What was the best Steem article/video you viewed this week?

4년 전

Any topic is fair game. Link below and my favorite will receive a big upvote.

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I second this. Such an insightful post. Highly recommend!

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Wow, this was very detailed and a very good read.


Indeed it is. Perceptualflaws never disappoints. I think I could safely say that his are some of the most thoroughly researched and knowledgeable posts on the platform. I know he doesn't do it for the money but rather to inform, but I'm delighted to see him getting some support as I fear that without it he might withdraw like tremendospercy, another inspired author we managed to lose.


Thank you so much for the consideration and kind words @deirdyweirdy and @bengiles .. equally thank you for the upvote of confidence on my post @theycallmedan .. I'm humbled and so glad you appreciated it! I wasn't around at the weekend but you guys put a huge smile on my face this afternoon, which after a busy day, was no easy task :D Much appreciate the support.

It's gotta be this post by @pennsif, the reason is because so many people have been left in the dark concerning steem.inc power down, @pennsif took time to detail a whole lot in this post and it carries a whole lot of information which makes it valuable for me,



@pennsif puts in a lot of work, I appreciate his work. TY for sharing.


definitely and reading it made me understand the reason for @ned's actions, of course I'm glad I could share


I appreciate it mate

Not that it’s mine, but this has got to be the best video I ever saw. I really enjoyed making it. Hope it makes your weekend better!




The Bart Simpson heads are no joke xD

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This is by far the best article I've read this week and I believe every steemian should take couple of minutes and actually read this one.

Charity posts always warm my heart, no matter how small or big the project is. I really liked this initiave by our amazing fellow Steemians Carlos and Eve from Panama https://steemit.com/dtube/@el-cr/iejvm1id

I really enjoyed seeing a couple of great Steemians out of their element as they were in Steem Fest 3 weeks ago! It gave me some perspective of why people come here for the money but stay for the community and the relationships forged!

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I think this is a great video And funny 😀


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An interesting article with some nice suggestions and some critics about how the things are done in the plattform.


the best Steem article/video i am viewed this week


best gaming post in this week

I think this is a great vide0 in this week

I liked this dtube video this week very much.


I write with motivational messages, inspiring the public, but mainly inspiring me, if we repeat positive words constantly end up self-suggesting and fulfilling what you write and say.

I preferred this dtube video this week without a doubt.


I love this post by Sara @sjarvie5!!! She shared magical photos of mother nature from Oregon.

Ofc your post https://steemit.com/steem/@theycallmedan/price-breaker-com-now-accepts-steem-website-wide :D

and from @steemchiller https://steemit.com/steemworld/@steemchiller/steemworld-weekly-support-19

, he builds steemworld and it is in my opinion a really nice Tool for the Steem Blockchain.

steemit/@ned/the-guiding-mission-vision-and-values-of-steemit-inc. i like it because it's good to see ned around in whatever capacity.

Hey Dan, thanks for your support thus far. I just hope you encourage more participation off the chain (which will boost the awareness of this chain & likewise the price). Maybe you can engage us on Twitter like this, just a harmless suggestion.

Meanwhile, have a look at this.

This is only a photography but I think this is great and good quality


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For this week, it would have to be the @steembirds! Steemians just having fun while on the blockchain. :)


As far as information about Ned's powerdown my choice is lukestokes article. Enough so I resteemed it yesterday.

Let me know if you were looking more in lines with fun. lol I put something else. ❤️

It must be this very intriguing and fascinating post

I mostly love to see nature picture or videos I saw this video really I love it


I’d like to nominate one of my works, as I’m quite proud of the portraiture, and photos to come.


My own video using a text to speech tool @theycallmedan
I can't speak well with my speech impediment so I made this one with the tool.


I love this post, i think you like this post sir

First of all I recognize your great work on the platform and well I share the best video I saw - It's great


Hi Dan,
I hope you are having a super-excellent weekend! The STEEM price has had a well deserved rise too which is awesome! I have another utterly mind-blowing video for you! This excellent research shows the clear connection between ancient Samaria, Egypt and the USA!! Ever wondered why there is SO much Egyptian symbology, statues and architecture in US?! Ever wondered why the double headed Eagle is the emblem of SO many cultures around the world?! These are among many fantastic subjects covered here including the Tartars (and Genghis Khan) who once ruled the world in peace with high technology, but whose legacy has been hidden and mostly destroyed. So many anomalies... such as the incredible aqueducts of Mexico or the Greco Roman buildings found in Japan - all built far earlier than we are told - and actually by the Tartars!
Our history is literally a patchwork of lies and half truths cobbled together for political propaganda ... the many holes and inaccuracies are clear to see and not hard to investigate. Do not be fooled - check the facts - you will never look at history, society and political systems in the same way again!


I just tried to find the best video steem for now

Hy @theycallmedan

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My choice is like you
I liked it.