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Tipping is one of those things most of us enjoy doing, when the time is right.

Most of us have enjoyed a meal with a waiter/waitress who is just amazing. We reflect on the time at the restaurant and realize that the experience wouldn’t have been as nice if the service hadn’t been so incredible. In gratitude, we bump the tip up a little, or even a lot!

Tipping is NOT Tipping, is Tipping

In the US, there aren’t a lot of tip oriented services. There are a few, but a lot of jobs just get paid by their respective location, negating the need and much of the opportunity for a tip.

In much of South America, it’s completely different. In some places, those who provide services rely solely on tips. A bag boy might have to make an arrangement with the store to work there for tips. He basically gets a time slot or assigned registers to cover. They pay him nothing. They are completely reliant on the tips of patrons.

What about when someone gives you great advice? We don’t think about tipping usually. But sometimes the advice is worth more than a simple thank you. And sometimes thank yous can be expressed in different ways.

We’ve become accustomed to this in various forms. Many social platforms have a “Like” button, where we can express our gratitude for insight, agreement or entertainment that we appreciate. And on platforms like the Steem blockchain right here on TIMM, we can bump that appreciation a bit with upvotes that convert to cryptocurrency. If we have enough Steem Power, our gratitude can convert into a decent payout for those who’ve blessed us with their wisdom, humor, insights and experiences.


But sometimes, at the spur of the moment, we get a tip from someone that is very valuable, and we want to return the favor right there on the spot. There’s that sense of instant gratification in our expression of gratitude. And that’s where TIMM’s new tipping feature shines.

Whether it’s in TIMM’s Steem powered blogs or our new Trading Pits, you now have the opportunity to give and receive tips for posts, comments and replies with just a few easy clicks.

How it Works

Well, first you have to go to TIMM (, if you’re not reading it on TIMM already. You don’t have to be a Member to tip others, but it doesn’t hurt… and it’s free! You do have to be a Member to upvote and/or comment though, which means you’ll have to be a Member to receive tips in the Trading Pits.

Once you’re there, there are two main areas where tipping is possible, articles and Trading Pits. You can open any article just by clicking on it. When you’re done reading, you’ll see the option to tip the author and any comments right below the Reply and Vote buttons.

Tipping in the Trading Pits is very similar. Simply navigate to the Trading Pits and check out the content. At the bottom of each comment is the option to “Open” (for comments/replies) or the option to tip 0.100 STEEM.

What happens when I click?

After clicking to tip an author, another tab opens that connects you to the Steem blockchain via SteemConnect. This keeps us from needing to store your keys and assures that your account is being managed through a party we all trust.

From there, your transaction is verified, you click on CONTINUE and then put in your username and active key. Click SIGN IN and BAM!, your tip is sent along with a nice short Memo that you have tipped the recipient.

Why just 0.100?

This is a little arbitrary. We wanted it to be enough that it could be appreciated, but not so much that some might balk at it. And you can use it as many times as you want per article, so you can give more.

But this is not the end of the development of the tipping tool. As TIMM matures, options to tip any amount you want will be provided. And we’re hoping to soon add other currencies for tipping.

In other words, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!


Why Only Steem?

It works. It really is that simple. Since we’re already working with Steem for our blogs, it was only natural to roll out our first tipping option featuring Steem.

That does not mean that TIMM plans on sticking with Steem exclusively. TIMM’s developers are looking at options for other Graphene based tokens.

We’d really like to stick with Graphene tokens because the free and instant transfers are more user friendly for tipping. However, we may include ETH/ERC20 ability as well, since much of the tech is identical. We’ll let you know as the next phase rolls out. But we probably won’t bother with BTC, since the transfer fees are so high.

Come Check TIMM Out

We’re just now starting to reach out more aggressively to draw folks in. While the site isn’t busy yet, traffic is increasing daily and we’re starting to see a bit of participation.

So bring your analysis, advice, tips, quips and personality over and join in the real-time discussion in TIMM’s Trading Pits. We’d love to gain from your insights, and maybe you’ll pick up a few tips along the way - double entendre intended! ;)

For a limited time, TIMM is striving to tip all market related content in the Trading Floor, our Premium Members’ Trading Pit.

Uniting analysts and investors for mutual profit!


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Well done @timm !!!
It is starting to look an amazing service!

  ·  2년 전

You just got a tip!


Thanks! I will have a look later I’m AFK... app for the cell phone would be excellent

  ·  2년 전

Thanks! Not so sure about an app, but we're making it mobile friendly.

Great service. Thanks for highlighting it. Following.

  ·  2년 전

Appreciate that, if you'd like to learn more, you can here

You can also chat with us on:

nice feature, keep becoming better =)

  ·  2년 전

And you've been tipped!

Great post and explanation, another nice feature to promote engagement.

  ·  2년 전

You've been TT'd (TIMM Tipped)

Another great feature. This time, I’m tipping TIMM!

  ·  2년 전

Haha, that's great! Thanks Workin!
TT'd back at ya!

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