Steem Vote/Flag Weight Control (new to steem questions/answers)

2년 전

With some of the “Whale Wars” going on right now I keep hearing about how much weight or percentage someone is putting towards a flag or a vote. I have been searching my profile to see where this option is and nothing. I have asked on multiple threads and again, nothing. I have searched Steems crappy search tool, still nothing.


Thanks to @beekerst and this post I found the tool! From that tool I finally found an answer. @steemreports posted 7 months ago about when you get your slider! Figured that as a noob, if I was wondering, chances are others like me were too.

I am years away from getting or worrying about the power and responsibility related to the “slider”!

But now I know!


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You can just use busy if you want your slider straight away. Otherwise, on steemit it shows at around 483 SP (well, at 1 million vests).


ok, this is 99.99% great! thank you! now if I can just figure out how to put the page in night mode! ... honestly thank you.


I don't really know if there's a night mode in busy yet


well crap, I wish you would have put your referral link in there, didn't realize they had that, not that my 0.00 would net you anything over the next 30 days ... but hey, ya never know!

Thanks again


nope, that's not the way it works. you already have an account on the steem blockchain. that would've made a difference if you created a new account.


Ha! I actually helped someone! Great stuff here my man! Carry ON!