The Gut Check

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This Is The Gut Check.

I am writing this today because many Steem Hodlers are powered up and couldn't get out of their positions now even if they wanted.
You go on, and you see tweets about Steem about to go belly up, how the "Ponzi" is coming unraveled, the herd of "I told you so's" are feverishly retweeting every FUD article out there.

It's times like this where communities break apart or cement together. I see nothing but like-minded people all willing to find a way. There isn't even an "if" on the table. The leaders see this as a growth opportunity, a method for Steem to truly separate itself from Steemit. The responsibility has grown to be too much for Steemit alone to handle. Right now, what matters the most is those who step up. Those who continue to fight and secure the chain. This isn't just an investment or an experiment; this is a movement. This platform stands up for our voice, and our voice has value damnit!

The more lightweight and durable we become the easiest it will be to ride out bear markets. Bull markets bring excessive rations. Bear markets make you thankful for those rations. Growing a big community isn't always going to be about good news. Blame can go around, but who is really to blame in a decentralized platform? Isn't that the point? Do people bitch at Satoshi for leaving bitcoin? So what is the difference with Steem? I am investing more and more into Steem, the platform and projects coming on the platform. Whales attract whales, and I plan on going sonar.

Pick a lane, stick to it. Steem isn't a short-term game, powering up proves that very fact. I have been in this position many times in my life. A place where my decision isn't immediately reinforced with certainty. A place where the footing may not seem so firm. A place where others can easily judge and point fun. The I told you so's are always temporary, for those that really know are too busy building and have no time to prove anything to anyone except themselves.

I leave you with perception:

You wake up; the year is 2025. You look at coinmarketcap, and the price of Steem is 100$. You go back to sleep, you wake up and the year is 2018. You look at coinmarketcap, and the price of Steem is .30 cents. The mindset you would have, a feeling of relief. The funny thing is, with this relief comes improved focus and positivity. Merely having this certainly makes you accumulate more Steem each day happily. It is all of course just a mindset. Certainty is a lie. What isn't a lie is the mindset. The mindset is now, what you do now effects 2025. Whatever the price of Steem is will be out of your control for the most part. Only through collective effort as a community can Steemians come together and make 2025 be the year everyone wakes up to 100$ Steem.

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Will reach out soon.


Looking forward to it brother:)))


Are you not afraid of spams @nathanmars?


Me. I’m not afraid of anything. I’ve Zero FEAR.

Something for you to read...

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    Shut up and listen. If you want to be a writer, you have to be a reader first. Human spam are everywhere, they don’t want to pay their dues, they want their piece right here, right now. They don’t want to listen to your ideas, they want to tell you theirs. If you want fans, you have to be a fan first. If you want to be accepted by a community, you have to first be a good citizen of that community.
    You want hearts, not eyeballs. Stop worrying about how many followers you have. Stop reading articles on how to get more followers. If you want more followers, be someone worth following. Have you tried making yourself a more interesting person? If you want to be interesting, you have to be interested. Don’t waste your time making connections instead of trying to get good at what you do.
    The Vampire Test. If after hanging out with the person, you feel worn out and depleted, that person is a vampire. If, after hanging out with someone you still feel full of energy, that person is not a vampire. Should you find yourself in the presence of a vampire, banish it from your life forever.
    Identify your fellow knuckleballers. Knuckleball pitchers are the ugly ducklings of baseball. They form the brotherhood and share their secrets with each other. These are your real peers. Nurture relationships with them, collaborate with them.
    Meet up in meatspace. Meet your online friends in real life by organizing meetups. The best thing about being online is an opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas offline

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Good for you man. I've had terrible experiences with spammers in the past, and henceforth, always try as much as possible to avoid letting out any personal info.


Thank you!

I guess you're powering down because of

I am not a Whale but I am trying to attract all the good I can to the Steem blockchain. That is why I post what I do. My confidence in what is taking place here is unwavering. Steem is very strong in spite of the criticism.

My original plan still holds. I have certain target levels that I am watching to add to my position. This was not move one bit by the news this week.

Great post.


Thanks, I love your work and read all your post, keep doing what you're doing because it brings confidence to investors to read your breakdowns.

In uncertainty is where real profits lay and more importantly, where we find out of what we are really made.

I’m here for the long haul! If steem is feeling the pressure of the bear market, it means that 99% of other cryptos are also experiencing the same but they just dont talk about it.

With great adversary, great things can come from it. 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


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IMO, the cryptomarket will grow once it stops its correlation with BTC. It easy these days to predict that if BTC moves down, everything else follows. Hope to see that end soon.

