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Steem has given out $70,000,000!

Most of these alternative social media sites are asking for money, conducting public raises and still rely on banks/PayPal.

These websites popping up aiming at censorship resistance are setting themselves up to fail simply by the methods they are going about it. And it amazes me that most of them pretend to act as if Steem does not exist. Or if they do acknowledge Steem, it's in a hateful way.

Exhibit A:
This is from there FAQ on their site for crying out loud!

It's all a diversion game. The masses don't know what decentralization is or how much it matters. These new social media sites can slap up the words "unstoppable" & "decentralized," and content creators and consumers will be none the wiser. This is a terrible trap because as a culture, we're already divided; YouTube, Google & Facebook saw to that. To have round two with all of these hollow alternative sites, like balloons waiting to be popped.

Steem is the real deal, Holifield. No one can ever take Steem down. You can spin up a new UI to view Steem data quicker and easier than anywhere else. Steem is a liquid cryptocurrency that is censorship resistant, free transfers in 3 seconds; thus, never needing the approval of a bank or payment processor.

Steem does not accept donations because it's a blockchain and not a company or human. Steem, the blockchain, gives money and never takes it. The community uses that money to build and spread the platform. It's the first online DAC - and C as in community, not corporation. Steem has been trucking along for three + years, dishing out value every day without ever skipping a beat.

Alternative sites get praise and publicity for having their patron/PayPal shut down, well I ask, why do they even rely on the legacy system in the first place? It's like the good child being unnoticed but the bad child getting all the attention. Steem went about this decentralization in the right way, quietly humming along.

Steem is obviously, hands down the best way to create a decentralized social media site on the planet, yet the fake sites get more publicity and Steem gets all the hate. This is not a coincidence, and just as Bitcoin was smeared, so is Steem.

Steem isn't in competition with anyone but itself. If people were wise, they would be leveraging Steem to create truly unstoppable dApps. Cloaks and smoke only last so long, and what remains is a solid foundation. Steem is the bedrock of how we will build our online futures.

When the dust settles and we're still around, we'll tell them all: "You should have built on Steem!"

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We don't even have a FAQ that tells everything about steem there is to know.
No wonder people still believe it is a centralized ponzi scheme. Not even the officical site is claiming that it is not. All the info and achievements are not bundled yet on the steem page. All there is is vision and basics, but no FAQ, no achievements, no proof of decentralization graphics, no mention of 20% pa risk free passive investment opportunity on minnowbooster....

Absolutely with you Dan, I'm seeing huge value here on Steem but I'm still coming up against walls with onboarding new people unless they're somewhat technical and/or I hold their hands all the way through sign up (even using Steem Ninja's clearly brilliant sign up).

But I'm convinced (not just by you) that this little corner of Cryptocosm is actually creating something way more valuable and useful than a store of value or unit of exchange. I don't care about earning money here right now.

I care that I'm working on a true PLATFORM that can't yank my work away from me in a heartbeat or destroy the investment of my time that I've put in (as Facebook did to me in Feb when they deleted me and the 1 million follower page of @tommyrobinson I'd helped build).

And here's my plug for the #CryptoClassAction where we're suing Google, Facebook and Twitter for the good of the Cryptocosm. You can read a good explanation here on my blog.

You can join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty.

More details in this post

Let them use Libra and Facebook
Let them one by one slowly feel the pains of centralized controls and they will find their way to decentralization

The major problem we have is ignorance of the general public. I was so surprised at the level of ignorance of blockchain and cryptocurrency during the #Launchout Business Summit I was speaking at over the weekend. The masses are simply deceived because steem is yet to have a solid public awareness amd education model. It's time steem begin to sponsor marketing models that will take steem to the common man.

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You are correct Steem is definitely a rock and it depends on us how we build it.

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Well said Dan. I think it is just a matter of time before the mass move from mainstream social media to their decentralized counterparts begin. And considering how amazing our blockchain and community is, Steem should play a leading role in that ;)

well said!

Thank you Dan, always support and believe steem ecosystem.

I hope steem keep growing and be better.

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I really believe in steem. This platform is very good compared to other platforms. I am very comfortable in Steem. I want to grow and develop with steem. Have a nice day, sir.

I've tried something like 15 alternative social media sites for at least a month and still think Steem is the best. Especially now.

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Everyones going to try and make a quick buck and try to get attention focused on them without having the tech and community to back it up. We all know we're on to something here and pretenders and imitators are going to try and steal the limelight while they can still remain relative. Eventually, all the effort and building a better project in the dark will shine through. It's not a matter of if for steem, just a matter of when, if we keep up the current pace!

Here are the top paying dApps on steem now:

I use many of them and get great upvotes and interaction. The dApps are one of the top strengths of steem and deserve support and kudos.

We are all steem and the steem is us!

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I don't disagree in the least.

I have been beating the Steem drum for almost two years now. I was mocked in the early days, called all kinds of names, yet am being proven right every single day. Those who left or spewed their negative garbage are now sitting on the outside looking in.

The world will wake up to Steem sooner or later. And when they do, those who were steadily participating on here will benefit greatly.

Patience is still required but it will come.

#palnet #steemleo

This article was in my Google feed! Hell yes. And through steempeak, not steemit! That's freaking exciting.

without skipping a beat.

Well, it did skip that one beat that one time. But it helped weed out who was serious about being here.

