Function island

2개월 전

Function Island (FI) is a foundation of TRX Dapps and games made for the sake of entertainment, right now facilitating a game called “D1VS”, and is growing with more manifestations later on. It started on 24th September 2020 and TRON (TRX) lovers took it wholeheartedly. Basically, D1VS is an hourglass-style smart contract powered on the TRON blockchain, empowering clients to hold “D1VS”, gaining TRX profits through miniature financial matters inside the Dapp.

D1Vs’ price fluctuates with the number of BUY/SELL transactions costing a 10% Fee each time which facilitates the D1VS Holders to get Dividends ultimately from it depending upon the number of D1VS each user holds.

Dividends are distributed to the Holders in the form of TRX and there is also a 3% Referral Commission as an appreciation gesture to supporters of Function Island. We can also Send/Receive D1VS to different TRX wallet addresses.


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