The problem is people want quick money.
Your mindset of 2025 year is amazing and whats even more amazing imagine how easy it is to acumulate steem right now posting blogs and buying it at 0.30$.
Now imagine how hard will it be when steem hits 100$ we are considered as the first goers.
Amazing time approches Steem for those that are willing to wait.

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there are loads of people powering up, I run the redfish power up league and our witness account @steemcommunity run the minnow power up league. People are powering up, its so awesome to see and follow these long term thinkers. So steemit inc have hit a glitch, big deal. its people like you and I that see this glitch to be an opportunity and there are so many more too.

  ·  3년 전

That's right brother... Pick a lane!! hahahah I love it... Real Talk!

I'm powering up, not because I believe blindly on Steemit Inc, but because I believe in the power of this community.


Let’s pick a lane and keep moving forward!

Every member of our community need understand their own power!



I am pretty sure in the long run, Steemit will grow irrespective of the contributions by Steemit, Inc.
The community that backs Steemit is unlike any community in social media history, ever so enthusiastic and voluntary with any challenge that is thrown.

People finally being able to tell that Steem is not Steemit is a big plus for the development of the blockchain going forward in my opinion... All of this will be worth it...


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i start in steemit without knowing anything. All i do is because i love to write.Then after 3 month in steemit , i start to read more article and learn about crypto . and i see the opportunity ahead me on steemit .

I believe steemit will grow with time . As crypto also will getting stronger each day. Why ? because these data to build blockchain will never stop. Thats why , who can stand this lower value of crypto and survive will going big .

I agree what ned do to the company by reducing the worker of the company will reduce the production cost and help the company substance in this downturn even these will be a bad news for them who has been lay off which is much better than closing down company.

I trust in steemit , i even power up in this opportunity

steem on .

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I've been here over 2 years and I'm still having fun. I've been through times of much lower Steem price and I kept posting and commenting. My account has been worth a lot of money at other times, but I couldn't have powered down quickly enough to get that much. This is a long term project that is just starting to take off. I'm sure Ned won't go hungry, but we don't have to depend on his company. That's the joy of a decentralised platform. Steem on!

Despite all the wining and the problems I started with steemit just a few days ago.
I love the idea of a decentralized social platform, and I believe in blockchain and crypto - long term .
I know the feeling to look back and to realize that you missed out on opportunities.
So I urge everyone to take advantage of these times and this market. 7 years from now you wish you had.

"You wake up; the year is 2025. You look at coinmarketcap, and the price of Steem is 100$. You go back to sleep, you wake up and the year is 2018. You look at coinmarketcap, and the price of Steem is .30 cents. The mindset you would have, a feeling of relief."

I think this is great way of looking at things. Granted, I am someone with very low SP who only invested a couple of $ into buying STEEM because I just don't have any money to invest. At the current price of STEEM I would do it without thinking that much about it.

What I am trying to say is that for someone like me it might be easier to be happy and optimistic slowly grinding my account SP even when I see the market going down like this.

But I do think this is a bit harder for people that relied on their income here or for people who invested a nice amount of money when STEEM was over 1$. This is why I love your positive thinking @thecallmedan.

One thing I learned in life is that good things come to those who wait and I trully believe that people who push through the bad times here and keep steeming will be really happy sooner or later.

I wish you and everyone reading the best of luck in the future.

Steem on!
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With all the crisis rocking steemit, I still feel at peace with myself and steemit, so the thought of leaving is not coming to my mind, that is why am staying powered up.

Steemit feels right for me.


This was a huge encouragement to me and an eye opener. Steem introduced me to crypto few months ago and I'm taking the journey gradually. I'm not a pro as I am still learning the ropes. Reading this made me see things in a different dimension.

I've believe in steemit as a community and the value they offer. I've learnt quite some things since I joined this. Thank you for the opportunity to sir @theycallmedan

Yes!! So much this! This is the time for us as a community to cement together and come out of this so much stronger than we were before. This is an opportunity, and I actually am excited to see how this brings us together.. because I think when we all get on the same page, working together towards the same goal, we will be unstoppable. Thanks for this message, I agree 100%

I hope that the things will be fixed soon and we will celebrate together.


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love this. and annoyed i didn’t see it sooner. but shout out to @nathanmars for throwing it out on twitter for me to find at 2am lol ;)

huge points and i love the thought of waking up to $100 steem. i know we all do.

i’m not going anywhere. and the right people have that same attitude.

