you've been absolute on point and really willing to get back ideas from the community, which is something surely valuable @therealwolf.
My goals are to get to 5K SP, so to be a dolphin, and to reach 70 as reputation!

Hope to get there, happy Steem-anniversary!

Congratulations real wolf 🐺, its been quite a wonderful journey plus am inspired one at that, while most of us joined and lost tracked or say tired of our little wallets you still get the motivation to keep moving, if you can remember our part have crossed 🤞 well wishing you happy anniversary and the best part why i appreciate you on the steem platform is the smartsteem project, really made promoting post alot easier, i have been a reader of your blog when i was active like everyday on steem, about your explanations of sbd/steem and all smartsteem up dates, i do say you are an inspiration to the steem community, I'm not saying this because i need an upvote from nah stopped that long ago when i got my 27 rep, saying this from the heart, i think we've chat once or twice on discord and yoi did reply my complaints with consideration and i have used smartsteem on my post- and now to the angry part lol i still HATE YOU FOR NOT WHITELISTING ME, after pleading pleading with you 😡 😡 😡 😡 but anyways,i forgiven yah already 😃, happy anniversary man, cheers.