@theycallmedan, We all know about one thing and that is every platform is talking about the Competition but Steem came above to that mindset because we are here to experience a change which is distributing Opportunity and this space is open for all kinds of creativity.

We should focus towards those aspect which will empower this Ecosystem and competiton is not near because we are not in any kind of competition.

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That's quite right. Steem is on sale but people are fleeing rather than take advantage of it and buy by a landslide.Even better for those who believe in it, that today have an opportunity to build his own future luck.

I agree with you that Steem still gets all the hate and fals publicity because people still have the narrative in mind that they picked up in the past when negative news where spreading about Steem.
But one thing is somewhat true...Steem is not really a prime example of decentralization. We have 30 Witnesses who are signing the Blocks and this is not going to change for the near future. This is not very well decentralized and I hope/wish that we will have options in the Future to expand the Block producing mechanism.

steemians have to keep Building because we have seen the worse and there is no worse than that we are still strong we just have to do it again

To these people steem seems to falls short when it comes to prices and it Seems to be carrying the whole blame for the bear market and these alternative places that allegedly seems perfect are cut the whole slack. And in just three years Steem has done so much and I they're definitely not recognizing this. It's so painful when I see people criticising unconstructively. It's really unfair to Steem

I have tried all my best on promoting it on my Whatsapp groups but anytime i try they tell me is a scam but I still keep on doing it. I think is about time we all come together and spread the news well and show them what steem really is. And also motivate them when they join but not leave them when they join.

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Consistency can break down any naysayers.


That is why I am wont stop promoting it and sharing the good news of steem

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Everyone are creating their own d apps some of them generated their own new password and username that mean they are trying to separate from steem...
Agree with you steem have its own class no one can take steem down...

Your post is like my daily dose of inspiration and motivation. Thanks for always showing us why this blockchain is the best. Great post

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This is why for more then two years now, all i did is Power Up and just Power Up without transfer a cent out of the platform...
In time the dust will settle and slowly Steem will rise!

Lol, I will take time and literally spam the shit out of them - and I won't go like full retarded, rather provide calm and constructive "feedback".
God i hate such a dirty campaign where they obviously don't have anything to offer and yet they feel somehow entitled to talk shit about something they don't even understand... Fucking rats

I've tried something like 15 alternative social media sites for at least a month and still think Steem is the best. Especially now.

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Really amazing what has been done all things considering. Particularly the lives that have been transformed like those in Venezuela and other troubled areas

Steem ♨ On with Us !
May all the Steem ♨ Force B with Us 💙

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One of the things I follow the most is that it helps me understand how steem works. Steem will be strengthened day after day, that's very good news

I agree building on Steem puts you years ahead of the game. I appreciate all you do for our block chain ecosystem

I'm hopeful, which is why I'll continue to dollar cost average into orca territory. That being said, there's plenty that needs to be fixed. I hope the hardfork goes well and will facilitate the death of bid bots as we currently know them.

Beyond that, we need to rectify the situation with dapps like @dlike and @share2steem. A lot of bloggers/curators consider it spam, but at the same time we are trying to promote steem as a multipurpose platform for building on. This needs to be reconciled somehow as these folks are in constant conflict. I see it in discord. Seems like the front ends have kind of abdicated responsibility.

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I used to view steemhunt, dlike, and share2steem as spam also, but the the truth is if people want to vote , post, and use the services they are available. Some of the post in those categories do get large votes, same as the Appics post, but there is the down vote if people think they are over rewarded. I still dislike and think that the vote bots are just as bad as those mentioned above, but they are here, they are part of the ecosystem, and they are not going away. People can chose to vote for bid-botted post or not, once again their choice, I try not to.

I just do not vote on those post. I know the arguments, but they are raping the reward pool, but they are also spreading the word about steem and the advertisers may or may not see that, but if they do have an "hey whats this, anyone what's steem? Why are we getting people saying they found us via steem? It could bring in more advertisers to steemit. (With the advent of various front ends, and the fact I don't see the ads anyways, I no longer really care about the advertisements).


When downvotes are free I intend to speak with them! I don't really subscribe to the euphemistic view of downvotes though. They will always be viewed as punitive, that's just human nature. If Im the first to downvote something, I feel an explanation is warranted, otherwise I don't bother.

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So far I have for the most part avoided down voting things or people, two is all I think and soon I will have been here for two years, so one a year I guess is not to bad. But yes human nature is something the pro-down vote crowd do not understand it seems. I am hoping if the down vote pool part is accepted that they will, (if it proves bad for the system), remove it.


Hello @john371911, thanks for dropping by and downvoting my comments to return those rewards to the pool for other users to enjoy. You are definitely setting the example for everyone here on STEEM. Please continue to post subpar posts and bid bot them up, and I will continue to be your loyal follower.


Hello @john371911, thanks for dropping by and downvoting my comments to return those rewards to the pool for other users to enjoy. You are definitely setting the example for everyone here on STEEM. Please continue to post subpar posts and bid bot them up, and I will continue to be your loyal follower.


You're not welcome.


@john37.speaker1, thanks for taking time out of your busy day with your alt account to reply to me. I am honored. I know it's hard work creating subpar posts for @john371911 and trying to retaliate against people who downvote them for abusing bidbots.

It's going to be a pleasure to interact with you on STEEM, I hope we can be great friends.

A fuckin’ men!

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