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@theycallmedan, Absolutely true words and this post is released in right phase of time because we know that the times of Downfall brings the situation of blaming and people who see adversity situation as failure then in my opinion they cannot buildup communities. So, whatever roles we are playing we have to up our game and and have to go with full force in these difficult times.

And why not see it as game because, we have an opportunity and we know that nothing is permanent, we are creators and only our choices make us, then why to step back, in my opinion the system like Steem Blockchain and Steem Platform is not an everyday idea so we have to grab this opportunity and have to make our shoulders more tight because if the team is becoming weaken then we have to use the double force until we meet the next cycle of leaders. And in my opinion i don't believe in everybody is an leader, in my opinion this universe have given an particular essence to everyone and they will play their role, some will play their role from the darkest rooms alone and some will play the roles by developing communities and many more we are more in Roles than Leaders. So let's play the role hard to make the Steem Land easy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Well the uncertainties arises when they drop bomb shells like staff being fired and not able to keep up the operational working

Hope next bull will come.

Well said. Just like I wrote in my 1 year Steemit anniversary post two days ago, I am going to keep on Steeming every day - engaging with the community, having fun with my Steemit friends, writing posts, commenting, powering up, curating, participating in contests, organizing contests myself etc. Because I still have a strong faith in this thing.

Isn't this a good time for this to happen? Most of the people that don't really beleive in Steem have gone already. The price has fallen a lot without any real bad news, now at least there's some reason for it. I'm not that concerned, I think there's enough good projects for Steem to thrive without Steemit. Cutting costs shouldn't be too difficult and I think this could be a big incentive for Ned to get his act together. Those guitar videos were fun but he didn't look focused, now maybe he will be.

I agree with your sentiments steemit can only do so much and should focus on the blockchain and underlying tech while communities take the opportunity to build their projects on top of it creating value for the blockchain and STEEM overall.

I think the ideal of STEEM is way to closely affliated with Steemit and Steemit inc and thats fine for now, we're still figuring things out and eventually STEEM will take centre stage like ETH has done for ICO's and dApps, it will do so for community and content based projects/dApps.

It is certainly a long term play and I feel that everyone that is in steem now is an ambassador for the platform. I'm personlly growing my account and powering up so that I can use my account as a marketing tool for those id like to recruit to the platform ive already brought in 5 people to steemit and I can tell you it wasn't easy but if we all pay it forward and 1 brings in another we'll have a bigger stronger community that has personal relationships and will bring new ideas to the platform.

Its slow now but we can see growth by the ammount of accounts powering up and moving up the ranks, this will compound over time and i'm super bullish on STEEM as a project but I'll admit I am biased lol

I live day by day with a smile on my face, even when I make a mere 0.10 payout. Sure, I made less than 10 cents, but I don't see 10 cents when I look at 0.10 Steem. I see at minimum, $1, and all Steem needs for 0.10 to be worth $1 is to hit $10. That means 0.01 will be $1 when it hits $100.

Merely having this certainly makes you accumulate more Steem each day happily.

Those 0.001 curation rewards are pennies

Well, I'm doing my best to stay on track. I'm slowly walking my way up to becoming a minnow and this whole crisis has created an opportunity for me to earn more.

I believe in this platform. Unfortunately, I do not have that much to invest, which I mentioned in a previous article is no longer an excuse.

There is a lot going on here but people seem to be so distracted by the price which can change any time.

This is not about being blindly optimistic, I see a lot of opportunities here. This is a hub for innovation and creativity. And most importantly this blockchain is community-based and has a personal touch to it. If you've been here long enough it is only natural that you fall in love with this, despite all our differences.

I earned something for the first time on my content here. It did not happen anywhere else. I have been on the different social platform but the steem blockchain is different. I will do everything within my means to see that this project continues. If I have to shill on Twitter, Facebook, etcetera, I will. And I hope every true steemian does the same.

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This is why I love the community here so much. People are pissed at Steemit Inc sure, but they don't let it drag them down, they turn around and see this as an opportunity instead. Nothing concrete has manifested at this moment sure since everything just happened, but I see people picking themselves up and starting to really work on Steem all around.

And those who don't know how to code go to twitter and spam Tron's twitter feed with #STEEM. :P

@theycallmedan When I read articles like this I feel bad. It's unfortunate but not all of us have big pockets in real life or rich whale friends. Some of us actually live off this platform by cashing out "insignificant" SP hence the powerdown.
I believe in steem and I know one day things will get better in this country so that I can let my crypto Investments grow.

