Reminder for Good Steemians

2년 전

Now is time for accumulation, so the following are the main and more important points to do now:

  • Post
  • Upvote
  • Comment
  • Reply
  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Power Up
  • Invest
  • Engage
  • Associate
  • Enjoy

Probably we will not have such a tiny price of STEEM for long time so, don’t lose this opportunity now. The time of getting profits will come again...


Steem on!


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Remember that it takes 13 weeks to power down. So if you want to sell into the rally, you have to prepare at least 8 weeks beforehand, or sell every week 7.7% of your Steem. The rally might not last longer than a month or two.


Not in my plans, Thanks!

I'm trying to build up, but the other thing that is building up is the bills hehehe.

Gotta pay them first.
At least I have plenty of work right now which is helping (but not helping my blogging)


Better to have work than not having it 😉


it certainly is ;-)

Thanks for the reminder, I will continue to follow these actions.