The Good Thing About HF21

2개월 전

The most profitable way to use steem will be to just upvote people that posts instead of being a struggling author. I’m so excited to see what my curation rewards look like a week from now from upvoting the @backscratcher curation trail.

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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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If that’s correct maybe I’ll do better , because I don’t do very well posting. Cheers mike

I noticed my curation rewards have increased i kinda got screwed on my upvote value though lmao....

I am wondering what the sp of our account will need to be to maximize curation on the trail. Most of the trail votes from low sp accounts are just dust. There was be a sweetspot. For example the most profitable accounts on the trail before the fork were the ones with 1000sp.

The rewards will be robust and large. @backstratcher is one of the best things on the Steem blockchain at the moment.

Yes, I can see that. Curating take less time than writing posts too.

What if you only have about 300 SP?