In the meantime, I work hard and withdraw 1/3 to survive and pay for internet so that I will be able to contribute more

PS: You look like a tech person, feel free to check out my blog

I am a believer of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and I am continuously trying to accumulate coins/projects that have good fundamentals and have been hit the hardest and Steem is definitely one of them.

I'm not going back to FartBook, end of story.

In Solidarity! We are all in it together.

We have to wait that long? I was so hoping for $100 by 2024.


Hahahaha Nice!


good one haha

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soy venezolana no domino el ingles pero en mi idioma le quiero saludar y hacer de su conocimiento que estoy aqui en steemit y puede pasar por mi blog,saludos y seguimos visitando, saludos,

Wow... I love to read this Kind of posts in the tough times.
I follow you because I like to read both, the truth and the positiveness side.

Have a nice weekend.

A place where my decision isn't immediately reinforced with certainty.

^^ This. It's hard to be in those places, but necessary. I like your insights on mindset.

Despite the low price of STEEM today, those of us who belong to Steemid do not lose hope that it will reach the value it deserves and even more, but, as you say only by joining as a community, we will make that happen. .lo good comes soon .. a hug and may God bless you.

Nuggets of GOLD. The community and relationships are the real wealth here. The cRyPtO itself is just a bonus.................. nice read my friend.

Love the confidence. Love the positivism. Really love the realism. And adore the sense of community. I'm sticking to this lane and ride it all the way to 2025 and beyond! Great post; thanks @theycallmedan 😍

Glad to see you're still positive about Steem. It's going to be an interesting transition from Steemit Inc handling most things to other people taking on the load. It might not go smoothly, but if we don't give up, then we haven't lost.

I'm continuing to power up, and I like the lower prices because it means I get more Steem Power for the votes I receive. Little actions done repeatedly can yield great results. It's strange to think that even just a few months ago I had much less SP than I do now. I'll continue at it, and before I know it I'll be passing 2k!

Hello @dan how you are??
You I agree with your contribution and I think that power is essential fact all of person and I say that your think since very helpful for us..
And Thanks for sharing the details and I Will Wait for next post..

Excellent article @theycallmedan. Regards

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Very inspirational, and we have just the meme, this is Ben one of the founding partners of KameleonUK | TA Planet auto
We will continue to add value to the Steem Blockchain and powerup every chance we get. #hodlpower

wise words. you need to look at the future, not short term


haha @nathanmars love those quote ..

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Well it's sure that steem will go up one day and I'm a true believer in steem! I power up everything even i converted all my sbds to steem and powered up! I'm 100% sure that one day I will wake up on 100$ and more!!

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The challenges presented will add value to the ecosystem as it will demonstrate the strength of the community in the face of adversity. It will also foster the true decentralized nature of blockchain technology which will prove the concept of long term sustainable model for governing the ecosystem.

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Im going sonar

Hehehehe, spread the word and you will be heard.. Also did a small buy and power up last week, we gotta have some faith


I'm happy to you're powering up Steem.

You can level up journey with DTube.

Would be nice to see you in Dtube!!!


Dont worry @nathanmars you will. Having everything ready for some mountain action videos, now just the snow and I am ready to go!


Amazing 😉

I’m excited for your Dtube journey:)

Look, I'd love to be aboard the hype train here, but the Steem ecosystem's problems come from the top down.

Every decision made by @ned and crew seem poised to undercut the effectiveness of the system. The Steemit platform cannot be discarded without undercutting Steem itself. The recent hardfork was promising, but at the first sign of discontent, it was largely retconned.

It's not impossible for Steem to be worth $100 someday. But it is impossible for it to reach those heights with the current leadership.

The rot is at the top.


Bitcoin has done OK without Satoshi Nakamoto, so I'm sure Steem can do well without Ned in charge. I don't mind Ned, he just doesn't seem like a natural leader and a blockchain should be about many individuals, not one person.


For Steem to survive the long haul, it is imperative that we as a community move away from relying on Steem. This will take some true believers to run full nodes, that is why this is an excellent time to see who steps up.


This is the to make Steem truly decentralised from Steemit.

I think reality has hit that we are a lot further from decentralisation than we (well 'I') thought. Hopefully this is the wake-up call that we all needed and we now have a chance to put it right so that we can build more confidently for the future.

This is a beautiful motivation that I heard from you @theycallmedan .

I don't care about #Satoshi leaving #bitcoin, and I won't be upset if issues arise #Steem will leave #steemit though. What's in my mind is #Steem will not be destroyed.

Hi @theycallmedan , in the #steem price situation like this it is very clear that there are communities that have broken out, and also there are still communities that are struggling to keep #steem in number 1, then what do you plan for communities that are willing to struggle with their hands when crisis like this @theycallmedan ?

In my opinion, those who are still consistently active up to now are indeed real #steem fighters, and they have not disappeared when the #steem price is down as it is today.

Hi @theycallmedan , in my opinion you don't need to give a shadow about the 2025 dreams and the #steem price dream reaches $.100, because those who really work on #steemit won't easily go from #steemit even though it's as bad as any situation , and true masters really won't leave. Then what do you plan for the true master in a crisis like this?

Because 1 point of movement from a senior like it will greatly affect the spirit.
Dah, gitu aja..

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The only way to survive this, is for the none corrupt witnesses to fork us in the correct direction, they need to be talking to each other and yesterday!

I appreciate your post and this motivation so very attractive..
I've put stock in steemit as a network and the esteem they offer. I've adapted very a few things since I joined this. Much obliged to you for the chance @medan
Keep it up..

Hi @thecallmedan I follow your post and you post have logic and I help from you and also help to get all people Carry on your activities and steem is the best..

This is very informative and helpful post for us..
And powering fact so very need for all steem..
So thanks for sharing @theycallmedan

Hi @dan
This time any crypto is very low but I think that this is recovering soon..
This was a tremendous support to me and an eye opener. Steem acquainted me with crypto couple of months prior and I'm taking the adventure continuously. I'm not an expert as I am as yet taking in the ropes. Perusing this made me see things in an alternate measurement.

Yes I agree with you @dan
Individuals are pissed at Steemit Inc beyond any doubt, however they don't give it a chance to drag them down, they pivot and consider this to be an open door. Nothing concrete has showed as of now beyond any doubt since everything simply occurred, however I see individuals lifting themselves up and beginning to truly take a shot at Steem all around.thank you for sharing your contribution..


That's really weird how you said almost exactly what tamil just said...

Yes steem now very low and also power not increase for upvote and actually this time any chance to provide steem..
Just this post very incredible..
Thanks @dan..

I need that positive while also grounded in reality view point. Thank you for the perspective. Been debating whether to just hold or buy some more Steem... not even considering selling right now.

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Steem @$100 let's see.

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I am positive about Steen, but I feel we will get the real picture of it when the crypto market makes an upward movement.

I plan to continue to post, curate, and power up my Steem. In the last crypto bubble I sold a bit, but that was because I had a feeling it would correct and I might as well take advantage of the windfall. Now that crypto has corrected, the FOMO crowd is in panic mode while those of us here for the long haul can sit back and ride it all out. Maybe STEEM will become a failed altcoin. I doubt it though.

  ·  3년 전

Im holding till 2025 or even more
Steem will go to the 🌒 moon

100 $ Steem is a very heavy and full number, I will maintain what I have now and continue to give them friends for long-term development.

I'm not paying attention to all this buzz around, just work work and work.

Thanks for the motivation @theycallmedan. I joined steemit a few months ago, and was even off the scenery for about 4 months because I lost my account password lol. But I'm back, and was even about to purchase some steem power yesterday. Anyways, you're right. We all need to work together if the value of steem must kick up. We need to invest more. I don't know much about Cryptos, but i feel our job exceeds just posting and commenting and having fun on the platform. I feel like we all need to invest in it. An increase in demand for a commodity (or currency) will most definitely lead to an increase in value, and soon, that 2025 dream would not be far fetched.
I also feel that the non listing of SBD on Binance has affected its value in a way, considering most Crypto traders in my country find Binance to be the most safe and secure exchange platform. We have a lot of work to do though.

Agree. Nothing to do but to wait out the bear market storm. Just hoping it doesn't last too long.

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Now the steemit ceo is trying to seek out partners for a dying platform. I believe it is too late to right this ship.
This steemit and steem death spiral is beyond righting without being swallowed up by the limes of a utilitarian $BAT or $TRX.

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Fair criticism although BAT and TRX are two utterly different utility platforms. One could build a STEEM on top of TRX, but TRX isn't a STEEM. Anyway, I am on the contrarian mindset that this wake-up call was not a bad thing. I believe the STEEM ecosystem, Steemit Inc. included, will grow stronger from this event and become more decentralized as a by-product of survival.


Well the STEEMIT folks use the model of the $BAT by rewarding SP to folks that would be inventivized by allowing ads to be seen.
Having the ability to enable ads by the end user still creates a revenue stream from advertisers while rewarding steemians that are low in SP.
A win win for all involved...SMTs bleccch!

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